The Walking Dead – 7×11 Hostiles and Calamities – Review by R.

A controversial episode as controversial is pricing on its protagonists: Dwight and especially Eugene. After passing with enormous difficulty an entire episode dedicated to Tara, a focus on Eugene not only not surprising, but it is more tolerable. Initially I thought that I could deal with it thanks to the presence of Negan, Instead the man falls for the first time in the show's major flaw, namely the repetitiveness. Negan doesn't tell us anything new, never mind that we haven't already seen and so the tension that normally brings with it, dumber by the minute, until the execution of the doctor seems predictable despite the variant introduced at the last second.

The paths of Dwight and Eugene proceeded in parallel to the same final destination, They both make a choice which will be debated until they will be forced to reveal it. Although Dwight have already long history with Negan, recent events have given rise to more of a doubt about his allegiance. The escape of Daryl and the simultaneous disappearance of wife represent an opportunity or to silence those doubts or to give him free rein. In what was probably their old House, Dwight finds confirmation of responsibility of Sherry in the liberation of Daryl in a suicide note that his wife left him. She released Daryl because it reminded her her old Dwight and couldn't help him the same thing I had done to her husband: turn it into what it is now, a puppet in the hands of Negan, willing to tolerate to have sex with his wife. Sherry she's gone, because although she did it to save the lives to offer himself to Negan Dwight, now he realizes that it's better to die torn by zombies rather than survive which slave Negan. In the first part of this season the revelations about the past of the pair had helped see them through different eyes, especially Dwight; the latter had appeared as the victim of torture continues, willing to endure whatever for the sake of his wife, the same that – in his own words – had put him in that situation. But Sherry had acted to save his life, who could blame her? She also hated for the sake of her husband, until he no longer made. Dwight is now just as it was Daryl, no longer has reason to kneel to Negan, Yet it does. Indeed, does more. Fools lying to them about the end of Sherry and serving him the Negan doctor as a scapegoat, It gives evidence of a blind loyalty and unjustified. Dwight is more Negan now than it has ever been.

The path of Eugene is different in the ways and reasons, but not in the result. When Negan led him to The Sanctuary it was understood that he had something different in mind by Lucille. Eugene had prepared a bullet from nowhere, It was clear potential to exploit. The doctor quickly vacates the doubt of being a bin reproducing the same lie used with Abraham and Rick and providing Negan a mad How to maintain the effectiveness of the zombies on call. A mini apartment all to himself, never ending game, food variety and compliments are from input to what the naked eye would appear as the typical descent into hell of a coward. Thanks to its lie, the capacities shown and the words addressed to him from Negan, Eugene feels important, feels “someone” and for the first time should no longer be afraid; It's a feeling that he had never tried nor with Abraham nor with Rick, especially after his lie had come afloat. Negan exploits with the doctor the same technique used with Carl, exalts for something from his companions never received credit. And the leader this time is successful. Eugene has the opportunity to take out Negan through his wives, but at the last turns his back to them and completes the transformation in doctor despotic shown in stock mid episode. Eugene prostrates to Negan "I'm Negan. I'm utterly, completely, stone-cold Negan. I was Negan even before I met you "and reiterates its total allegiance with Dwight" We are Negan ".

Then Eugene would make the typical clichés of the coward who just take a whiff of power becomes equal if not worse than those before frightened him. At least that's how it seems, but it will be really so? After all the doctor during the past season had demonstrated on multiple occasions to be now level both as a personality and as a capacity, may already deleted everything? Or Eugene is exploiting his intelligence to mislead Negan and do a double agent for as long as necessary? The same thing can occur with Dwight: now that lost Sherry, nothing prevents him from taking revenge on the charge of everything. The doubt about the real position of both is legitimate and only time will tell us which is actually their choice.

The bet put in equal time between the various characters, on the other hand couldn't Negan from Mid-Season Finale; However in this episode the human role is only marginal and although we're not certainly in front of the bore of the episode on Tara, concentrate 40 minutes for Eugene and Dwight seems a tad overdone. Despite the criticism and the decreasing, the habit of this kind of betting seems to really think they want to lose! And no, still not good because we wait a week for a new episode and why The Walking Dead He's only sixteen episodes per year. And let us not make boring pure Negan, Please.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥½ but Sherry what happened? See her again?

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