The Walking Dead – 8×15 Worth – Review by R.

While avoiding spoilers like a minefield, Sunday night – direct cause of Wrestlemania – I glimpsed on social commentary on the episode of The Walking Dead during the American airing. Enthusiastic. On the one hand I thought that as usual they put the turbo before the finale, on the other, I decided to take it with a grain of salt. In hindsight, and despite positive ratings are not missed, I was right to not flatter myself.

Twist, dead, and the preparation of the framework for the final there were, but everything was predictable, In addition to slow and boring. All. Simon is killed by Negan ahead of everyone and giving him a chance to defend themselves, fighting to steal his place. The leader of the Saviors offers his rival a chance to face-to-face confrontation that Simon had subtly avoided, does what it needs to do to be a strong leader in every sense. We knew that Simon would die at the hands of Negan at the very moment when the latter had discovered his betrayal; well as the killing of its allies was obvious, Why on earth would still trust them when they had Negan tried to stab him behind? I understand the satisfaction with the departure of Simon, but it is too obvious. In Vikings expected bid farewell to Aslaug practically since its first appearance, It was known that the fourth season would come at the hands of Lagertha, Yet how is killed was really a shot, I did not expect such a gesture by absolutely Lagertha – so much so that I was almost sorry to Aslaug (almost).

The big twist that we place on the finish is not really a Cliffhanger. Couldn't be forgotten encounter along the way made by Negan before returning to the Sanctuary, meeting to which it never did nod while he played cat and mouse with Simon and Dwight. Could not be Gregory (for framed with Simon), or was it the most papabile was his former Dwight or Sherry. Dwight could blab Negan betrayal of Simon, but there was no need as the leader already aware. Sherry instead with its mere existence would have revealed to Negan falsehood of Dwight – which is that she was dead – thus exposing the latter. No doubt that the target was the latter, just not by Sherry, but one of which I don't remember absolutely the existence: a girl who during the attack in Alexandria in Mid-Season finale was in Group of Dwight, who had managed to escape when the young man had ripped off. In terms of impact on the public was definitely better Sherry, However this "revelation" occurs at the end of episode, presented as the big twist that disassembles the “perfect plan” by Dwight and Rick to ensure victory for the good guys in the next installment: Dwight exploits indeed Gregory to tell Rick where and how they will be willing Negan and his men. Not only the spy operation succeeds too simple to Dwight because we believe in its effectiveness, But if you forgot the meeting of Negan (difficult thing because just the fact he doesn't ever mention the mysterious meeting last week is itself a clue), you know that the catch is around the corner. And in fact Negan has specially shown to Dwight on his plan, so that his communication to Rick&Co. from tipping into a trap for the latter. Thinking that I could just not show that passage by car in the previous installment to keep us seriously clueless.

You can talk about predictability even if Eugene what a, surprise surprise, is not killed this time either despite Rosita had announced clear. Could kill him immediately, Instead she, Daryl brought him along until he does it on purpose to vomitarle on you (that sucks, It was necessary to?) to take the opportunity to escape. And run, for the umpteenth time if the quarry and earn at sbruffonaggine. Back safe to your stock of Saviors and starts giving orders left and right, with a manifesto commitment to manufacture on time all the bullets that Negan needs against his former classmates. Maybe it's just a charade and Eugene is going to do again the turncoat, now, however, he did so many times that even just.

There is also space for Oceanside. Short scenes times only to remind us of the existence of Aaron seen that in fact we are seeing only the umpteenth speech addressed to the women of the community together to convince them to fight instead of continuing to hide. If Oceanside and Aaron arise suddenly in the most critical moment for Rick&Co. – as Littlefinger and Knights of the Vale in the battle of barbarians Game of Thrones – I wouldn't be surprised. I am ready to raise his eyes to heaven for that eventuality.

You save right opening and concluding moments dedicated to letters written by Carl respectively to Rick and Negan, Although very emotional games here. These words divine, that inevitably affect the recipients. Both, however,, to quote Negan, have gone too far to stop; and after the events of the last week this is even more true for Rick. Do Not, they won't stop. At least at the beginning, I doubt we will avoid the moralistic turn as the goal on which they founded the death of Carl – among other things, this sudden momentum moral puzzles me as well for Carl, which as he himself recalls, He had tried to kill Negan on his own: especially considering that between the appearance of Negan and today the elapsed time on the show must be 2/3 of months nothing much, zombie bite may have been enough to make him change so fast idea? I hope at least that the scruples arrive late, so you have time to significantly reduce the cast, because here we had zombies and endless shootings almost every episode yet is still full of characters that do not.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – Gregory immediately locked up like the most dangerous criminals is rather ridiculous

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