The X-Files – 10×01 My Struggle (Season Premiere) – Review by R.


Have passed 13 years after ’ last episode The X-Files, where we left Mulder and Scully in a motel room in Roswell. The movie 2008 The X-Files-I Want to Believe had shown us how they were progressing the lives of the two agents after the closure of the X-Files: Fox hidden which fugitive and Dana all medical ’ hospital Our Lady of Sorrows, separated, but still love it. The premiere of this miniseries event – It will consist of only 6 episodi – brings us back to perfection in classical atmosphere of the show created by Chris Carter (also a Director of this episode); It only takes a few seconds and the feeling is of a get together: everything is familiar and at the right place, as if we had left yesterday. Is voiced by Mulder that opens the episode; in a matter of minutes it summarises the focal points of the nine seasons of the show: who is he, the disappearance of his sister and the resulting interest in alien phenomena, the X-Files, his colleague and partner Dana Scully. The voice of Mulder, dell ’ FBI badges he and Scully, the scenes, photography, every detail is a throwback to the original series, celebrated at most from the main theme which starts immediately after. I admit that the first few minutes I was really looking forward, chills! Even after the episode seems to want to remember exactly the mother series, so that even those who didn't ’ have never seen can settle in without too much difficulty. The dynamics of the relationship between Scully and Mulder and the climate conspiracy are the two key points.


Clear for the field from the ’ main question, What has haunted us for nine years: Mulder and Scully they are no longer together. L ’ love between them is evident as it used to be, but they tried and it didn't work, for the series "sometimes l ’ love is not enough". The story of The X-Files-I Want to Believe turned right on that road: Fox didn't seem able to withstand a stable relationship and, apparently from the readings in the thought of Sveta, l ’ obsession with l ’ alien activity hidden from the Government left the pitch to depression, decreeing the end of history between him and Dana. Mulder still living isolated and with a fixation for aliens and conspiracies that is the envy of all ’ Hodgins of Bones – covers even with duct tape laptop webcam! Scully instead always works at the ’ hospital Our Lady of Sorrows, working children born without ears. Is Tad ’ O Malley (Joel McHale) to bring them together: l ’ man is the host of a talk about aliens and conspiracies that should be the favorite program of Mulder, If this ’ does not consider Tad a mere charlatan interested only in money. Or ’ Malley looks to former agents Sveta (Annet Mahendru, La Nina to The Americans), a girl interviewed by Mulder when she was a child and who claims to have been kidnapped and impregnated by aliens several times. Sveta try Scully their supernatural abilities, Yet the rational Dr. is hostile in believe. After all he has lived, Dana is still the scientific side of the pair or more probably just afraid that all that is left behind again; Instead, the Court does not disdain of Tad. The opposite of Mulder, holding distance and empties Tad initially headlong on the case of Sveta. Fox Mulder wants to believe it, Dana Scully no, dialogue between the two tastes of déjà vu: "You want to believe. You so badly want to believe "her and" I do believe "him enclose the opposition that has always characterized their relationship and allow Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny to familiarize themselves with the characters that made them famous. The years have gone by, but the raiment of Scully and Mulder are still perfectly to both.


Those jokes make us also inevitably think about the posters of Fox's "I want to believe". This ’ last we find him soon after on the floor of Mulder's old Office – on the ceiling still skewered pencils – trampled and torn by its owner because now that "Believe" that the two former agents refer to dialogue has all ’ other meaning. The tales of Sveta, replicas of alien spaceships, electromagnetic fields open their eyes at Fox on the true plot to watch out for: are not aliens the threat, but humans. More precisely, a ’ international elite exploiting the alien technologies to subdue before the United States, then the rest of the world. With a selection of examples (Royals), including consumerism and the growing control over society, Mulder and Tad reveal a conspiracy by which the world's population is suffering from ’ years. The flashback about alien Roswell precipitate and immediately killed by the military shows that the danger has a human face: a group of men studied extraterrestrial technologies, He abducted other humans and subjected them to experiments with alien DNA to get at the right moment ("It ’ 'll probably start on a Friday") the world domination. Aliens there ’ going nowhere, they were the first to be exploited and used as a scapegoat, were the Red Herring, "fiction masquerading as fact", what humans have intentionally manipulated Mulder to hide the real project. Everything we believed to discover with him in nine years was actually the mask of a much larger plan. There is no wonder that ’ Scully with the effort he made to believe it is now hostile all contrary idea ’! Because as he says in Fox and ’ O Malley, support such a scenario might be l ’ charges of treason. And no mistake: the internet site of Tad is obscured, the replica of the alien spacecraft seen by Mulder destroyed and Sveta deleted – the girl is first forced to deny Tad, then his car turns off all sudden ’ in the middle of nowhere and a (replica of a) the spacecraft blows up.


Everything suggests that Mulder is right this time too and Scully gives the ’ last confirmation; Dana has always been sceptical, but it never backed out from the questioning with the aid of his beloved ’ science and so does well today: He didn't trust the first DNA testing of Sveta, repeated it and here's the alien DNA. And not only into Sveta, the same Scully owns it – remember that you too have his history with the "aliens". Mulder and Scully are so ready/forced to start over, the X-Files are officially reopened. But if Skinner is with them, another character symbol of the past appears as one who's moving the wires around the dawn of time: the Smoking Man! Survivor all ’ explosion that had been the victim, Although with the face half-burned, l ’ man is still a chain smoker, Despite tracheotomy.

The return of The X-Files thus marks a total change of Visual on how we followed for nine seasons, throws a new light on the mystery and intrigue that for years kept us glued to the tv. The truth is still out there, But what truth? The fascination with conspiracy theories and ’ interests of our Mulder collide with l ’ angst that arouse. I am kidnapped by his mental revolutions, However, that anxiety, Mulder, that anxiety! Now the prospect of a real alien invasion style Visitors sounds more enticing!

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