The Walking Dead – 7×16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (Season Finale) – Review by R.

The foundations of the earlier episodes were not encouraging, the promo for "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" on the other hand was a hotbed of tension can turn up the hype. The result reached by the Season Finale is a compromise between these conflicting feelings because overall it is a nice episode, with twist, scary moments and emotion. But perhaps he's missing something; something that cannot be because there was its building or just because they somehow need pull ahead until next season.

The first half-hour is proceeding quite slowly, everyone is talking about, Schedule, recall and the details of this are not clear. We went from Rick&Co. they have just recovered the weapons to sign the final agreement with the guys of the landfill, the impending clash with Negan, without it being possible to understand whether, such as, where and when there is actually a schedule agreed upon by the entire Alliance Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom-landfill. The only parentheses that we witness is to Dwight He manages to convince Daryl his good faith; and convinces me too, even after what happened, I still believe in Dwight. The fact that Daryl is of the same opinion and Tara no, reinforces my position. And here some doubt on the consistency of the character Tara I arose: has been consistently good, optimistic, forgiving and to give second chances as Glenn had granted to you, but since we're talking about the man who murdered his partner, every good intention takes second place? Even Morgan leaves me somewhat puzzled, can he sees everything black and white? No kill no humans or kill them all are the only two roads you can pursue, now he's back at the stage of the extermination of enemies; avvisatelo that there is no middle ground.

The scenes initially less understandable are those who see the protagonist Sasha, closed in the dark with headphones and then you will be one of the last moments shared with Abraham. After a nightmare in which the Sergeant died, the woman did not want to participate in the expedition to Hilltop to help Maggie, the same one that ended with the tragic events of the première. Abraham had persuaded, he hinted that that fear selfish not belonged to him or her "Putting your big on the line for someone else, tearing it to shreds "for them(...) that's living ". The Sergeant he did, Maybe not when he was killed by Negan, but before, convincing Sasha starting. Seven years ago he did a pizza boy that we just adored, appeared out of nowhere and ready to save the unknown Rick Grimes from his (and our) first horde of walkers. Before or after, all the characters that we devotees have behaved similarly, as Maggie, have followed suit since long time ago by Glenn.

And in this episode the road marked by the pizza boy is more enlightened than ever. Before you follow it yet though it is time for cheating. Negan arrives in Alexandria, but the community is ready to receive him in the company of the band of the landfill. If the cheek to Eugene in vicariously by Negan is only irritating, to bewilder is betrayal of the garbage guys that in a moment – in the name of an agreement more beneficial with the Saviors – turn the weapons against those who have procured them yearned. Some had waited and done things to wonder why on earth they should not. That group has never seemed particularly reliable nor minimally sensitive to support seriously causing Rick&Co. Why then have that blind faith in them? How was it possible to lower the guard at a time when he should be at the highest? In any case, the high voltage phase begins. The situation seems desperate now to Alexandria, but this is where we understand the meaning of the scenes of Sasha: the woman wanted to practise remembrance of Abraham, sacrificing herself to give a chance to his companions. During transport in a coffin Sasha has swallowed the pill given to her by Eugene, She died and he had time to turn; When Negan opens the coffin, What was supposed to be an entrance shock to Rick&Co., becomes a trap for the leader of the Saviors. Obviously Negan survives, but from there is total chaos.

Although Alexandria lots, We understand that numerically is at a distinct disadvantage and the wounded that are accumulating point to utter defeat. Rosita is injured, Michonne massacred, the same Rick is hit by a bullet in the abdomen. But the worst is yet to come, with Negan ready to replicate, This time going down, the parent-child scene of the premiere. Lucille has two goals, prima Carl, then your hands Rick. Grimes is not the broken man back then, the looming threat on his son doesn't lose confidence and strength found in MidSeason Finale, Rick Grimes is there, resists. I less than he, because when Negan raises Lucille to hit Carl, to me it is frozen blood. The drama is avoided since most electrifying of the episode: the arrival of Shiva, that storming out of one of the men of Negan forcing the latter to move away. The Tiger opens the way to backup Hilltop and The Kingdom and the enemies are forced to flee. The arrival of Hilltop and The Kingdom was predictable as that of the Knights of Arryn in 6×09 of Game of Thrones, but the scene of Shiva save all. We can still find some fault because if Game of Thrones There were those who criticized Rickon for their course in a straight line and Jon Snow to be fallen into the trap of Ramsay, here has very little sense that Hilltop and The Kingdom arrive unmolested when up to twenty minutes before we were shown the meticulous control of the area operated by Saviors; So how do you get away with the middle finger raised Negan out the window and no one can hit it even to smear. As a rule also leaves quite perplexing that main character's dead just Sasha, that is what is expected for the past three episodes, While in that hell final the only deceased are in absolutely unknown.

In the end however the great war announced since MidSeason Finale there was, exactly as we had imagined. Moreover, there was no time to prepare a, even at the beginning of episode talking to Dwight was the plan to eliminate the Saviors outpost to outpost. The clash with Negan arrived quickly, as well as obliged by virtue of the treason of the trash group, any surprise that could give advantage to Rick&Co. has vanished. Not much has changed since MidSeason Finale to date, except that the three communities are finally really unite and the Saviors they know of their rebellion. A definitely explosive finale, but not decisive: the events could have been at the center of a previous episode, accelerating narrative times instead of getting lost in unnecessary bets. In fact, the war has only been declared, so bloody Yes, but little change compared to how we were eight episodes ago. On the other hand, however, we could really have something other? If in these episodes had settled the whole matter Negan-Saviors, with what we were? As we would be arriving the next season? With a new villain at the gates? The risk repetitiveness you can't even define around the corner to The Walking Dead; especially after this season overall very disappointing, We must hope they manage to invent something new because the real monster to watch both the human, Now we've long understood. A flashback of Maggie and Sasha reminds us that even after the darkest periods in the end always comes out the Sun – as already taught us Meredith Grey – It will be the same for The Walking Dead?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ at least Rick will bring a sigh of relief to the advances of the leader of the landfill

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