The Walking Dead – 7×12 Say Yes – Review by R.

An old fashioned bet, who pays the price of overconfidence past experience, even by those same characters. Seasons ago, I would have probably lived differently, I even enjoyed the diversion used to make us reflect and moments from teen to Rick and Michonne. Today, in its seventh season and having a little filler episodes lead to frustration for meandering plot, the episode runs slowly and with raised eyebrows every five minutes.

Rick and Michonne are the protagonists of an expedition on the road in search of weapons and supplies and thank heaven that for the first few minutes the whole thing there is shown in fast mode, because seen the bad habit recently, they could easily build two more episodes. The real news is that the couple is having fun, looks like two teenagers who have just discovered love and for whom everything is possible, including scrub batteries a few crossed by chance along the street Saviors. And see them so it's really strange. Fans of Richonne will have gone through this episode as Buffy and Angel I lived those and there is, but it's all weird. Strange because since the relationship between the two is born, We have never seen so: Rick and Michonne are carefree and in love, capable of transforming with a few candles a hovel in a corner of romance. I don't think I've ever seen Michonne laugh as much flavor and Rick eager to flee his responsibilities as a father and leader. Rick doesn't think his children, don't think of the Saviors who could arrive in Alexandria at any time to reclaim what belongs to him, he refuses to think of what will be then. Grimes essentially doesn't want to still go home; and not because they found what they were looking for, but just because it's easier and nice to get lost in that carefree, hanging out in their own bubble away from harsh reality awaiting him. You can't blame and when to stay awake at night agonizing, When he confesses to Michonne what holds him back out there, It is impossible not to understand it: the Sheriff knows there will be some losses, that maybe he and Michonne you will lose each other, but in any case it is worth it to build a future for Carl, Judith and the son of Maggie and Glenn. This meaning is clear from the outset, It had since raised their head in Mid-Season finale, Basically you know Michonne despite the crying: believe that all will survive an encounter with the Saviors is unrealistic for us viewers, let alone the characters.

So why go to all that we are seeing in these forty minutes? Leaving aside the weapons and supplies were retrieved, all that carefree sounds excessive and at times results in several occasions in naivety. Steal the batteries to Saviors could already be sufficient for such an assessment: mocking them ahead of time, I think the best strategy, have already made it clear that their property is priced. But Rick and Michonne takes the load. A trade show had been the subject of a military operation gone wrong and now it's just a concentration camp of zombies, ERGO a source of weapons to retrieve absolutely. It's the way they do that makes up their noses, they are so confident of his own experience that every step is done lightly and even when nothing goes right, insist on line fun. Bring you even count how many zombies apiece making out manco were Legolas and Gimli in The Lord of the rings – The Two Towers! But think of surviving rather! You see her run into situations that long ago would have avoided – end up surrounded by dozens of zombies – situations which exceed just like that and that once were lethal, leaving us viewers quite perplexed on realism and consistency of what we're watching. It takes yet another detail gone wrong, with a fall of Rick in the midst of the walkers, because the couple gets back to reality. Michonne dies of fear for a few seconds, fearing that the zombies are feeding on his companion, While this is a deer and Rick resurfaces, discombobulated, but alive and well. The bubble bursts, finally.

The Group of weapons are not enough and hence the sigh of relief pulled from Tara to avoid having to bring into play our word, takes time to an advertisement – all my sympathy to the poor Judith It must bear helpless woman's monologue. At the end of episode Tara makes her choice and is preparing to reveal to Rick the existence of the group where she came across that unfortunately unforgettable episode.

Chapter Rosita. The girl is really trying hard to be unbearable, making the thin line that separates the Tomb Raider we like, from a whiny, ungrateful increasingly similar to Andrew. Rosita indeed complains about not having tried it his way to kill Negan and as a result of still being alive, attributing blame to the advice given to her by father Gabriel. Do not know about you, but I recalled Andrea when in season 2 pick on Dale for having convinced to abandon the suicidal intent. And as Andrea, even Rosita takes one bad decision after another. Want to tackle for Negan and the Saviors – tagging the Rick like excuses – She has memorized the descriptions of the Sanctuary made by Carl, Jesus and Daryl; in the face of this preparation, What could go wrong? To place it in this madness is the non-friend Sasha, whose involvement leaves me almost more appalled at the decision of Rosita.

So we arrive at the end of the episode with a decision that will bring nothing but trouble and an awareness of what awaits us gained time before the protagonists. The real question is: When will this happen something that we expect? It seems that the answer is to return – di nuovo – to the latest episodes of season, Since the promo for the next episode focuses on The Kingdom, where if anything can we hope that sounds the alarm.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ the selfless expression and puzzled by Judith is my opposite these episodes

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