The Walking Dead – 8×03 Monsters – Review by R.

The first three minutes are enough to frame this episode as nearly identical to the previous two. Motivational speeches, gunshots at random, forced moments of reflection. It's a bit like press replays in three weeks. I follow The Walking Dead Since he made his debut, I defended when was criticized in the second season, I proudly bought the action figure of Daryl and I'm sorry that things are so, but the negative parable seems to have no break and no end.

Also comment got a little boring because the defects are always the same; Now you have added these shootings infinite, confusing and meaningless, accompanied by moments splatter donated by walkers. Again you don't know who is shooting who, It is not clear how don't care in the least wasted bullets when we spent half the season to look for weapons unavailable and the supposed plan that would secure the victory to Rick&Co. It is not at all clear. Nor do we know where the various groups! And still trying to give an emotional aspect to shooting through the pair Aaron/Eric, with the second – only injured noteworthy by the Saviors (?) – that bleeds to death. Sorry about Aaron, though I don't recall ever made an emotional involvement that on both to make the death of Eric relevant for the public. Among other things we don't understand at the beginning of the episode he's dying, It is obvious that it cannot withstand long, injured as is. I hope that the wonder of Aaron faced with the death of the companion was due to the shock.

The theme repeated endlessly without even adding a touch of originality is the morale of the protagonists. The clash Jesus-Morgan is boredom, You can't define it otherwise. Even the physical fight between the two throws a minimum of interest. Jesus came in the second half of the sixth season, could find time before to do stick together with Morgan Samaritan. Another scene which I would have gladly skipped a piè pari is Maggie. Already the continuous "Maggie will find a way" of Jesus I had stew and left floored, as if he expected the word of God. To raise concerns, The Greene leaves fooled before by Gregory, then just by Jesus and so the coward and the Saviors come off the entrance to Hilltop. Ora, Okay the memory of mankind by Glenn, okay to distinguish between killing in battle and not execute, But seriously Maggie hasn't learned any better? Gregory has proven over and over again how his cowardice is dangerous, the Saviors should be able to get rid if it ever, He probably would cut your throat in your sleep, though no, We're different, then bring them into.

Do Not, they're no different, He likes raccontarselo, but it is not so. The dialogue between Morales and Rick – only interesting scene of the episode – It makes quite clear, Although you appreciate from his brief appearance last week. Rick and Morales are equal, they started together and, Although geographically different roads, they faced the same path. Lost family (Rick is way better) and friends until they found a new community. For Rick is Alexandria, for Morales the Saviors. Two communities that are kill each other – and the war, I repeat, they started Rick and Maggie, not Negan – but not different, especially now. The Sanctuary has rules, questionable course, but it has an operating system that up to three episodes ago proved more effective than Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom put together. Now these three have joined, Although it is confusing and seemingly ssion, is winning for now – inexplicably to me, but so is. Negan is a monster, Rick is a monster and Morales as well. Only changes the side of the fence they fight. Grimes can deny himself, but the facts speak for themselves. Daryl fells Morales behind and later also the kid that the Sheriff has just promised saves lives, all without blinking. The old mad Daryl definitely, but reversed what would be the judgment? Before the Gracie that made an orphan, then Morales and Daryl, Rick appears tried everything. Justifiable and acceptable for charity, However knows everything already seen. This is constantly balanced between humanity and monstrosity I relive from seasons and seasons, There is the stage where they go over and take a step back. We're always there.

Even the final twist that should arouse curiosity for next week is identical to that of past seasons. We think precisely when Rick&Co. they attacked first the Saviors by killing them in their beds, It seemed like everything was smooth, instead just before the credits had been attacked by Saviors. Ecco, Ezekiel here gloat for yet another victory until thanks to an eagle-eyed understands that they're about to go down. Gunshots, end credits. As long as Jerry and Shiva are fine, of this group it matters little to me. Ezekiel are full of PEP talks and that his men will lay over him to cover him against attacks is a tad ridiculous. OK the tale of the Kingdom, but let's get it together.

No trace of Negan, that will still be in containers with Gabriel, already I'm afraid the bet that will want to retrieve his absence. At least until next week and despite the chaos, It seems that Rick&Co. are winning. The Saviors have numbers, but they have the strategy, According to Ezekiel. Convinced him that shooting at case's strategy, the fact remains that the super organization of Saviors, impenetrable for a season and a half, currently it only for the about-face by Dwight, does water from all sides. Ok, We note.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – for semi-quote Ezekiel “And yet I don't smile”

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One thought on “The Walking Dead – 8×03 Monsters – Review by R.

  1. Except the coppiata rick and daryl that together give an alarm to your characters. The scene that must escape from the saviors or the small clash with the last savior they recalled the first few seasons. Then I did forget that rick is with michionne.
    For the rest I agree.
    Plane crazy. I'm rooting for negan because in good there are too many characters that I have taken.
    I hope in the quick demise of ezequiel and the girl who was with the Governor. She just reads badly.
    Jesus is bland.
    On second thought we come from 2 seasons of nothing.
    This episode has me a little tickled but maybe because the first two were a vapid stuff.

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