The Walking Dead – 8×12 The Key – Review by R.

This second half of the season like a zig-zag between strokes on the right track and skidding off the road. In spite of the clash drive between Rick and Negan, "The Key" brings the show to a straight path, exactly as happened two weeks ago with “The Lost and the Plunderers”. A violent face-off between Rick and Negan, the appearance of new characters, but most of all a true development that affects them and the plot.

The arrival of a new group maybe isn't exactly great news, Whereas it is hard to remember the names of all those that have appeared in the last two seasons, tuttavia Georgie and his two escorts attracts immediate attention, making it oddly difficult to justify without ifs or buts the hostility of Maggie. Georgie is serene and well dressed, If it weren't for the two armed women accompanying, seems completely divorced from the context; speaks of beauty and knowledge, things that in a world like that of The Walking Dead pass not in accordance, but just in the top floor (We got a taste with Beth Greene, between singing and art mostratale at Grady Memorial). An approach that recalls in part that the former First Lady of Alexandria Deanna, yet without the utter bewilderment aroused by it. Doubt, restlessness and warning are in order given the precedents, However, when Maggie picks – for the first time – the way harder (capture and robbing three women of their resources), lacking the belief that it is the right decision. Probably the support of Enid has its weight in this bad feeling, but the words of Michonne, freighted Carl souvenir, they took it very easily: the location of Maggie and Enid, that "It doesn't just work out" repeated, It is understandable, in this particular case, however, the hope of Carl breaks. And Georgie, the "key to the future", dovetails perfectly with the latter: a manuscript that starting from the knowledge passed, teach them how to build everything they need, How to build their future; I mean I'm not giving you the wheat, but I'm going to teach you how to cultivate. The storyline ends – For now – like the classic fairy tale with final moral: Maggie frees Georgie gives discs, the latter rather than give her the manuscript, the leaves also of food having noticed that a Hilltop they desperately need. All that remains is to see when Georgie will return and if the initial curiosity about this new character will find positive feedback (not like others that in retrospect we would have taken a completely different path).

Dwight and Simon, two subject of Negan with leading roles, completely different from each other if not for the increasing intolerance towards the head. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" must have thought, no doubt he thought Dwight for most of the episode seems to hope that he and Simon, taking advantage of the apparent departure of Negan, they can join forces to give the Saviors new life, one that does not lead to terrorize and kill anyone they encounter on the street. "Move on" is the key word used by Simon to pull Dwight on his side, an expression deliberately vague that once before to other Saviors reveals what anyone would have guessed: Simon wants to abandon hard-line Negan, only to apply a more violent and brutal. The meaning of the words of Simon I guess us viewers has been clear from the beginning, After all we have seen two weeks ago at the massacre of the community of Jadis (in total opposition to the orders of Negan), We could not believe his good intentions. Dwight apparently from the final expression Yes and I'm a bit surprised, because okay it is not aware of the guys of the landfill or the recent bickering between Simon and Negan, but that the former had not exactly a peaceful mind, forced to fight only from Cape commands, It was evident from his first appearance.

Rick and Negan are the new stars of a clash, This time both verbal and physical. If Maggie's hostility towards Georgie gets a little turn up their nose, the same cannot be said of Grimes that doesn't just see Negan approaching, rather than tell her, Sling it against him blinded by anger and revenge. Nothing stops the Sheriff: delivers the road the car of the enemy, shoots up to running out of bullets, try to hit him with an axe before and with Lucille fire then, releases a horde of zombies to not let him escape. Obviously Negan survives all and here so that we can turn up their nose: not a bullet hitting him at least to smear, on the other hand, and even more surprisingly Rick munitions end up after a few seconds; and both also manage that rival the zigzagging Grimes among the walkers remaining unscathed. Credibility aside, the exchange between Rick and Negan proves the latter not only as Rick&Co. do not allow themselves to be absolutely more scare, but mostly how little can trust his own men: the Sheriff reveals in fact the massacre carried out by Simon against the landfill community. And here is the first real step forward in defeating Negan. Not the shootings that last a whole episode, killing an undetermined number of Saviors and the destruction of outposts. Negan realizes the treachery of one of his men, While they take their first steps without him, going to do it against what the leader has always wanted: just his absence for a few minutes because the set aside, continue to act on his behalf, but in fact they don't bother absolutely him. Both Simon Dwight, for different reasons, want him dead, they give it to lost after barely tried; and others take for good their words and accept the new command of Simon after a half-second's hesitation.

The Saviors knelt to Negan, they obeyed him and made him shield. Now this shield starts to fall and the comparison with Rick Grimes is inevitable: regardless of the status of the relationship over time, If Rick had found instead of Negan, his would be courses on his behalf and would never have given up so fast. Luckily for him, Negan has the miraculous survival of a serial killer from horror movies: avoid any damage, falls and vanishes into thin air before Rick join him. Luck to a certain extent though, because when she wakes up, you drive in the company of Jadis, who wants him dead perhaps almost as much as Rick, will he plead "innocence"? And the show will not sway again until the season finale?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Rick and Michonne, Maggie and Glenn, Never mind, No couple can ever compete with bromance Rick-Daryl

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