The Walking Dead – 7×15 Something They Need – Review by R.

"Something they need" in better times would have to be a mediocre episode, Today it becomes more than good. At least hot, because in hindsight there too we find the slowness and lack of tension that have accompanied us during this season after the premiere. In both storyline followed they do try to make us stay on your toes, Yet at any time the feeling is that everything will be alright, that although certain characters we seem to have now a short life, they pull up to the imminent Season Finale.

In the storyline that sees Rick&Co. on a mission to Oceanside happens exactly as we had imagined. The Sheriff, When you finally realize that there is no more time to lose between luna park and car rides, turn on dear old Ricktatorship: or join us or we take your weapons. Someone may have believed for one second that Tara would be able to convince the female community leaders? It's true, Rick has granted very few minutes, However on, Tara is that we are talking about, even April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy Unable to have more charisma. We have explosions, guns, feelings of guilt and internal rebellions until a pleasant interlude walkers announced from the first frame of the episode; Here too there is tension, We knew that the zombies would arrive as well as that there would be no leaks; gone are the days of the invasion of walkers at Hershel's farm, but at least these zombies from a wrecked ship are really creepy. Eventually a female community would like to fight the Saviors, but the leader doesn't yield and cannot abandon it; Rick gets the weapons, Tara no longer feels guilty and take home the expected outcome and expected in weeks.

More interesting what is happening at The Sanctuary where the kamikaze Sasha is in a cell very similar to that which held Daryl, Fortunately without musical accompaniment. We learned that for Negan each of its "Properties" – men including – comes at a price, But even that rape is strictly forbidden. When one of his men attempt to rape Sasha, We sense immediately that, at least for the time being, won't she get worse. Well as the vis-à-vis the dark that the woman is forced to have with the gaoler-zombie, the concern about Sasha is virtually absent – Besides the fight between the two is not even shown. Negan is impressed by the courage and skills of Sasha and makes her the same activity of manipulation that we saw use in the past with Carl Eugene, made of flattery and not too veiled threats. But we know that Sasha is not Eugene, I can't even believe that you insinuate doubt to accept the proposed Negan. Even if Abraham was not her man, I don't think that Sasha could ever put aside the atrocities with which was killed and join his killer to save his life. The exact opposite of Eugene, that in this episode justifies its about-face arguing that has never been so scared in his life as the night he witnessed the death of two brave men like Abraham and Glenn: then realized not only that the idea could be he himself brave was a brief illusion, but mostly he would never wanted to feel that night and Negan gave him this, a life in which should no longer be afraid.

I doubt we're going to change opinions about Eugene after this confession with an open heart. The reason of his selling out to clear enough nor was too shocking Negan, If there was someone who could take this route was him. Sasha instead doesn't convince us of his appeasement even when we hear with Eugene, admitting his defeat and at the same time the will to end it because he couldn't stand being used by Negan against Rick&Co. We can't wait to get her a weapon while Sasha asks Eugene to kill himself and there would not even his smile after the approval by the doctor to confirm our suspicions: the woman doesn't want a weapon for self, but to have one last chance to kill Negan. Unfortunately the genius of Eugene fall in full and rather than get you an actual weapon, the door pads he had created for the wives of Negan. How we couldn't believe that this man would have been able to make the double play with Negan?!

Could have had implications far more intriguing affair in Hilltop, with Gregory apparently convinced to get rid of Maggie once and for all and ready to get their hands dirty to recover the place. Can't make it, the attempt is barely mentioned, It is unclear whether mere cowardice or glimmers of consciousness since humans do not know practically nothing and neither did we come a minimum focused on his plans, If it has. Certainly we know only that he never killed a zombie, What a surprise huh? Maggie saves him and simultaneously makes him look bad in front of people of Hilltop that had really believed able to take care of himself. Gregory will be grateful or will prevail the anger of humiliation?

Now we, the Season Finale is upon us and as we fear for weeks will probably by antechamber to the true war for next season. In these episodes happened all we had predicted from the MidSeason Finale and still miss the real preparation for the rebellion to Saviors. Rebellion that will also Dwight, He was to appear in front of Rosita at the end of the previous episode; at least on her double game we were not mistaken. The promo of episode 16 Sasha tell Negan "No one has to die", that seems to confirm that we will say goodbye to at least one character and Sasha herself is far the most quoted. We'll see who's going, the important thing is that Shiva is not touched.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ What have we done wrong to deserve the moral little lesson through Carl and Enid?!

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