The Walking Dead – 8×09 Honor (Mid-Season Premiere) – Review by R.

Honor. This is the title of the Mid-Season premiere of The Walking Dead and it was easy to understand who and what she meant after the surprising and disappointing twist of Mid-Season finale that much controversy aroused during break.

Carl could like it or not (I precise now that I started to appreciate it from the third season), but it was one of the real stars of the show at AMC, one of the senior inter alia, the only one to be present from the first season along with survivors Rick, Carol e Daryl. The option of survival of Carl was out of the question, beyond all hope, It would be ridiculous to say the least. And indeed over nearly an hour getting ready for the inevitable goodbye kid between moments of emotion and, purtroppo, also of boredom. This series introduced us to gruesome deaths, agonizing deaths and others that we were as Joffrey in Game of Thrones (Ciao Andrea); in any case engaging events. Carl would no doubt fall under "harrowing", We saw him grow up after all and know how to the father. Unfortunately for moving, the episode is not continuous and desperate crying such as deaths of Lori or Hershel. The opening sequence shows us how We had already included, that is stupid circumstances where Carl was bitten, saving the medical resident Siddiq. The words of the latter to his dying Savior sound like an answer to all the accusations leveled at the show in recent months: Carl's sacrifice is not useless, repeats the young. If I see that already regards Siddiq will be essential for giving birth to Maggie (🙄), in the broader perspective of the show, the death of Carl is presented as what will make a stop to the anger of Rick, enabling mercy prevail so that not everything is destroyed and there are people from which to start to build a new world. A world where everyone is happy, Eugene gathers apples and Negan greets Rick and Judith with a benevolent smile which is more disturbing than the evil one who usually does. This is the world imagined by Carl for his loved ones as the infection spread; This is what the father wants to achieve in his memory.

A discourse that can be once, two, However after a little stove. And it is the case of The Walking Dead where the theme of mercy towards enemies reappear on time like Christmas, except find then a bad worse the background that calls into question the moral principles. The same Carl in speaking to his father reminded him that in the past had managed to put aside the anger in the name of mercy. Certain, then what did it for Carl, "It was all for you" he repeats it again now and we know the truth of this phrase. The parent-child relationship has been since the first season one of the highlights of the series. How will Rick to move forward without Carl? Just hope manifested by his son, with that "I want this for you, Dad "that has brought down every attempt to hold back the tears? Despite his death was certain and the course of events has fostered a great involvement, farewell to Carl has indeed had some moments where the commotion was inevitable. Carl's words to his sister, Michonne and father report indeed afloat all those memories that mediocrity in recent seasons had buried – all memories pertaining to the period in which The Walking Dead It was really a beautiful set, that is, before the decline post Terminus. Carl remembers Lori who before his death had told him that he would defeat this world; He did so until he could, now the baton passes to Judith, also in the form of hats from Sheriff gift from Rick to his son. "You're my best friend" tells Michonne and indeed Carl was the first to reach out to the woman just now in prison, If it wasn't for him, Rick perhaps would never have accepted in the Group. The memories with his father are countless, but the moment that hurts the most is when Carl save his father and Michonne weight to pull the trigger against him. Carl assumes that last gesture, as he had done to his mother – I would like to remind you that Lori had asked Maggie to shoot her to prevent there being forced the son; Maggie instead had had the courage and the boy had had to take on that responsibility (Dear Maggie, I don't forget).

These scenes are undoubtedly exciting, but there is that a character like her deserves, This is for the circumstances in which death has arrived, the level of the previous episodes and its development of events, but also for the construction of the episode. Imaginary scenes and flashforward there is also this time and add those starring Morgan, Carol and Ezekiel; especially at the end these alternate fast to the speech by Carl Rick spezzettandolo, Thus interrupting the only interesting part of the episode. Morgan is in fact yet another replay of his moral struggle, that occurs at every turn since he arrived in Alexandria and that in fact is another version of the matter pity/anger just discussed by Rick and Carl. We pass on the lack of credibility of the Morgan and Carol alone defeat an unspecified number of Saviors and save Ezekiel, leading us to hear its sound bites repeated with emphasis. Morgan is now insane murderer stage, so much so that kills a Savior in perfect style Hannibal, in the film, with Giancarlo Giannini, i.e. sbudellandolo. When he is about to kill another Savior, Carol and Zeke seem about to talk some sense into Morgan as a team of BAU, but the Savior is still killed by baby boy killed by brother Saviors and whose death had rocked Morgan (hard to remember everything). Awesome death and that suggests that this child is definitely better with rod and gun in Enid and many other survivors. A baby killer that could shake again Morgan (Let's find a balance though, Please, It can not be more) and reminiscent of many past characters, including pure Carl as he recalled.

If the focus of the episode was to pay tribute to Carl Grimes, the moments of emotion have succeeded. Not in an attempt to convince us that his death was not stupid and useless. Maybe moving on the view will change, the fact is that many of the flaws accused the series continue to be always present and a death shock cannot delete them or put them in the background: slowness in the narrative, characters placed there that serve no purpose except to confuse us, close-ups and monologues that want to be dramatic, but now they just look up at the sky together with imaginary scenes, repetition and especially the continued question, where are we going with this? We want the pity towards the Saviors until bad (bad bad) Guy? Or dreamed idyllic world where everyone lives happily ever after? I don't know which of the two alternatives is worse. Yet the final scene seems to suggest a third way. Between the dream of Carl and his burial, We see clips of a Rick with eyes reddened by tears, image that initially brings to mind the death of son. But the final frame sees it leaning on a tree, felled and bleeding. The war with the Saviors didn't go well? In fact, whereas the Saviors in the Mid-Sesaon finale have overturned a situation that we had been framed as desperate, It's hard to believe that after putting on fire Alexandria are ahead of Rick&Co. And no, Daryl, I love you, but all together in one place you will never be the worst nightmare of Saviors, but only an easy prey.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ ½ – Norman Reedus with Judith and the bet suddenly improves

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