The Walking Dead – 8×10 The Lost and the Plunderers – Review by R.

Will state for the climate from Oscar night, but the latest installment of The Walking Dead has finally been good and we succeeded without disturbing deaths or shootings by forty minutes uninterrupted, proving that it's not the size of the event to determine the quality. It's true, of the dead there were, However don't kid around, some guys of the landfill there cared a great little, Maybe just an ounce more than the female community of Oceanside.

And in fact the sequence featuring Jadis and her group was far better than those few minutes on Enid, Aaron and women of Oceanside. In the Mid-Season Finale Enid had killed the leader of Oceanside, shooting them in the dark after it had attacked Aaron. I can't blame her completely, She was scared and wanted to save Aaron; It is also true, however, that they were the ones to break in the middle of the night and armed in the territory of the women after they had made it very clear that they didn't want to have anything to do with the war against the Saviors. With that "She made me do it" that Enid is repeated to exhaustion can convince just herself and the grandson of the leader – which had already proved to be the weakest of the Group. The words spoken by the young aren't even wrong, reveal a wisdom that for sure we will want to make us believe he learned from his mentor Maggie; having regard to the character though is a wisdom implausible, also why would be gained within an episode. In other words this sequence is saved only thanks to the presence of Aaron.

On the contrary Jadis and his able miraculously to involve us in a departure of which in fact shortly we care. It is through the extermination of its people that we find the human side of Jadis and part of its history; the armor from Android succumbs to first loss for then falling inexorably leaving it dirty, fearful, defeated and alone. Its people have never made so much noise as now that became zombies and also gives us one of the most disgusting scenes from the show, comparable only to the first time Rick and Glenn had bowel covered by walkers.

Despite the good about Michonne, Rick It does not help Jadis, abandons her herself, which isn't exactly the way to respect the wishes of Carl. Here we also note yet another incomprehensible behavior of Grimes: because it goes back to the dump? Ok, had entered into a new agreement, but the reliability of the same has been in doubt almost from the start; Now you just lost against the Saviors and the first thing you do is run by those who've already cheated twice? Not for nothing when attacked by a horde of zombies, the first thought is: Here's what you do buggerare again.

The clash of words between Negan and Simon is – along with the final dialogue between Negan and Rick – one of the best times. Members of the same group, one leader, the other subject; two similar visions, but not identical. Negan won't kill indiscriminately for revenge, anger or conquest; the Chief of Saviors believes in the value of people as resources for the future, beyond the questionable way in which keeps them in line. Simon instead is bad, a pure villain, He kills you without blinking only if it results in answer. It's a difference that could be considered the first disturbing presentation of negligible Negan, but now begins to sow the seeds of ruin. Simon has disobeyed and then lied to Negan, has exterminated the landfill, taken to its leader was convinced that these resources have already in your Pocket. The showdown between Negan and Simon is around the corner.

Radio exchange between Negan and Rick easy beats any other latest face to face between the two protagonists. The Sheriff informs the enemy of death of Carl and his “last wish "by leaving it thrilled and sad. Negan is really affected by the death of the little boy and this is surprising and not surprising at the same time. The man had had an eye on Carl since the latter broke into his base and this attitude was reinforced in Mid-Season Finale when the younger Grimes declared himself willing to die just to end the war. According to the story did to father Gabriel when they were stuck in the container, There is to believe that if Carl was dead due to the attack of the Saviors, Negan he would be forgiven so easily. Yet if we go back to nine episodes – that the series will match a few days – remember when the same Negan was to kill Carl hit him in the head with Lucille, only the intervention of Lord Shiva had prevented the tragedy. Look contradictory but perhaps harbors a guilt from which one cannot simply subtract Negan passing the ball to Rick. Neither Negan nor Rick have surrendered to each other and didn't intend even now. Confused and tried from grief, Grimes fails to abandon the idea of killing Negan. Cannot because what at the moment is perhaps the only way to avenge the death of his son, the words of the latter may whisper in the head, but for now I am not able to be felt beyond the pain. Negan download upon him the responsibility for the death of Carl with words that are killing a father and on reflection it's hard to tell which one is right. Probably both. Rick's point of view is easy to understand, He struggled not to be submissive; that's more complicated acceptance of Negan morally, But if we put ourselves in the perspective of Saviors, as I pointed out in previous posts, the distinction between good and bad is not so clear. And Negan reiterated his thoughts a few minutes before with Simon: killed Glenn and Abraham, but to put in line the other, If Rick&Co. they had accepted defeat, further deaths there would be no. Nobody has surrendered and both have lost, Rick, however, more than all.

An episode with some flaws, that at times empty and nonsense previous Affairs pays, but that overall is good, Perhaps more significantly than the norm in light of what we had to endure before. We now hope that this was not just a Flash in the dark, but a good omen for a resumption of which this show really needs.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – half cast away yet has felt the lack

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