The Walking Dead – 9×05 What Comes After – Review by R.

The two previous games have been good in progress, discoveries and emotions, confirming the good way where you finally put the show. What we learned? That time heals all wounds? Not exactly, the Oceanside traps at the expense of Saviors and Maggie start to his revenge against Finnegan prove. But we have learned that Anne / Jadis is more complicated and critical of the previous season and above the bromance Rick-Daryl is more beautiful than any ship, sorry Michonne, but it is so. And all this information find their fulfillment in what is the final episode of Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the series, the one who led us step by step in this post-apocalyptic world, leaves the scene definitively.

The end of the episode 4 He had announced, taking a little 'surprise because if it is true that we knew long ago that this would be the last season of Andrew Lincoln, I did not expect it to happen so quickly. Rick Grimes says goodbye to three episodes from the Mid-Season Finale, a bit 'as Ragnar Lothbrok that caught me totally unprepared dying well before the finale of the fourth season Vikings. The episode leaves no room for doubt sull'addio Sheriff, It is indeed a journey through his life from the moment we met in the pilot, that is, when the appearance of the third man changed everything for him. Suspended between life and death, Rick struggles to protect his family again, because that is what he has always done. Even when it was Ricktatorship, authoritarian and uncompromising man that had turned after Shane, Grimes has always acted for the good of the people who were close to him. And those people have become his family, not only Lori and Carl as the "I need to find my family" is initially think: all of them are his family. Despite the incessant bleeding wound to the abdomen, Sheriff finds the strength to continue on horseback to remove the walkers herd from Hilltop in a path which obviously refers to the pilot, where always on horseback Rick reached Atlanta in search of family time, Lori and Carl precisely, After waking up in hospital.

And it is during this trip, during periods when faints, Grimes sees faces and places of the past that give you the strength to face his final act. He could not miss Shane, the one who brought up the side of Rick that the two had in common: Rick Shane had pushed to the limit, but the weather was just right for that Ricktatorship that the family needed. Shane remains true even after death, friend asking her "little girl", no surprise it is given that Rick had long ago confessed to Michonne to know that Judith is not biologically his daughter, But heck Shane! Let's review Hershel – a blow to the heart after the death of his interpreter Scott Wilson a few weeks ago – a reference point for Rick, the one who first had shown that despite the dominant evil around them, there could still be another way. And once again Hershel says something fundamental because Rick can move forward: talking about the daughter recognizes how Maggie is stronger and therefore able to get away in spite of all those who lost. It is implied that the same may also apply to other. The conclusion of this outlet comes with awareness Sasha, Rick explains that he does not need to find his family because this is not lost and neither is he. If Shane and Hershel choices are immediately understandable, that Sasha is less so. However in view of the last sacrifice Rick Grimes perhaps because she is the most suitable: Sasha fought to the end for his new family, to the point of sacrificing herself to give him the chance to win against the Saviors. And even Rick is called to the same ultimate sacrifice.

The bridge under construction Grimes finds his current family and for a moment you let go of the hope of not telling him goodbye. But it is only an illusion and at the same time when Michonne, Daryl, Carol and Maggie are going to achieve it, He understands what he has to do for safe one last time, aware that it can leave them because they are strong and they fare. Rick detonates the bridge burning zombies collapsing into the river and condemning himself. All this before the eyes of his family, Michonne retained by Carol and Maggie, Daryl in tears to say goodbye to the one that just before he called "brother". Addio Rick Grimes.

Or maybe not. In a scene that leads to a sound WTF?! Anne / Jadis sights Rick body dragged to shore and uses it to get a ride on the famous helicopter: whatever that means, Rick is a B, A not like Gabriel, but anyone on just half. And so Rick, badly injured, but still alive, It is taken away from there. Where we do not know. We know, however, that while the series The Walking Dead She saw her last scene with Andrew Lincoln, the same can not be said for the AMC: American network has in fact planned well three films Rick Grimes who will follow after this trip by helicopter.

Certainly he will not be back in the series and this is confirmed not only by insiders, but the facts themselves because the episode ends with a New time gap of six years until a group of strangers surrounded by walkers is saved by an armed girl katana, gun and hat Sheriff: here's to you Judith Grimes. You did not have goose bumps to the presentation of James Bond style? Rick is not back in six years, while his family is still there, as well as the zombies and the next installment we will see if and how much time has changed them.

An episode focused solely sull'addio Rick Grimes would not hurt, However, if the loss of time on Anne then had his explanation, the dedicated space showdown between Maggie and Finnegan He held perfectly leading the storyline Sheriff. Maggie is poised to enact his revenge, an evil that can not eradicate despite the birth of the little Hershel and the elapsed year and a half. It is so resolute in his intention that even Michonne surrenders and leaves the keys of the cell Finnegan. But there Finnegan, or at least there is no longer the man he had killed Glenn, in its place is just a poor soul who wants to die as soon as possible to be reunited with the woman he loved, Lucille. Finnegan begs Maggie to kill him, before provoking it, then begging; Finnegan wants to die, that's why Maggie not satisfied, because that first sentence that seemed too mild now looks like the right one.

A moving episode where awareness of the fate of Rick does not affect the excitement of the vision. The references to the past (hospital in Atlanta, the farm) can not not take effect, even with those small differences that fond of the viewer jump out putting on alert about the meaning of what he is seeing – is an example of the writing on the door in the pilot he said "do not open, Dead Inside "and here instead is “don't open, dead outside "with do not strikethrough. Do not miss a moment that does turn up a little 'nose, type the horse that flees not just the zombie to a meter and the titanic Rick resistance (okay adrenaline, but how can he not bleed to death, and indeed, still have to aim with the gun?). But meh these are set aside from the relief of the episode and its significance for the future. Until I doubted vision to continue to follow without Rick, I would have got strength only for Daryl, but for the first time The Walking Dead renews itself seriously with an ending that puts us lots of questions that we can not wait to give an answer. After seasons where time seemed to stand still, the AMC series is not one, but two temporal distance jumps very few bets from each other. This new leap in time obviously has a reach far greater: six years will inevitably affect not only on the characters, but also on the scope of an apocalypse that, Having regard to the constant presence of thick zombie, It seems never to have an end. At what point will the humanity with the revival and the struggle to walkers?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – You can hold back the tears as long as you want, but when Daryl weeps, Also you weep

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