The Walking Dead – 8×14 Still Gotta Mean Something – Review by R.

Directly or indirectly, in this episode all face grief, near or far it's over time. An episode traveling slow, Maybe the pace will not ever take, but in the last 20 minutes we awaken from ropes torpor and touches from initial annoyance.

Much of the credit is due to the clear parallels with the events of the first two seasons, in particular the children lost from Carol and Morgan. Both were impressed by the biggest and mourning while Carol faced rediscovering a new herself with the help of fellow, Morgan entered a tunnel which is not out yet. Kill anyone and preserve every single life are the two opposites mantra that guide him to alternate phases, No to Miss hallucinations of outline. Pacific seems to say that the guilt to Harry Morgan, which having been unable at the time to murder his wife by now zombies, He left remain the conditions that have led to the death of her son (who has met his mother was killed). Morgan hadn't done anything, This is his fault and so is now with Henry: didn't kill Jared after he killed Benjamin and so Henry became an assassin to avenge her brother. Carol and Morgan now fear having to relive their terrible mourning through this kid, But if the second chooses the path of violence which for so long had abhorred, the woman opts for the Salvation. After the little Sophia each approach of Carol to other children gave somewhat bitter fruits, in recent seasons has moved away from everyone and especially from the pain that the closeness to other people entails; now, however, wants to return to hope, even if it means having to face another mourning. Carol is convinced that Henry has died – She herself had warned that there would not survive – yet no longer intend to surrender to pain, is willing to take the risk of finding him in the same State in which she had revised its Sophia. And the scene where Carol save Henry from walkers is a blow to the heart to the strong resemblance of the context with what we left Sophia last time we saw her alive.

Morgan, however, is not alone in his path of destruction, There is Rick to keep him good company. The only force able to hold standing the Sheriff is all the rage, read the letter to Carl and embrace his ultimate dream fall into an acceptance of his loss that is far. Michonne spurs and Savior good invites him to show leniency towards his comrades who fled. When he and Morgan are captured by them and Rick says he will return to Hilltop, There's no reason not to believe him because we know that Rick Grimes is a good man; He has committed so many over the years, but reasons to justify it have always found. Among other things Rick gives his word and we trust the word of Rick Grimes, as the title of the episode one man's Word should still be worth something even in a world like this. But no. Despite a Savior to die to save Rick, the latter and Morgan kill them mercilessly during the onslaught of walkers. An about-face by Rick on time dismay, but then, on reflection, nor too, is not an act inconsistent with his character. Certain, also in this case wanting to play devil's advocate, one could say that is blinded by grief, but – Perhaps for the first time – just can not justify it. Once at home, the look scared and dejected Henry awaits Morgan, While Rick observes his own face in the mirror and you can almost see something dark in him, had never appeared so gloomy even when he was covered in blood.

These are the emotional and psychological aspects that are pleasing in this episode of The Walking Dead, Obviously in almost fifty minutes of episode no shortage of absurdity and moments from eyes to which we are unfortunately accustomed. Already the assault leaves a little bit perplexed walkers ' undisturbed (at least died Jared, I was afraid that would pull even in the long run with the only that Morgan had to wipe out), the same goes for shipping solo by Rick and Morgan behind the Saviors fled: two against tens, strange eh catch them in two minutes! The portion of Jadis and Negan is full of questions that hints at the past of the man fail to lighten. Why is Jadis does not kill him right away and it leaves close to weapons and rocket? Negan does it again the good and the bad times in a situation where it should not have hope and eventually returns home quiet with lots of cars. On the way back is also an encounter that there is revealed, at one time this would have sounded like an interesting cliffhanger, This time I must say that I don't care who he is – Maybe Dwight's ex or Dwight same?

After yet another moral lesson of Tara, Daryl and Rosita go ahead to investigate the quantity of armaments in the possession of the Saviors. Evidently you are asking our own questions, possible that depending on your convenience there is always someone who has tons of bullets and ends after two seconds? The various nonsense are coming home to roost even within the story? At least after quite sometime Rosita says something right: It is pointless to remove the bullets, just delete the one who produces them. Maybe we can get rid of Eugene, fingers crossed.

Two episodes from the end the only indication on the definition of the conflict with the Saviors are the minds of Rick feisty, Morgan and Negan; especially promising is the fact that the latter will face Simon. Certainly the internal strife to Saviors (they have also demonstrated in this episode to deploy with Rick&Co.) they will have their weight in the decisive battle with Hilltop. Battle that currently is not on the horizon, but I would assume is in sight for the season finale being touted by almost a year and a half.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ 1/2 – Jerry lose her insist on calling Ezekiel “Your Majesty” just because it has a contagious smile

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