The Walking Dead – 8×07 Time for After – Review by R.

For the first time I didn't look The Walking Dead during the airing of 21. And not because I couldn't miss the final of GFVip (the sooner the 21,45 There was no hope began), but because it was easy to guess that would have been the umpteenth episode boring. I was wrong and the opening led by Ilary Blasi was the right rewards.

The main clue of absolute boredom is Eugene protagonist of the scenes at Sanctuary. All that made this funny character (Although it has ever been so) has now been stew. Is not Sheldon Cooper, He doesn't just talk like a robot (It goes so fast that it is difficult to understand) and has evolved into the worst coward of the show, How could they seriously believe that dedicate so much space would be a winning choice one step away from Mid-Season finale? Theoretically, Eugene is a moral battle, loyalty to his former companions "or sell themselves to Negan to preserve itself. We hadn't already addressed last year? The episode 7×11 It was centered on the involution of Eugene, by enclosing the essence of the parable of the Coward; catch Sasha had not affected, why the words of father Gabriel should have had a different effect? In fact they don't have. Eugene chooses Negan, again chooses himself. Yet despite whatever insist to take leave with doubt when Eugene does not sell Dwight to Saviors. He was going to do it though, but blurt out behind a closed door in a private conversation with Negan is different from doing so in front of the eyes of your victim. Coward precisely.

Can't say I've motivation level judged completely absurd attack led by Daryl, at least if the only reason given for criticizing it is argued that everything is going according to their plan. We know they have lost men of The Kingdom and salvaged weapons and still have not heard from Rick from the landfill, the rest is a mystery to us because the plan did not understand anything; so we can only trust them when they say that for now it is a success. For now though. The Saviors they're blessed and peaceful under the siege of the zombies, they had already prepared an suv-stereo stopped for a breath and while Daryl and Rosita discuss whether acting or wait, Eugene design an airplane – ipod to achieve the same result. Luckily for them with the help of Dwight again this last attempt ends in nothing. The attack of Daryl, Tara, Morgan and an unidentified group of snipers – they are evidently tired of wait for an update from Rick – You can therefore also justify in order to avoid a sudden reversal of fortunes of war, is the substance of the plan not to convince: Open a breach in the Sanctuary makes entering the walkers, but at the same time endangers all those workers who have nothing. And it cannot be excluded that that breach could be – with the help of Eugene – an opportunity to escape for Negan.

To draw back from the attack are Rosita before and Michonne then. A step back that clashes with the childish and thoughtless behavior a week ago, When only to "see" How was put on Sanctuary, you are thrown still convalescing in a meaningless mission. Wait and not act impulsively does not belong to Rosita, It showed twice last season – in the Mid-Season finale and in the final episodes. We want to say that Sasha's death has changed? Ok, We can only take note of this since we have witnessed this evolution. Certain, saw how they acted just a week ago, believe this change is a bit forced. Michonne is guilty of the same recklessness and, Apart from that she by now should be more experienced, It's weird seeing her side almost until the last with Daryl, instead of with the plan advocated by her partner.

Rick. We had left in their underwear prisoner in a container of the landfill and yet this week we see only at the beginning and end of the episode, as if that's enough to create pathos about his fate. Grimes insists with its mindless offered to the leader of the landfill and you submit it back to fighting with one armored walker. It was notably the first time, This no, especially since the inexplicable immobility of these, Rick put offside in a moment the zombies and blocks the leader on the ground. The whole thing with no one must intervene to help it. In half a minute she surrenders and accepts the deal with Rick, Rick conditions. It makes no sense. But it makes even less sense that Grimes trusts. An agreement had already been snatched last season, Rick gave her everything, had accepted any condition – remember the time lost to retrieve the amount of weapons request – and still they had betrayed. WTF??!

The episodes you drag for forty minutes and each of them you have to wonder why? But what do you do? But have you gone mad?", Now we can say that with full knowledge of the facts given that next week there is the MidSeason Finale and in fact there was a semblance of build in these seven episodes. Mid-season finale will be 90 minutes (inclusive of American advertising), a thrilling time, now I'm sure there is a gif of Malgioglio that expresses perfectly the little desire to sorbirmeli. Obviously I hope to be disproved because I'm following for eight years and the The Walking Dead I've attached deserves much much better.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ “The right thing is for” It's not all black and white, As long as the boat goes, Let her go, Not to say cat until you don't have it in the bag… We could sum up in idioms the gist of each episode

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