The Walking Dead – 8×16 Wrath (Season Finale) – Review by R.

With great difficulty we arrived at the final of this eighth season of The Walking Dead, a final round which the hype was not great either, that partly has not complied with the high expectations, but overall it could have been much worse.

Expected decisive match with the Saviors for two years, announced and delayed so many times that the tension was nothing. Two years of waiting for a battle that will last five minutes, maybe even those with two twists that we had seen it coming without difficulties in the episode last. The fact that things go well for immediately Negan – Rick casca in double trap and Gabriel is retrieved immediately in his attempt to escape – makes clear the catch. The Saviors far outweigh Rick&Co., encircle them, do not give him a chance. It is obvious that it cannot end like this and it is equally evident that the turning point in that Eugene that in the minutes before it reached another level of baseness. And in fact here is that the bullets which kept us both to manufacture hurt the same carriers of arms. How many times have changed team? It is impossible to keep track and his being an incurable Weathercock makes the predictable and uninspiring twist. Saved by Eugene, but we realize that humiliation? For Rick&Co. defeat enemies is a breeze, After a few seconds these surrender, all on their knees from the chick that was so proud of having unmasked Dwight. And a similar scene is repeated at Hilltop. I had predicted an arrival of women Oceanside style Knights of the Vale in the battle of barbarians Game of Thrones, even if the latter had been a rescue foreseeable, but at least Jon Snow and his were seriously at risk at that time.

The terrifying and unbeatable Saviors are on their knees, Yet almost everyone in life as well as the rest of the cast – even this time we can get rid of the huge amount of dead weight – only Negan is on the run. For just. Joined by Rick, begins the final showdown Rick vs Negan, right under that tree from which hang two coloured glass, shown in the concluding scene of the Mid-Season premiere, confirming thereby the nature of flashforward. Negan is lost in the jumble and hits the Sheriff where it hurts the most, a howler from the death of Carl. The next series of events, for it did turn up their noses at many, I am not at all sorry. Now without bullets, Rick gives a chance to the via indicated to him by his son and gives Negan a peaceful solution, both are still in time to stop, as has just been demonstrated by their fellows. The leader of the Saviors is wall, Yet the failure and desperation are visible on the faces of both. The turning moralistic call from weeks's work is done, until in the blink of an eye Rick hits the opponent in the throat with a piece of glass. Almost there I thought he did really until I saw the blood gushing. Yes, It did. In the face of Carl would say. A few seconds later but Rick asked Siddiq to save the life of Negan, among the harrowing screams of Maggie. It is unclear when Rick has embraced the dream of Carl and perhaps here lies the only flaw that I find this development. The Sheriff could have understood in past episodes the "Monster” that had become, the abysmal gap between the man no longer able even to keep their word and what the son saw in him; hurt Negan and then save may have been the subject of a plan already studied, a kind of demonstration at the enemy. However this awareness of Grimes might also have arrived at the exact moment affects Negan: kill him gives him the temporary satisfaction of vengeance, But what has he got? Not Carl obviously, but especially not even himself, that man walking happy with your child. This is the interpretation that I prefer and I believe that marries better with what they wanted to tell in recent weeks: is with Negan Rick reaches its tipping point and turns around just in time to avoid complete the definitive step over it.

From there we see the first concrete signs of Carl's dream come true: all are taken in partner, between smiles just mentioned, but reveal how each of them needed that olive branch strained by Rick. There is no "us" and "them" who merely try to live, There's a "we". The exact opposite of what Maggie He reiterated at the beginning of the episode to the Savior redeemed "You're going to be here, but you're not us ". For you are a hit when Rick save the life of Negan, for the first time since 7×01 She is seen express an emotion, no longer stand mixer half sentences that endured for two years. Maggie explodes and what I don't tolerate, his is a totally understandable reaction. Unfortunately goes astray right after. Basking in that position of leadership that has never in any way deserved, the widow stands at the head of a faction against the "do-gooders" Rick and Michonne, faction which also includes two unsuspected, Daryl and Jesus. Ok, is upset, There is, but really his first act is to act behind Rick and Michonne? It could be argued that Rick has decided the fate of Negan without first consulting her, but this presupposes that the Sheriff had decided beforehand not to kill him, What I don't believe. Among other things Rick wants Negan spend your life in jail as an example, not that participate in their Sunday barbecue. Quindi, Maggie, Why put yourself into doing the conspirator after five minutes? Don't make half a right decision and puts you at the head of a conspiracy, When the stop to evolve the affection he felt for Glenn? It is not dead just Glenn at the hands of Negan, well as Abraham, but it seems that no one will remember ever. In this way, Maggie manages to put weeds in the only real ship of the series: the bromance Rick-Daryl. What are you doing, Daryl? Wrong with Dwight, take note, don't make me agree with Tara that is a point that I don't want to get. If the madness of Maggie and Daryl you can find minimal justification, the same cannot be said for Jesus. The young man has spent a whole season to take the place left vacant by Morgan as moralist of the show, It did well in this episode; logically consistent with the character should be a Jiminy cricket for Maggie, Instead, rather than to reason with her friend, the leaning, with a devious smile never seen before. This is the real cliffhanger of the season finale, a new beginning under the sign of hope threatened either by an external group, but from the inside, by friends of which Rick trusts. Is a cliffhanger that can promise well, However the fact of not having solid base pay, resulting inconsistent versus characters: all three in fact, more or less, they had manifested long before Rick susceptibility to forgiveness, to the benefit of the doubt to the enemy. And there's nothing conclusive that they might change their mind suddenly, Why can't you be good only when you tap directly, It would be too comfortable!

The gesture of Rick has its effects on Morgan, still out of melon, but it has at least started a grip of awareness that led him to isolate himself from the landfill, While Anne was invited into the community of Jadis/Rick.

The season 8 of The Walking Dead comes to an end, It was a birth following her in full, where the episodes saved are very few. I don't know how much the conspiracy of Maggie will work next season because the bases are not robust, but I recognize that at least they introduced a real novelty: not the usual villain who comes from outside, but a dark twist of historical figures unsuspected. Because the series is to flip though serves a real Jolt. Any fans of The Walking Dead want to see them live happily ever after if not in a flashfoward to permanent closure of the show – and maybe even there would be nauseating. Hope is thus able to manage well, di più, l'affaire Maggie-Daryl-Jesus and find more, something powerful that can bring down the certainties that by dint of repetition have gained up to our exhaustion.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – is full of faces, full of names to remember and for months we're called Jadis with wrong name: It's called Anne!

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