The Walking Dead – 9×06,07 – Review by R.

The first two episodes of The Walking Dead following the exit of Rick Grimes scene can not be defined electrifying, not for this, however, be underestimated. It's true, They do not make great strides, but it is a physiological reaction to time jump and the consequent need to settle in a community that has inevitably changed. And Yes, the changes we have been though many claim otherwise.

We start from Father Gabriel, raise your hand if you never would have expected the love story with Rosita. Congratulations to Dr. Strangelove who had planned, because I there I was stunned, not so much for him, As for her, who had always shown more taste in men. What does not change is the love for the woman to Eugene, resistant to time and the clashes, so much so that when the man believed to be one step away from death is ready to make that statement that Rosita would never want to hear. Yet even Eugene evolved, although still talk like a robot, In fact, no longer it looks like the cowardly turncoat of the past, it is even able to elicit sympathy; Here because, although at that moment our attention is drawn to something else, sorry when at the end of the episode 6 It seems no escape.

The hair Carol They could rise to the character in its own right for the growth they have had in the last six years of emptiness. Their owner, however,, at least in appearance, is no exception, Now you Queen of The Kingdom along with his mother and Zeke grew Henry. However, it takes little to realize that Carol had already reached the maximum of its evolution – probably the most profound of the show – in previous seasons, love for her husband and son are the more it deserves, but he never imagined would come. That love enriches, It gives her a reason to live, but it does not affect the equilibrium that so much has struggled to reach. If initially Carol seems to have softened, ready to give up even his wedding ring rather than yield to violence in the face of Henry's eyes, In fact, the night brings us the Carol badass that you do not put your feet from anybody.

Alexandria is incredibly grown, the mill is actually wanted by Michonne, there is a board governing the decisions and especially hostility toward strangers has become the primary rule. This last element is a step backwards difficult to explain in light of how we had left them. There were betrayals of Oceanside and part of the former Saviors, but these did not seem still impair the feeling of unity and cooperation based on which they had given way to a new world. Among other things, just Michonne He was a fervent supporter of Carl dream and as caution is required, the manifest and uncompromising initial hostility is not she. Later, she changes her mind on the group of newcomers, offering to ask the Hilltop leader and host them here a new question arises spontaneously: really Maggie early-season would be prepared to accept in place of Alexandria five strangers, including a former galley full of hidden weapons and ready to fight to take what he wants? Michonne and Maggie are perhaps exchanged Body?

Something has happened in these six years, It is immediately evident, something other than Rick's death, but so heavy as to undermine not only the confidence and the certainty of Michonne towards strangers, but relations between the communities themselves once joined. If Hilltop and The Kingdom get along pretty, both waiting for a fair that sounds more important than it is for us the Comic Con, Alexandria is cut off, and that wants to stay. Especially the relationship between Hilltop and Alexandria are icy, Maggie and Michonne not spoken for some time and it will not even meet her. For its part Maggie is no longer at the head of Hilltop, It left the little Hershel bringing with them and did not even know Michonne. Aaron e Jesus – the latter now the leader of Hilltop – are forced to meet secretly outside the walls were not even Montagues and Capulets (and no, I am not making this comparison to take for granted a relationship between the two), while the treatment provided to Rosita Hilltop seem an exceptional event. What the heck happened in these six years? It may perhaps be dealing with identical shaped scars X Daryl and Michonne feature on your back? I would have asked Maggie if he had one, But this question may never be answered: the last episode of Andrew Lincoln coincides also with leaving the scene of Lauren Cohan, at least for this season will not meet again.

Is Judith to soften Michonne against newcomers. Rick's daughter is the absolute protagonist of the episode 6, which is only true savior of the five new faces, and above all for the high rate of emotion scene with his mother, when he admitted that the voices of Carl and Rick are slipping away from memory. And it is always she who established a special relationship with what tender Negan, who still imprisoned seems to have found in conversations with the child his daily joy. It's strange, but in a good way, Finnegan has found that just in Rick's daughter, the girl who with his wife had failed to have. But Judith is not alone, because Michonne has become the mother of a little Rick Grimes, RJ precisely – who unwittingly rescues her from the attack of Magna. Many were predicting this news from Grimes, but I have to say it was still a nice surprise.

Daryl it is isolated, but that does not mean that it is only. Satisfying the desire expressed long ago by Norman Reedus, Daryl has in fact a dog, called course Dog, a name that may suggest the fear of man become attached, but that is at the same time in perfect agreement with his character. Dixon has accumulated several further scarring to the X-shaped, He lives in the woods between traps and snakes and have not yet surrendered to Rick's death: that they never had found the body, in fact still leads him to look. Ah Daryl, if you knew how right you are! But the solitary life comes to an end with a visit to Carol who asked for help to deal with Henry Hilltop, an idea that does not like either of them interested, on which, however, they end up agreeing for the sake fed to the woman.

The babysitting activities, however, will have to wait, why come to Hilltop Daryl joins Jesus and Aaron in the search for Eugene, left by Rosita in a barn to escape all 'zombie horde. And therein it lies the great WTF?! which will probably be the leitmotif of the entire season. The walkers chasing Rosita and Eugene demonstrate immediately that it is not the "mindless" usual, easy to sidetrack and avoid. They manage to reach the two unfortunates and although these are hidden, They do not yield in their goal to track them; a goal that takes voice from what seems an overlapping of whispers coming from the horde same. How the hell can that zombies speak?! After hearing such a thing, is understandable state of shock in which there is the poor Rosita, unable to explain to others what really happened. One explanation for these speakers there's zombies, If you do not want spoilers about uninvestigated over online. At the moment we know that the zombies in the area are increasing and that these hordes are not solely guided by sounds and flesh as the rule would. Considering that the next episode is the final mid-season and we have a trio looking for Eugene, we can hope that we will have some answers.

We can not spare a thought to Rick. Daryl did not give up his death and although he is right, It should do it because we know that even though I live Rick will not return. Ora, I hope that the authors of the three films centered on Rick Grimes post-flight helicopter will give us a serious and convincing explanation as to why the man did not return to his family. David Clarke in Revenge He was blackmailed, Michael Scofield in Prison Break pure, Alberto in Velvet had been hampered by love rival as rules of telenovelas want, ma Rick Grimes? Really accepts to live somewhere else not see again her child?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Dog e Judith già fan favorite, so let's not kill the dog and not to make the child uncomfortable

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