The Walking Dead – 8×02 The Damned – Review by R.

A video game, This is the episode 8×02 of The Walking Dead. A shooter where to arrive at the finding of a central object or to a destination, you have to shoot down whoever is equal in front of. Generally there you got a map or a compass that will allow you to figure out where you're going and you're able to recognize your potential mates. In this installment no. Indeed, It reinforces the suspicion that the series in General doesn't know where to get, circling around the same things.

Cut each refueling and rescue at Sanctuary (they could not find another name that makes me think of Terminus?!) It is the only clear plan along with the mantra “We take down all the Saviors”. At one point we also understand that Daryl and Rick are trying of arms. The rest is all a big mess and the gunshots continue not help, basically felt them well during the advertisement. If it weren't for the curtain to show how the Saviors face back home are assholes, It would be complicated even recognize in that group of Saviors, instead of people of one of the communities related to Rick. This episode is probably evidence of how it is not the only action itself to make a nice episode – Unlike like some have wanted to simplify and return to sender the criticism on the show last season. The gunshots at random after a bit irritated if there is nothing else and as Aaron I like, his concern for the companion and the obvious improvement of both with weapons, are not enough. Especially considering that are accompanied by folks who don't we pretty much never seen and is therefore impossible to tell if to get hit is an ally or an enemy.

The largest “But who?” the episode goes though to what on various sites has been presented as the “big shocking twist”: the return of Morales. Ora, I have zero memory for faces, but here we are talking about a visa for four episodes in season one, or have you just done a marathon of all eight seasons, or remember it is almost impossible. The reference to Grimes to Atlanta made me ring the Bell: Morales was with his wife and two children to the field of Lori and Shane and when the Group was headed for the CDC, had decided to follow another route with his family. I guess we were all haunted by his destiny. Well, Now we know it's alive, He's with the Saviors and she just called in reinforcements to eliminate Rick&Co.

If the account is set to zero, in the midst of gunfire, the amount of dialogues in forty minutes is just as narrow, but perhaps this isn't a bad thing considering the poverty of the same. Hashed and rehashed. We have the pep talk of Ezekiel on bringing light into the darkness; the mantra of Morgan that – Besides being passed by “All Life is precious” a “We're supposed to kill them” – believes to be immortal: “"I don't die”, wrong answer, as Arya to Tywin in the second season of Game of Thrones “"Anyone can be killed”, keep this in mind. And, icing on the cake, We have a dialogue between Jesus and Tara, with the first who wants to show mercy to one that tries in two seconds doesn't deserve it and the second since losing Denise, He abandoned every crumb. Haven't we had enough with the crisis of conscience by Morgan? Now that he's “to my senses”, We must tolerate Jesus with that “That's not what we do” steel remains all that we hoped for saying goodbye once and for all. We had to think before, Jesus, We are full! Shortly after, the same situation occurs with Morgan, that when she finds herself in front of the Savior that he killed Benjamin is even more convinced in his enthusiasm by Abdel Aziz. Scenes that suggest a forthcoming internal opposition among the “ruthless” following Rick (Morgan and Tara) and the “Samaritans” by Maggie (Jesus). Flying over the fact that the first guy saved by Jesus has crushed about medications for pregnancy (among other things because all Saviors know Maggie when they met her once?), really Maggie after the way it was massacred Glenn, has this predisposition merciful?

Certain, the current attitude of Rick&Co. Li comes dangerously close to Saviors. But if they had not been defeated by Negan a season ago, would have been all that different? Rick&Co. they attacked primarily the Saviors to be acquired on behalf of Hilltop, Negan even knew of their existence. We remember their first assault, At night, while opponents were asleep. If instead of from the perspective of Rick, We followed The Walking Dead from the Saviors, Perhaps our cheer would be for the other team, because deep down no, Rick&Co. aren't all that different. It's true, you have always defended, except in this specific case. But the outposts of the Saviors are not only inhabited by various Negan, There are people with wretched stories like Dwight and his lover, There's Morales whose location is started with Rick and there's Grace, a child of a few months that the Sheriff has just killed his father. It is the latter the most notable scene from the episode: Grimes has a moment of collapse in front of that innocent child, slightly smaller than its Judith, watching you smiling and unconscious, While he did not even dare to look in the mirror.

A second episode in the wake of the première, with a huge waste of bullets and where the only timely interventions is Shiva. Everything else seems to be late. For these attacks has waited too long, the tension has been reduced even before boarding and speeches from Samaritan of Jesus bring to the foreground that legalism that we hoped to have shelved. Nonstop Action are not enough, forcibly monologues and the intense close up to the opening and closing of the episode because the show AMC manages to convince and to get back on track. And unfortunately it came out for a while. Its spinoff recovered with the third season everything that hadn't had in the first, the mother series is too late to remedy the latest?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – can take me to the point of having to agree with Tara?

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