The Walking Dead – 8×06 The King, The Widow and Rick – Review by R.

This episode is a competition to see who takes the worst decision, at the end it's hard to decide who to give the not coveted. Surely no one removes the writers, responsible for everything we're seeing with immense effort in weeks (not to say for months). We jump from one place to another for 40 minutes without anything happening to relevant, no step forward, on the contrary, If you do not turn on themselves, It is much more likely to jump back.

The only scene bearable is that between Carol and Ezekiel, obviously because of before with the discourse on the part that everyone reads for others, It captures the attention and don't make me yawn. Zeke isn't as strong as Carol and the awareness of his weakness with the death of Shiva struck too for it to rise again after two words. Ezekiel played a role, but not realized fully what impact it had on his followers; until it came to honors and titles was easy and fun, then was unable to handle the inevitable contact with reality. As opposed to Carol that even when he faced a moral crisis, It never got to the point of jeopardizing others.

Maggie as Rick has learned that speech hackneyed to be repeated with some variations in all circumstances. Good, but not too much, Why settle for the charitable soul of Jesus taking the Saviors prisoners rather than execute them. I thought he was coming to this decision three weeks ago, invece no, She needs an entire episode among friends tips, pitfalls to watch Glenn Gregory and influence. Gregory will be a coward, debole, traitor and a profiteer, but at least it's fun. It's amazing that anyone would seriously fall in its games and see him like a Wolf among sheep. Of course Maggie Yes, so much so that closes with Saviors after an exchange of jokes that smacks of final showdown between Sansa Stark and Littlefinger. I think I am going to ask to the end as Maggie could become a leader much hailed, his recall at every apparition Glenn is not enough and other did not if you don't get on a tractor. Keep the Saviors prisoners is the most obvious, a play on defense that will satisfy all, but whose catch is around the corner and even hidden because the Saviors are already working hard to rid.

Against paterno, Carl decides to continue down the road of good Samaritan undertaken in premiere and so found the young man met then and after the traditional three questions invites him to Alexandria. All hiding out to screw up in a confrontation with a group of walkers too numerous; how he can not even be bitten in the arm while in Earth surmounted by two zombies is inexplicable because the survival of only Zeke, Carol and Jerry two episodes ago. Also many doubts arise from the choice of introducing a new character at a time when you can't distinguish even those already present.

After an appearance at premiere, return Michonne and Rosita, still convalescent, but still miraculously healing protagonists of a rapid. Forced to rest, want to retrieve quickly wasted time and embark on a mission in case. Two little girls. And it's not even the first time acting so. They catch the two Saviors who should rid the Sanctuary from the horde of walkers and if not for the timely intervention of Daryl and Tara, combine just a big mess. Not satisfied, want to see how we reduced the Sanctuary after the first part of this elusive plan that they keep talking and that's going to be yet another bad decision: Daryl wants to implement the attack on the Sanctuary that Rick had excluded.

Grimes is not around to prevent it, because his great idea is to go from the landfill dudes that just days before they were betrayed and attacked in their homes; offers him a deal: join them or die. Really expected a different reaction? In that case we should not have seen him when he hit his head very strong, because that's the only explanation. Rick has practically given away as prisoner waste group, It closes in a container, where do we review only in the final scene of episode, naked and sweaty. It was supposed to be a cliffhanger? It was clear from thirty minutes, the only new thing is that both naked.

A slow episode, opened by the usual voiceovers that spur to victory, with predictable scenes or who know they've seen (and stravisto) and the continual reference to a plan according to what they say is progressing successfully, but the confusion on our part is still total. The feeling is unfortunately still the same: a drag events between premiere and a finale without there remains nothing that happens in the Middle. It's amazing that a storyline starring someone like Negan could reduce.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – It is worth to learn the name of the new arrival?!

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