The Walking Dead – 8×13 Do Not Send Us Astray – Review by R.

Maybe we put more effort in trying to please us the episodes, that the authors to make them interesting and credible. Of events that could make this a good episode, worth remembering the first seasons, There were two: the battle with the Saviors led by Simon and the zombie attack. Unfortunately both develop between nonsense continues and ends leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

The clash with the Saviors It was announced two weeks ago, the use of the bowel of walkers was promising on the splatter (less on that logical) and the intermezzo of the bet last was not negative as you would have thought initially. The ad James Bond style with which Maggie shows up at Simon – "Maggie Rhee, The Widow " – but immediately raise his eyes to heaven, Preview of what happens for the next twenty minutes after. Obviously the Saviors not flying the edge when it comes to saving the lives of their men prisoners – now "damaged goods" – only innocents could believe to have some kind of trump card. Minimal preparation of the Hilltop the people I must admit, but the implementation is not to get excited as if suddenly had become the SWAT. Lights out throw Saviors and we in the dark, gunshots left and right according to habit and then back lights on: everything is presented as a well thought out plan, but in fact it's just a great confusion to the enemy and for us, lost between the darkness and the shots always at random. Obviously no one important is wounded. The only – Unfortunately with a leading role – who will take home a flesh wound is Tara, hit by Dwight; the motive of the latter's gesture is clear beyond question infected or not weapons: want to prevent Simon hit hardest. A scene with the aim to shuffle the cards in the moral debate between Tara and Daryl, with the first one allows half the eldest Dixon (guilty as she had at the time sided with the Governor). I wouldn't Merle eyes closed instead of Tara.

The battle leaves a lot of unsatisfied, so chaotic that one side could not wait to end, on the other after the only reaction was a "everything here?". In fact he was yet another clash without consequences. I understand that having had until yesterday King Ezekiel as a leader, I would appreciate anyone who can hold a gun, but the girl with bow arrives to congratulate Maggie for how he handled the attack seems a tad overdone. Yes, for Maggie are prevented, but in this chaos you can't really talk about strategy and much less victory.

The breakthrough, however, seems to get in the final quarter of an hour with the plan set aside from Simon (infect enemies) that takes for itself over: the weapons had been infected by Saviors before Simon took the lead changing orders. A wounded Tobin – whose flirtation with Carol is no coincidence fished – becomes walker creating hell within the walls of Hilltop; for a few seconds is like being back in the good old days of jail, with the hope that at last we're going to clear all that part of cast useful right to do number. Yet it doesn't take much to figure out that no, It is not a return to the old The Walking Dead because immediately the feeling of risk is zero. Even for a moment doubt the survival of those which we should remember the names, to whom the killing of zombies manage simple; the fact that no one even knows the danger when even a zombie falls down the stairs, rather than creating tension, carries all the ridiculous, How do they not feel anything?

And we also talk about this twist on the power of infected arms. We saw them become covered by the bowels of walkers from the first season, get stained with blood of zombies in the face and it never happened. Rick&Co. underwent various injuries over the years and certainly these came into contact with walkers, It's hard now to accept without objection this innovation brought by Saviors, especially if we consider that the infection is already in each of them (or not would become once dead without having been bitten, Shane had been at the origin of this revelation in the finale of the season 2). The fact that Rick just connect the Tobin's transformation with Lucille covered with leaves in doubt even more bowel: though it was a logical step as simple, because they never used before an idea so powerful?

Because the irritation was not already at alarm levels, they had to add the storyline of a wild-eyed Morgan and that associated of the child, Henry. Henry is equal to Carl in the first two seasons, stupid, annoying and inexhaustible source of disasters. When Carol prohibits to him to fight with them because they would be killed, It is immediately apparent that will combine something worse. Give him something to do, Let them believe entrust an important task or put it under control, anything that prevents him from making a mess! Instead nothing, He wanders quiet until the fence of prisoners, ready to kill the man who killed his brother (Why doesn't believe the words of Morgan when he says it was Gavin – the man who killed with a stick a few episodes ago – It is not clear). Armed, could make a killing if not for the arrival of the zombies; What purpose does not know, We know that his idiocy allows the escape of Saviors prisoners. Morgan meanwhile has more bananas than ever and we have to sorbircelo while you dream with the ghost of Gavin who keeps saying "You know what it is". What to know we do not know and do not want to know.

As they try to make us happy Siddiq forcing him to undergo an unjustified and unnecessary scolding from an unknown woman, Maggie and Rick reaffirm as their thirst for revenge on Negan is still in the foreground, both are far from embracing the last wish of Carl. An incident which had all the prerequisites to be positive but which leaves nothing, If we had jumped even we'd noticed because both the clashes do not give rise to narrative consequences. But we can't even ask ourselves too many questions, or even the only significant element (the potential of infected weapons) would collapse miserably for its lack of basics. Is a show that comes from a zombie apocalypse so the supernatural is unavoidable, but it works until all this is made credible, logical in context; in the finale of the first season of Game of Thrones When Daenerys has survived the fire and dragons were born there was the feeling of absurdity, It was surprising and natural at the same time. Ecco, in The Walking Dead the logic is losing more and more shots and the worst thing is that it is always and only by walkers.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ 1/2 – I wouldn't Merle eyes closed instead of Tara

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