The Walking Dead – 7×13 Bury Me Here – Review by R.

Who would have thought that an episode devoted entirely to Morgan could turn out to be really interesting? The prejudice towards it was strong, even leaving aside the recent trends in the series, the bets on Morgan have become tired immediately after his return; instead, following a first part that was just fear boredom in spades, I am glad to have been disproved.

The first twenty minutes are apparently the revival of another soporific day in The Kingdom, where now even Shiva manages to make you straighten out on the couch. The fairy tale created by Ezekiel perseveres and the only drama is the infestation that hit the garden; a solvable problem by uprooting and planting of new. Eppure, as the expression of sombre Ezekiel unveils the latent fear, here and there are thrown for clues about what is about to happen and he will enlighten us on the opening scene with melon. And among these, the most obvious signs are those that indicate poor Benjamin as the next victim. The boy overhears the admiration proved to him by his younger brother, strengthens the confidence of the King as it has been able to build, mentions to knowledge with a girl and asks Carol to teach them to fight with the zombies; Benjamin would like to go with you instead of to the encounter with the Saviors, but the woman is still in the process of the hermit who prefers a nice lie to an ugly truth. If you have caught these clues, you understood right away that one of the few new characters deserving of attention was already about to greet us. Because Benjamin goes to the encounter with the Saviors, a meeting this time is much more: is the trap organised by Richard after the plan of Carol as sacrificial victim went to monte.

The blocked road, the pit and the sign "Bury me here", where before Richard He watched a backpack with name Katy, and the look of the latter during the Exchange with the Saviors, reveal the picture slowly; It is immediately clear that this time are not the Saviors the true origin of danger. The disappearance of one of the twelve melons due to the explosion of the desired voltage fuse acts as Saviors by Richard, but his plan has a flaw; the man takes it for granted he'll be killed as the price of that lack (the increasing hostilities with the guy who stole the stick of Morgan), is willing to sacrifice himself so that Ezekiel open your eyes and you decide to fight. Unfortunately, Benjamin has kept my mouth shut with the same Savior and these shoots him in the leg, an injury that makes him bleed to death in short time. There is a domino effect with unexpected thaw in relations and now.

Morgan does not stand up to the death of the young man he was acting as a mentor, his mind back to the darkest period of his life, following the loss of his wife and son, his mantra was "Clear", the black hole from which Eastman saved him. And the situation is likely to precipitate when includes the role of Richard and hear his story, much like his. Richard lost first his wife and then his daughter Katy because he waited without doing anything, wouldn't allow that this recurrence, that's why he was willing to die (the tomb was for him and the backpack belonged to his little girl). Morgan also had lost his family because it had not acted: his wife had become a walker and had then killed their son Duane after Morgan had not had the strength to eliminate it. Faced with a similar closeness of experiences, Morgan's reaction to acts of Richard is unpredictable.

Richard would like to go ahead with the plan, exploit however events despite not have resolved as predicted, hopes to convince the Saviors of loyalty to The Kingdom and hit them by surprise once allied with Alexandria. Morgan seems to let him do, apparently too busy to reflect again on the issue of morality of everything. In fact the man is awake from the slumber that enveloped him since we found: Morgan supports the idea of Richard and indeed, the achieves even more effective killing barehanded it and revealing in front of Saviors and mates his guilt. Slaughtering him who undermined the relationship between The Kingdom and The Sanctuary, Morgan demonstrates the total loyalty of the first to the second. But mostly back to kill, put aside all those self-righteous speeches with which he has sullied for betting and betting.

With a renewed confidence of Saviors in The Kingdom, the characters until a few minutes before were the most hostile to the rebellion they wake up: before Morgan, then Ezekiel and finally Carol. Morgan reveals the truth about what happened to the woman in Alexandria, deaths of Glenn and Abraham including, and Carol retrieves the strength that the distinguished.

After a so-so start, "Bury me here" turns out to be one of the most enjoyable episodes this season with significant events and a consequent development of players involved that was unexpected. If we are to find fault, is the time it takes to get to this moment and consequently prolonged constantly waiting for the moment when the head is raised not only with words, but also in deed. An expectation that seems remarkable by the final stages of Carol and Ezekiel. In Game of Thrones Syrio Forel said to Arya "What do we say to the god of death?"and she replied" Not today ", two words that we praised as “Dracarys”; in The Walking Dead the same answer comes with anything but result from King Carol's words "We have to fight": “We do. But not today”. WHEN THEN? "Not today" seems the answer implied that there was kicked out every time – Lately we can say almost always – that we were wondering when it would finally happen something relevant. Maybe we're almost.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥½ Hello Benjamin, you were too cute to last for several episodes

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