The Walking Dead – 7×14 "The Other Side" – Review by R.

We left with "Not today" and we can easily repeat it this week – and in all probability with the life to come. Having made progress where it seemed impossible, The Walking Dead slows down again with an episode where, Apart from the final minutes and a few words here and there, virtually nothing happens again. And besides, wouldn't even be possible considering the short timeframes covered and the fact that we're not looking 24.

This time the men of Negan wants the doctor to Hilltop, Since his brother doctor in Alexandria was roasted (three episodes ago!). Gregory obeys without too many complaints and once again tries to ingratiate the Saviors. Beyond the cowardice of this man who from the very first frame did everything they could to make us hateful, I must admit that for him as well I'd be annoyed if the role of leader I were taken away from Maggie. Greene is not seen even so much as I was afraid in this episode, However the few scenes where it appears or is mentioned seem made to affirm its leading position. When Maggie becomes protagonist like Rick and Daryl escapes me, I guess for the wedding (ever seen) with Glenn since – unless the speech in Gregory a season ago that ensured that his group would eliminate the Saviors from the face of the Earth – I don't recall ever had in fact some kind of weight. Once I tolerated, the history between you and Glenn the well appreciated, After the Terminus was a parable descendant and now that all the Revere (characters and audience) I can't see. Sasha defines Maggie and Enid Hilltop's future, just a beautiful Outlook.

A good thing at least Maggie makes, raises Daryl by guilt over the death of Glenn in one of the few significant scenes of this episode. Enid Instead it fails miserably in an attempt to distract a Savior and allows you to give an ultimatum to Sasha; the latter won't be designing the best plan in the world, but the sermon by the lady who until yesterday ran away whenever there was a problem, also no.

We had left Sasha and Rosita, known as the widows of Abraham, agree on a suicide mission to eliminate Negan. What happens between that time and the arrival at The Sanctuary there is spared, We address all the way near real time. The digs of Rosita are pure fun, too bad if you choose to go on an expedition like this with your ex lover, the aggressive stance must give way to the game "get to know you"; both know how to get along, But if they proceed each on their own while being paired, might as well show up from Negan already on her knees ready to close acquaintance with Lucille. Fortunately, Sasha is reasonable and are unable to open a communication channel with Rosita and asked her to show her how to tie knots. That's after a mention of the backstory of Jesus (that is revealed to be gay), We also discover how Rosita has become the Tomb Raider of The Walking Dead: the girl has learned few skills from each ex that she's left behind; Abraham was different from them because he saw in her a woman can take care of herself. The memory of the man loved by both before the separated, now joins Sasha and Rosita, both full of rage and pain because their Sergeant was not removed just life, In addition to the possibility of losing her struggling, to die for a reason.

But this talk is also the reason why Sasha is more likely to say goodbye by Rosita. The woman in fact makes sure to prevent this last entry into The Sanctuary "It's not your time. There's gotta be a point to it, right? They need you ". Sasha starts the building of Negan toward what looks like certain death, While Rosita is forced to leave. The episode ends by leaving in doubt the fate of the first and the second that it freezes at the sight of a man in the shadows armed with a crossbow, who will be? To gamble are Dwight and Daryl, with the odds of the first higher as still in possession of the Crossbow of the second; Dixon had asked Jesus what they had done, Sasha and Rosita, But how could he arrive so fast?

If the opening with Sasha allowed Rosita to overcome anger, the unsuccessful attempt to recover Eugene set her free from guilt to have it conducted into the hands of Saviors. Eugene doesn't want to be rescued, there under the wing of Negan is fine, calling the shots even Mac in his role as Chief Engineer. Obviously just a gunshot to do so still cowering trembling and crying on the ground, but it seems really positive that the suspect had matured three episodes ago is wrong: Eugene has really made the worst degeneration of coward.

Two episodes from the end we're not even at the stage of preparations for the big battle announced by Mid-Season Finale. Indeed, of things to do there are still several and could hardly solve all next week. If last year was the death of one of the protagonists at the hands of Negan to be delayed at the Season Finale and then made further delayed until next season, This time it seems that the same will happen for the showdown with the Saviors. Between losing bets on individual characters of which we would not and dwell upon repetitive events narrated walking pace, the slowness and the feeling they want to pull as much as possible in the long run are so obvious how frusturating. Ok, the characters are many and scattered in four different locations, Hence the need to ensure equal of various developments; but Game of Thrones has many more characters, one of the novels has even excluded the main, yet boredom and annoyance are never received, even in the face of these episodes of The Walking Dead I'm regretting the chapters on the Greyjoys and their ships! You don't need to see Rick every week, but that doesn't mean I have to hear every workout and every visit of Saviors; Moving on, just stalling!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ the latest seasons of Game of Thrones will have less than ten episodes, These of The Walking Dead continue to have sixteen: the injustice of the universe of the tv series

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