The Walking Dead – 6×06 Always Accountable – Review by R.


After five episodes where or was totally absent or only saw him riding his bike, Daryl Dixon returns to center stage and obviously his storyline that proves more interesting.

When the March of walkers is now done and Sasha, Abraham and Daryl are ready to go home, a ’ ambush by gunmen between them, sending them off the road. Daryl is only, in a blackened forest with scattered bodies on every corner; Unfortunately does not remain so for long. A man and two girls – the same ones who set fire to the area – take him prisoner, convinced that belong to the Group of which you are trusted, but that they no longer intend to kneel. It is clear they are not talking about the Lamb community of Alexandria, Neither of the Wolves; It's probably the same people that attacked our three protagonists. The trio is looking for some Patty, but the garage where it should be located is occupied only by walkers. L ’ opportunity for Daryl to escape and recover his crossbow. But we know, Dixon is a hard hearted, that's why we love him so much after all: just understand that one of the girls in need of insulin ’, back to return it; and a bad feeling his way. The four are achieved by the company they believed belonged to Daryl, a group of armed men on a large truck; want to return what they took and be rewarded for petrol and lost time to go looking for them. Is a man named Wade to speak, but we never see her face.


Putting together what was said by the three guys and this last one could ’ to guess that that team army – that he calls "a truly unique kind of shitshow" – security guarantees to those who receives in Exchange for their dedication or otherwise concrete, In short, the protection must earn, nothing is free. Even the guy was convinced that Dixon from killing men "You made a choice to kill for someone else, to have them own you for a roof over your head and three squares ". The armed group is certainly not naïve; not only have weapons, truck, gasoline and apparently a roof over your head, but they can get away with the walkers. When one of them, courtesy of Daryl, is bitten, There is hesitantly ’ to cut the arm by Wade, that defines the life-threatening injury "Boo-Boo" – If they are the same ones who attacked our all ’ start, However, a Grand mira. Among all groups of crazy that we have encountered so far, This reminds me of the Governor and his men of Woodbury and I must say that I'm curious about very.


Daryl save those three who pull a gun and then the stupid death of Tina – make sure that those deaths were really dead no? – offer them to join your community. Too bad they didn't deserve it and prefer to rob him of motorcycles and crossbows. After all that talk about not wanting to bend more and having your own deal with code so l only ’ which helped them! And take away the crossbow! Daryl's Crossbow! But who do they think they are these two?! Dixon responds to their "We're sorry" ’ with "You're going to be ’", I do hope! Before this turnaround, the motorcyclist had placed the boy the three questions that we know "How many walkers you killed? How many people you killed? Why?", the last two the answer was "None (...) Because if I did, ’ there'd be no going back ". Apart from that with that fire ’ could imagine they would kill some humans, but before these words, why target the gun again to Daryl? And especially since this last ’ tried to not react? Daryl still doing very well – not that I doubt – and is Patty: apparently this is not a woman, but a petrol truck, Patty002 memo weblog.


With a new medium available, Dixon can go to retrieve Abraham and Sasha, that little combine if you don't plant the seeds of a possible new relationship. After a speech on which of the two is currently more out of control, the Sergeant goes in ’ yet another high-risk action to retrieve a grenade launcher – a scene in which the quality of special effects is not received. When after a futile attempt, achieves its goal with minimal effort understands that the time has come to stop living each day as if it were the last and ’ to enjoy what he, without the need for a large action of daily survival. In this new philosophy is a desire to learn more about Sasha, "a whole lot better" to be precise; and be sure that you are concerned because "A man can tell". And Rosita where we? I'm not a big fan of the couple Abraham-Rosita, so no sorrow in sight, on the contrary, This scene was enough to make me find Abraham Cutest couple-Sasha; However, as there have been rumblings for a possible rapprochement between the Sergeant and Sasha, There were even contrary to him and current companion ’.

En route to Alexandria, by Daryl walkie talkie feels asking help ’, possible that at the end of each episode there is an alarm or someone yelling? In an interview with ’ Entertainment Weekly Norman Reedus excludes that voice belongs to Glenn, so the mystery remains whether on it is the fate of the last ’. In the same article, Reedus says that this episode "starts an avalanche that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger". We're less than two weeks from Mid-Season Finale so we'll be ready for anything seen as they used; Meanwhile perhaps the long, long day of March of the walkers had finally left behind!

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