The Walking Dead – 9×08 Evolution (Mid-Season Finale) – Review by R.

A year ago it seemed impossible, instead if Fear The Walking Dead He has managed to revive the character of Morgan, the showrunner Angela Kang has done the same with The Walking Dead. This first part of the ninth season has indeed exceeded all expectations, up to pack a Mid-Season Finale is a candidate among the best of the show.

If we really want to find fault, we can look to the scenes that distracted us from the main storyline, namely those dedicated to Finnegan and Henry. In the 'weekly session "with Father Gabriel, the first shows that time passes, but some people never change. It is true that we are far from Negan collapsed before Maggie, But still her persistently defiant attitude this time triggers the poor priest who have other worries. What is the predominant feature of Finnegan, the same one that made us smile many times despite everything and who unwittingly opens the door for freedom, literally. Nell'andarsene in anger, Gabe fact forgets to lock the cell, if you have paid attention there will have noticed before Finnegan (and the guard who had untied) and what else can man closed there for seven years now, if not take advantage?

On his first day of apprenticeship as a blacksmith, the young Henry is swept by a trio of peers who reek of trouble and stupidity at a glance. In fact it is replicated in the scene Fear The Walking Dead He had seen starring Alicia just arrived at the ranch, But as the girl awake and Henry is more sensible than the appearance might suggest. The disappointment in love Enid – who is with the cutest of ex Savior (and call it stupid!) – initially it makes him prefer the stale liquor commitment to the home of her employer (Earl, the blacksmith punished a few episodes ago by Maggie), but just look at what the two guys intend for fun – play with a zombie – to come to your senses and realize that much more mature and responsible.

L ’ arrival of Michonne and his caravan Hilltop is an opportunity to add further clues on the crime that caused the rupture between the respective communities. For now we know that Michonne did something to save the people of Hilltop, but the same action has angered the direct beneficiaries. It must be a very serious fact because Michonne is forced to suffer even hostility from Tara, she and her companions must leave their weapons before entering Hilltop, and since I do not remember such an attitude passive-aggressive even towards the Savior. What the heck happened? Talk, eviscerated your feelings!

We remain with a question mark even as regards the Kingdom of The exhibition, presented as an opportunity for rebirth for the community – that is placed between the three worst – Michonne and to which she was invited Carol to send a delegation even he was a UN conference.

The main storyline is obviously the one that sees Daryl, Aaron and Jesus, accompanied by Dog, looking for Eugene and mainly engaged in detecting the particular Mandria walkers that is around the area. An attempt that proves any more empty retail because zombies do not let themselves be fooled by the usual tricks, them heel, They do not disperse, much less surrender. The moans of Rosita in the infirmary of what Daryl, Aaron and Jesus do not know with what they have to do kick off the episode's final rush in perfect style horror movie. Eugene – identified only thanks to the Dog snuff – He tries to warn his rescuers, but let's face, it's really hard to believe, the shock is the most logical explanation. Yet the trio have already intuit what the horde is different from the norm and his arrival at the barn does that prove it further. Evolution of zombies as Eugene says? In fact it would be an explanation, after all, with a newly developed early Abbie who had – Unfortunately – completed Wayward Pines. But zombies are not just a man's degeneration, died, They can not grow. Yet it would seem, in fact prevent the diversion of Daryl and go straight straight towards the larger group up to entrap within a cemetery.

We are in a cemetery, it is dark, it mists, horde of strangely intelligent zombies chasing the three victims, it just feels like in a horror. And in the best tradition of the latter when new, decisive relief, the situation worsened and the bad makes us to jump on the couch, I believe is the very first time The Walking Dead There really causes a respectable scare: Jesus acrobatically fight against walkers, it seems to overcome them, when out of nowhere one of these makes a move which is not from zombies, turning around and stabbing to death. It's chaos, Daryl&Co. resume fighting and zombies are unleashed with absolutely human movements, run, assault, fall without requiring a head injury. Our manage to overcome them and reach the revelation: They have not just faced the walkers, but humans disguised as zombies. And not as The Walking Dead simply covering it teaches bowel, but using real masks zombie skin. Leatherface has made school.

That's how it is presented the new group against which our survivors will have to deal, The Whisperers, the Whisperers, People that are camouflaged among the zombies using them to your advantage. For these subjects, however, the walkers are not only a means to an end, the consideration that the living dead is much higher and distorted than it appears at the moment. It will be the second part of this ninth season to delve into their motivations. For now, we have in front of us waiting months where we will wonder if the first clash with the Whisperers will result in the death of Jesus only – now that he too seemed to improve – because they saw how they whispered to have surrounded other in quell'inquietante cemetery, escape will not be easy. And among Whisperers and zombies, Daryl&Co. They are a lot fewer.

An end and a cliffhanger horror as perhaps we had not ever seen on the show AMC. We had episodes shock – the attack of the governor to jail, arriving at Sanctuary, Beth's death – but in all to prevail was the emotional aspect or in other cases disgust splatter pictures. Here, however, it seemed to attend a classic on the living dead. To want to find a similar episode you would think the finale of the second season, with walkers who invaded the farm of Hershel; yet this has something extra, atmosphere more gloomy, tense and disturbing. He made us seriously frighten the end, thing where even the horror of recent products struggle – let's, the best is now enclosed in the trailer and when we see the film we are ready for each scene.

From season four onwards, one of the main flaws of the show was the development concerning the entry of a new group, or because they are too dilated – think of the eternal episodes dedicated to the presentation of Saviors – or because the villain of the moment were then placed in a short and with minimal effort – see the Sanctuary. The arrival of Whisperers has instead been well built, with pitted clues along three bets until the final ten minutes of this Mid-Season Finale that keep you glued to the screen with my heart in my throat. I was not at all curious when the season began nine, Now I'm looking forward to the second part.

The Walking Dead back to the 10 February.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Jesus goodbye, It would have been nicer, but at least you have improved towards the end and you have gone in style

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