The Walking Dead – 7×10 New Best Friends – Review by R.

Finally an episode worthy of being watched! No deaths, No creepy scene beyond measure and no twist ending from fall of the mandible at the final minute, Yet it was a really nice episode, After a long time The Walking Dead reminded me of the glories of the past.

Of strange people we have encountered in the past seven years, However, the group responsible for the disappearance of father Gabriel for me climb the leaderboards until the first place. The band labeled online like Garbage Pail Kids is a mix between the lost boys of Hook and a sect of your choice, between the style of Mad Max Fury Road, Resident Evil and Star Wars, all mellowed by the elven names of the sagas of J. R. R. Tolkien. And yet it's hard not to take them seriously: with her long hair brushed back, dark clothing, stolid expressions since their silent and so confused, but just as ordered to move (exactly like the dump perfectly in order in which they live), make them quite disturbing. "We take, We don't bother "is their motto, and although their leader Jadis is an example of how one should never cut the bangs, the swagger of Rick in their first approach is inexplicable, I miss you, Why would they fight for you?!

Is Father Gabriel the element of surprise that tilts the unsurpassed initial hostility by Jadis. One who until recently was among the proponents of the rebellion to Rick Grimes, now it has become one of the most loyal and trusted allies. But, di nuovo, because this new group would not scrambling in a battle her if she is sure to win? So Jadis submits test Gladiator Rick, throwing it into a "pit" of the landfill to fight a zombie resemble if it were in Silent Hill. Not that theme for the fate of the Sheriff, but it's still a tense struggle from which man comes up with some nasty wound. The goal is reached, in fact after a hard bargaining, the Alliance between Alexandria and the Garbage Pail Kids is enshrined. Move out though, they can't wait forever your weapons! And this is where the silence and the irritating buonismo/optimism of Tara begin to be felt, beyond the friction with a recalcitrant and Sulky Rosita: Tara knows where they could find the necessary weapons, but promised to remain silent and now seems determined to keep his word. I must say that although not the bear, I would not want to see me in his shoes, because all decisions will be open to criticism.

I instead agree with the choices made in The Kingdom from Daryl, the protagonist of reunion with Carol. If until last week Richard seemed the only of that community ready to battle against the Saviors, now shows a deleterious vehemence. His plan see Carol as a sacrificial victim to wake Ezekiel and Daryl King cannot accept permanently. Would react differently if the woman involved had not been Carol? The doubt is permissible, also because we probably would have manifested. If the woman who has retreated into a life as a hermit, firm in his conviction not to fight, He had the face of a stranger, Maybe that "sacrificing one to save all" we would have played more in the sense given to him by Richard that Daryl. But Carol and we cannot turn their backs on like nothing had. Certain, the Carol of now is a completely different person than what we have known, even in comparison to his wife beaten and fearful of the first seasons. Carol not only no longer wants to be in the position of having to react to violence, now it has become the woman who must be protected from the truth. Daryl is forced to lie to her about what happened with the Saviors because you have just admitted that if he killed someone, He ended up missing herself.

I can't say I appreciate this evolution of the character of Melissa McBride, I understand the remorse of conscience, the challenged and so on, but this martyrdom even no. Carol is dropping dangerously from the ranking of favorite characters and we owe it all to the brainwashing done to Morgan, whose progress has always followed by as many steps back. Still refuses to fight, is sorry for what happened to her former fellow, but he doesn't want to fight, prefers, as Ezekiel, continue to suffer the abuses of Saviors. One of the latter strikes, steals the stick and what does he do? Asks him to get him back because he belonged to a person who cared a lot! He expected me to return with a tear of emotion? It is already so that I won't have broken in two! That "Wake the hell up" asked Daryl is fully shared!

A new interesting group and non-repetitive, real developments in the plot and dialogues that don't make you look up to heaven for their futility. A bet that it will not be boring, but it holds up well until the last minute, a real event to different stakes in this part, especially considering the total absence of Negan. Quiet though, We'll see next week.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ love at first sight between Daryl and the Tiger is proof of how we love getting the characters right

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