The Walking Dead – 8×05 The Big Scary U – Review by R.

Finally Negan! Since it appeared on our screens, each episode of The Walking Dead where is lacking seems to be missing something. Especially after those disappointing that we left behind, his return is a breath of fresh air. Not all of the episodes are devoted to a single character were much, but this is the best of the season without difficulty.Let's jump back to premiere (for the timing of the show it's probably a step in a handful of hours) When father Gabriel was trapped with Negan in a container surrounded by hordes of walkers. It is into that small space which runs the majority of the episode, What brings us back to a The Walking Dead that I was hoping for more to review, the show that focuses on a be character evolution. And it does so comparing Gabriel and Negan, the first as confessor, the other in confesses – Although not without resistance. The priest is in Negan a purpose, the need to help people who had disowned with the advent of the zombie apocalypse and that has rediscovered only recently, but so far, we had seen a great little. It is in that perspective that we can interpret even the daring rescue of Gregory, But if in that rip off we see the means for confession of Negan, then Gabriel's prayer to God shows the way, got no response. Negan doesn't makes things easy with his provocations, gradually though rattles off pills from his past. We find that working with kids, helped them find their way, not to get lost by throwing away their lives; What somehow makes even now with adults who decide to kneel to him. Once had a wife, a sick woman who cheated regularly, and it is to her that has linked his sin, What until the last does not want to confess, its greatest weakness: not the betrayals and lies, but he didn't have the strength to tear it down once it had become. It's not a crime shock, on the contrary, It's nothing fancy, similar stories we have heard, Morgan acted similarly, Yet that has a particular Negan. Especially since it comes dangerously close to all other characters with which we were able to empathize in the years.

The words of Negan invite so that change of perspective on the events has long stressed. Negan methods are questionable, but like other leaders are just trying to give a structure and a system of rules to their men. Without rules and Government would be chaos, We know from the dawn of time. "People are the foundation of what we are building here", Negan doesn't want to kill at random as many people as possible as they would want his right-hand man Simon (probably heir mentioned Negan precursor). The leader of the Sanctuary offered to its community a choice: If you kneel and work for him, He doesn't miss anything. One can argue about the methods, I repeat, but it works. Workers who rebel when there's the blackout are proof. Simon and the others kill them without much preamble, Negan no, because it is not what he does. The just a few words to restore order and receive even the thanks of those who up to two seconds before it seemed they were about to put to fire and sword the Sanctuary. As an external eye it may appear strange, It seems that its people are aware and convinced of the choice of bowing to Negan and have faith in him. It matters little that his techniques falls as well roast who disobeys.

And does not kill at random. He didn't when he punished the first time Rick&Co. and does not intend to do so now: his goal is to kill only the right people at the right time which in this case are Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel; want to make an example to obtain obedience of their respective communities. Ora, the version of Negan is obviously exasperated in their favour, but the questions on the actual difference between Saviors and Rick's allies are legitimate, not for nothing have emerged almost as soon as the war began between them. Maggie gave it all promising to Gregory that they would get rid of Saviors and to fulfil that promise, her group hit them first, killing them in their beds. The latter was the true fuse, What Negan reminds Gabriel almost implicitly asked him whether that attack was considered a demonstration of commendable fortitude.

Rick begins to realize this internal contradiction and although it cannot unite his position to that of Jesus, certainly the small Grace and Morales are shaking the firmness with which he acted until a few hours before. The clash on the subject with Daryl sa for Barney among brothers meant to resolve with one that helps each other to rise again; the positions remain far apart, and the result is frittering away the resources salvaged.

Meanwhile thankfully Negan and Gabriel are by themselves a way to leave the container, because if they waited the Saviors were already as good as smangiucchiati by walkers. Simon and others discuss more about spy present amongst them that on freeing their leader ("Are you confused about who's in charge, Simon?"we should say), Eugene even sa criticize the ideas of others but rather develop an intelligent, you put video games! But Eugene has very different grits (anyway you deserve) Obviously the most papabile suspected, and invested by the responsibility to expose the spy Negan. The job is already partly done because Dwight he accidentally spotted a bag of stolen guns with paint used for its miniatures. Certain, If Simon had seen his fingers stained with Eugene, for the latter would be a rip off.

Saw the whole thing from the last year, at first sight this episode looks good; a look at the world of Saviors and the past of Negan was a must, given the caliber of the latter if he had been devoted an entire episode as happened with other characters by far less interesting, It wouldn't be a bad. The segment of Rick and Daryl as necessary to strengthen the opposing position papers (and although the pair Rick-Daryl face always love), could be inserted in the previous episode and concentrate this solely on Saviors. To turn up our noses is the release of Negan and Gabriel, for which the two reappear to become covered by rotten meat, and the fact that despite the chaos and the number of zombies, both will survive without a scratch.

Or so it would seem. The final scene sees Gabriel feverish, was bitten or contact with the entrails of the walkers can infect as suggested by Negan? In those conditions the priest reveals why it is there: take away from the Sanctuary the doctor for Maggie. Ora, Gabriel in theory shouldn't get stuck at Sanctuary, so I guess the plan is his and just processed, Another way indicated to him by God so. But the real Cliffhanger that is already giving way to a variety of theories is the sighting by Rick a helicopter. Is a hallucination or soon will come a new faction? Unfortunately the only novelty in the immediate horizon is the return of creepy group of landfill.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – There are those who intarsia table with the map of the Seven Kingdoms and who with the blows of Lucille

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