The Walking Dead – 8×04 Some Guy – Review by R.

It was tough last night choose whether to follow the national or The Walking Dead, in both cases I knew I suffered, in un modo o nell’altro. The choice for the AMC show won both to stay more calm because anything could happen, could never be worse than failure to qualify to the World Cup.

In hindsight I can confirm, Although in the final five minutes the tear has fallen. Tear and stop just because the special effects to create Shiva were never that great. The death of the Tiger is practically announced from the first frame when Ezekiel is raised to the protagonist of episode; There would never have gotten rid of him so fast, so it was obvious we needed to prepare your handkerchiefs for Shiva. Shiva sacrifices himself to save the man who helped her as Summer made with Bran heartbreaking "Hold the Door" by Game of Thrones: flows between the walkers to give them time to escape, has no way out. Special effects poor they are is still painfull to see. Is the first and only truly exciting scene of this season.

Unfortunately the sacrifice of Shiva is for Ezekiel, a character whose charisma has noted right in the episode where we saw it for the first time. As Jerry might consider a "cool dude" and everyone defend literally to the death is a mystery. A Barker, a good orator, a minstrel, If from nowhere began to sing I wonder less than Emma Stone after an hour and a half of La-La Land, though there is no other. Was able to create an illusion, a fairy tale in which his community could bask, more beautiful and less realistic than created by Negan. But when reality came bully was only able to repeat endlessly optimistic diatribes; If his subjects had not believed so blindly in the fable of the King, He died at the beginning of the episode and we would spare his awareness. It is the latter that we lose the first thirty minutes, they would also have been loads if they focused on someone else, too bad that the only interesting thing about King Ezekiel was his Tiger. We have seen too little to suction out and repeating the same speeches did not help in terms of quality.

Flashbacks show us footage that should involve us in its history, but we've heard, It does not add anything new except a parallelism with Carol that although it may be, cannot create a similarity between the two – the scope of the evolution of Carol is undoubtedly much more meaningful. Both were not so before the zombie apocalypse, He wasn't a leader, She wasn't a fighter: have decided to become what they are now, for themselves and for others. This speech is the core foundation of the show, is the point really engaging and interesting that makes TWD a series on humans, instead of on the zombies; is why over the years, the psychological evolution rightly had precedence over the side action and splatter. Is what I liked The Walking Dead. The growth of Carol though began in season 2, How many times do we have to hear the same things and most importantly without the plot go forward? In the end, Ezekiel understands to be well away from "your Majesty" extolling, too many have died for him and Jerry and Carol are risking the same. Zeke is going to do the first thing relevant since it appeared on our screens, but Shiva sacrifices himself to his Savior. A death that has the sole credit for making again The Walking Dead exciting, Although for the sadness and only for five minutes.

The Rick-Daryl always works, even in a car chase not to the utmost credibility, While Carol alone can bring us back to the old episodes that much we liked. Negan will still be locked in containers with Gabriel? Certainly among the absentees from the episode has not felt the lack of moralizing do-gooders of Hilltop. Narrative development we are still immersed in the plan confusing by Rick&Co., We can safely say that, recovery of arms apart, We have not made progress by premiere. I would stress in this regard that we are already at the halfway point of the first half of the season. An episode with a couple of good moments – Carol and Shiva – but that ultimately pays the flaws in terms of storyline and ability of conviction. Ezekiel never looked seriously at risk, Yet even otherwise wouldn't do neither hot nor cold, How did not start bet men massacre; This speaks for itself.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ ½ – but you can't exclude animals from the tv series so we avoid suffering?

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