The Walking Dead – 8×11 Dead or Alive or – Review by R.

I had concluded the previous post in the hope that this episode was not just a Flash in the dark. I'm afraid so: This episode is slow, boring, repetitive and focused on characters of which there is never interested or that they've lost any appeal. All of whom last week were absent and whose was absolutely felt the lack.

At least among those fleeing to Alexandria there's Daryl, that one look is enough to remind you why you can't get enough of him, Unfortunately this is no longer enough. Apart from the survival of small Judith and Daryl, We wouldn't have cared something if others had been captured by Saviors or eaten by walkers in the swamp? Do Not, short answer. Scarcely know who they are and the three that we know the name – Rosita, Tara and Dwight – I'm full. Maybe having to choose between them, I would opt for Dwight, whose ability to reason proved to be faster and more appropriate than the other two put together. Tara instead of down from the Tower without blinking: When she became a significant character? And why? First was a bleeding heart that could shake the hand of Jesus and Morgan, but then Dwight killed his lover and then any inclination to piety has vanished; If instead of Denise had been someone else, I highly doubt that now would play the executioner. Even more so considering that she first of all should know what it means to be on the wrong side; Tara was with the Governor when the latter killed Hershel – and Hershel >>>>>>>>>>> Denise – Yet he was forgiven and accepted by Maggie and Glenn. Coherence this unknown. Of course the big plan for revenge on Tara is likely to get them busted by Saviors, but Dwight intervenes and finishes between Negan underlays.

Too bad, If Tara had done the damage, at least there would be a breakthrough fun. Instead we have to limit ourselves to a scolding before the group reaches Hilltop, where the only truly affected by news of the death of Carl seems to be the one who knew him less, Enid. Tara plays to execute, Maggie the leader, again faces the question of what to do with prisoners, If human or be ruthless. However, never takes half a decision that belongs to you, are getting others to suggerirgliele, then she lays down with that cold tone and set which apparently is crucial to give her a sense of authority. Earlier he had listened to Jesus about keeping alive the Saviors, now follows even the cue of a Savior by awarding him a few minutes per day outside the fence for cures and work. Maggie is supposed to be the good leader, but not too much, the alternative to the dictator Rick. The difference though is that Rick is credible.

When they appear Father Gabriel and the doctor, I admit that I had a hesitation on where we had left. In the Mid-Season finale, in one of his countless moments to Weathercock, Eugene had made them flee so they could get to Maggie to Hilltop (shootings at every corner and they always speak as if only she'd need treatment). But the disease – where the question marks still do not miss – by Gabriel slows them down when the latter starts to lose her sight and both the road. Here is the faith of the priest to dominate the storyline, a faith that does not abandon him despite the desperate situation and that for three quarters of the episode seems to agree with him. Gabriel is guided by it, hear a Bell and follows him convinced that there is a God; the most logical explanation is hallucinating due to fever, but ok, We accept and move on, because the divine guidance seems to continue with the discovery of an abandoned house, where a bank accidentally broke gives Gabriel the antibiotics she absolutely needed. Can we take it all for good, especially in the belief that the catch is around the corner, rip off that seems to materialize in the attacking zombies on doctor and inability to help from the priest because of its difficulty to sight. Instead miracle, Gabriel closed his eyes and, like Kate Winslet freed himself with a hatchet Leo DiCaprio handcuffed while Titanic sank, shoot by tapping the walker. A positive rescue by faith Dane, senseless for storytelling. That doctor who before was the most desired by every community of the show, became unnecessary with the arrival of Siddiq, that is, the resident in medicine by Carl. At the bedside of kid, Siddiq had repeated that he made sure that his sacrifice had not been in vain, He was then immediately clear who would assume a key role in giving birth to Maggie (the gaze of the woman when she discovers the studies of Siddiq confirms this predictable development). A doctor in addition would ruin the piazza to the decisive contribution of Siddiq, then the godfather of Gabriel was already sentenced. And indeed dies shortly after. The Saviors they find him and Gabriel, kill the first and lead the second outpost that Negan entrusted to Eugene to make bullets. The priest's faith will be poised?

Comment Eugene is a hurt himself as following his scenes, the song remains the same: does the swaggering with girl and tremble just Negan speaks the word. Unfortunately Gabriel isn't the kind capable of going from Negan Snitching on the role of Eugene in his flight.

The episode closes with the new plan of Negan that seems intent to make use of the bowels of walkers as new weapon against enemies. What is the goal, vomiting effect apart from? Infect them? How often are covered with entrails to avoid the zombies and nothing happened? The only one who got sick is Gabriel, the why and still we were not well explained though. Just really hurt them with arms full of guts? We'll see, If nothing else you will have some splatter.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ – at this rate, Maggie's pregnancy will last longer than that of elephants

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