The Walking Dead – 9×02 The Bridge – Review by R.

If the announced exit from the show of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan making it the twist that will affect them non-twist, this episode has made it clear that The Walking Dead still he wants to surprise us.

The love story between Jadis / Anne and half blind Father Gabriel (pointing out not to be Catholic, but bishops so there is sinning), "studies" of Enid medicine – two facts do not know how interesting – and the sighting by the same Anne of what should be the same helicopter saw last season, They are certainly unexpected news (Helicopter there were virtually forgotten both us and the writers). But to take the counter is all that refers to the focal point of nine this season, namely the growing internal intolerance to what is no longer a group, but a real community.

The parochialism have spread from us, let alone among people who have fought until a few months before in shootings, explosions and zombies turned into weapons. Dirty looks and digs are just the tip of an iceberg that is sitting there waiting for this new world is cut up and let steep collapses, with Negan more than interested spectator. We find in fact the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan "sentenced" to life in prison Rick which makes him an account of what they are building, a sort of further penalty if Finnegan can enjoy this new life only in words, but has no chance to be part of. Despite months he has already passed since his capture, Finnegan, however, not release it to strike, on the contrary, its pungent loquacity is more alive than ever and in a few sentences covers risk that Rick does not seem to see clearly. Hanging wanted Maggie and his hostility towards Saviors, the disappearance of some of the latter, the doubts of Daryl, internal skirmishes, Grimes are all solvable disagreements, a mere matter of time. Yet the events that accompany the construction of the bridge show that it is not, that even a small fuse to blow up a ruckus, intended or not it. L’ex Savior Justin it is the duty idiot because this is the most glaring problem and that reaches its climax not sounding the siren which should keep away from the walkers group to work on the bridge. The attack of a herd of zombies, the escape of some men and wounded – resulting in amputation of the arm – Aaron are the result. Justin is banned, but he is given the actor who plays him (Zach McGowan, known for roles in pirate Charles Vane Black Sails and in Roan The 100) it is clear that we have not yet seen his last scene in the series. And in fact he is the protagonist of the final cliffhanger: estranged from the community and meet someone who recognizes that seems to strike him / kidnap him, leaving us to guess that behind the disappearance of the former Savior there is a voluntary escape. Of those who treat?

This week's dark side Maggie undergoes a slight deceleration; After refusing to send food to the Sanctuary because it has not arrived due refueling, change your mind and shows slightly more open to dialogue and compromise. Alcoholism Earl (the man who tried to kill her) remembers what his father Hershel and precisely because good and upright man (we never thought that he had suffered from an addiction) that Michonne and others have got to know, Maggie decides to give Earl a second chance. The Hilltop leaders but we would point out that in addition to people who deserve other possibilities like Hershel and Earl, Gregory there are other types that instead you can not redeem: bitter sacred truth! The Maggie's attitude can make me turn up their noses, but I must admit that this time it seems the only, along with Daryl, to want to look reality straight in the face, gooders without the frills of the new beginning which fill the mouth and Rick Michonne. It is true that in the case of fuel stocks, The cliffhanger ending suggests that former Savior they are not at all trying to be clever. But it is equally true that acrimonie between groups have not yet dormant, as it is still alive dissatisfaction of former Savior. This means that if someone were to reach out to them, cracks would widen inexorably: It is that the Savior being made to appear guilty of something, whether they reconstitute a group hostile to Rick&Co., the reconstruction of the last year and a half collapse in the blink of an eye and Rick with it, paving the way for the return of Finnegan on the throne.

Like the premiere I can not call it an exciting episode, But certainly we are at different level than the unnecessary and redundant episodes of recent years. After too much time really seems that there is a storyline that can develop and sustain in the coming months, a storyline that will lead to the output from the show its undisputed star and making it inevitable to wonder constantly what relationship this arises with current events. Finnegan will get revenge or Rick must look somewhere else?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ 1/2 – I would chew off my from Enid not even a centimeter of hair, let alone the arm!

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