The Walking Dead – 8×01 Mercy (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

The return of The Walking Dead marks the achievement of an important milestone for the show at AMC: the series won theepisode number 100. Remember when you started looking at it 8 years ago? Had debuted on Halloween night, the first season had only 6 episodes and never imagined that we would arrive at an altitude 8 seasons. A destination that is undoubtedly pleasure, but that poses with greater force the question with which we left in April, how much longer can last?

After a second half of season six groceries awaiting the meeting with Negan, an entire seventh lost in declaring war on the Saviors, the eighth must arrive at a definition and a more than adequate. Defeating Negan cannot occur within an episode as happened with the previous villains, and because the construction of the myth Negan deserves a worthy conclusion (and credible, After two seasons of terror, a win on the first try would not) and because the uncertainty that lies ahead after does not promise much saw the past (What will we do? We find yet another bad guy to fear before and defeat then?). La première seems to want to answer these doubts.

In forty minutes where flashback, present and flashforward generate some confusion, Rick&Co. get ready (di nuovo) the war against the Saviors and Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie – as a leader of Alexandria, The Kingdom and Hilltop – make yet another motivational speech. All are United against Negan (What happened to the band betrayer of the landfill is not known at the time) and express confidence in their victory: It won't be easy, It will take time and sacrifice, but can they; because as it says in Ezekiel, the day always defeats the night (or in the words of Barbara D'urso "so then the sun comes out"). The plan sees the fundamental contribution of Dwight tells Rick various outposts of the Saviors, who can be killed one by one; as well as that of walkers. If you have followed Fear The Walking Dead (that in the recently concluded third season has made a significant leap forward in terms of quality), You must have noticed how the plan by Rick and Daryl – scheme to attract zombies towards the base of Negan taking advantage of a series of explosions without snapping at the place and time the righteous – is the exact copy of the one implemented by Troy in 3×12 the spinoff. Troy in his sick mind he has put in place to take revenge on the ranch, becoming a follow on foot for two days and two nights from a horde of walkers. For Rick and Daryl organization is definitely easier, a fortiori, therefore we make regarding the true genius of this idea.

The walkers arrive at the base of the Saviors demonstration after a first attack by the three United groups. Here he plays the card to remove Gregory Negan numbers Rick; ora, someone, Maggie apart, He seriously believed that Hilltop could hold back for fear of threats of Gregory? They had already lined up for Maggie? It is an opportunity for the first face-to-face of the season between Rick and Negan that for a few minutes ago really think that this issue can be resolved within the last ten Saviors minutes. Invece no, the plan calls for the invasion of the place by the walkers and further attacks in different places far better not identified. The scheme therefore is larger and more complex than it seems, We understand clearly when Gabriel convinces Rick not to throw himself from the massacre of Negan. And this also explains why Rick&Co. get shot essentially at random, without even trying to hit Negan and its, but shattering every single window. Whatever the plan, This seems to me a waste of bullets, especially considering that they spent half of last series looking for weapons.

Short recap of various characters: Unlike his father, Carl decides to be a good Samaritan with a stranger; Maggie does not hold back from the collision even for pregnancy (my stomach still can't see, but since last season has covered a period of perhaps a month to say so much, It could not be otherwise); Enid is at the forefront; Morgan no longer problems to kill someone and Tara ... What about Tara with its colored glasses and droopy Gummy candy? I probably shouldn't say anything. You can't not talk to father Gabriel who helps Rick, then swindled miserably from Gregory. The coward gets rescued, While the priest is forced to take refuge in a container surrounded by zombies (an image that recalls the conclusion of the pilot, with Rick stuck in the tank surrounded by walkers) and where is (the fortunately survived) Negan. Who knows if in the next installment we will discover it was better than the company of walkers.

Two are cryptic scenes that alternate during the episode, one side Rick with the red eyes from tears, the other always our sheriff with a few more years and a battered leg who lives with Michonne, Carl and Judith in what looks like an Alexandria extraordinarily developed. This should be in both cases of flashforward, where the second seems to herald the success against the Saviors and it is legitimate to wonder whether dream or reality for Rick. The first is more dubious interpretation, especially in light of dialogue between Rick and a Savior in the Middle episode: the latter tells him that he will implore and will weep again. The flashforward is a confirmation of this prediction or Rick's tears are of joy for the future victory?

A premiere with lots of explosions, However non-hazardous area as a whole, proving to be rather an episode in the media. The good news is that finally Rick&Co. they started making seriously something else than prepare or talk, the war is no longer simply declared, This time really began. Our won the first battle, How many others will face no one knows, one can only hope that as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones After the victory of the woods of whispers "The war is far from over" and then retrieve anything that we haven't seen last season. Moreover, Ezekiel said the day always beats the night, but we should remember that as always comes back the next day at night, so does the latter. Ecco, I hope that this is in the sense of battles and not "goodbye Negan, welcome new villain ".

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ do what you want, but don't touch Jerry and Shiva!


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