The X-Files – 10×02 Founder ’ s Mutation – Review by R.


Initially l ’ idea of revival of a series symbol as The X-Files I had made up their noses. The cinema has accustomed us to sequel bad even when they had every reason to be a success and that now unfortunately even l Haitian ’ Heroes be able to unsubscribe from the mind. The second episode of The X-Files confirms the good impressions of the premiere, Indeed the exceeds.

"Founder ’ s Mutation" is a typical "X-Files" episode, so in the style of the show that feels like stepping back in time: impressive scenes, scary at times, conspiracies, supernatural abilities and the sheer romance between the two main characters. Mulder and Scully are the role of agents of FBI ’ in complete dark – he also cut his hair and beard – and have a mysterious case of an investigation: Dr. Sanjay killed himself by sticking a letter opener in ear ’, pointing toward the center of the brain. Together with bloodshot eyes with which there occurred the doctor, couldn't give us a start episode more bloody. All ’ origin of the bloody act of Sanjay, a throbbing sound coming from the brain: Here we have the basics for the most classic case of the week, in the best style "X-Files". In fact, there are connections with the great conspiracy hatched in premiere, but are not such as to hinder the viewing of this single episode for what is. And it is beautiful! ’ is the perfect opportunity for Mulder and Scully back on the field after many years, to investigate along the way "old school" and manage the interference of the Ministry of defence.


Investigations lead them to Dr. Augustus Goldman, "The Founder" (Doug Savant, the Tom Scavo to Desperate Housewives), a scientist who claims to treat children with serious genetic deformity; Let us look at some of her patients, only for a few seconds each, But enough to destarci an impression. The truth is that it is the same Goldman to determine a genetic mutation in those children, most likely with alien DNA; throngs of women are held during pregnancy and who knows what is being done to fetuses. The project of Goldman refers to that on the original series and alien-human hybrids can equally represent a piece of the puzzle of the great conspiracy unmasked by Mulder in premiere. Proving that has nothing in common with Lynette's husband of Wisteria Lane, Augustus has altered the DNA of the children (both so endowed with supernatural abilities) When they were still in the womb; made also the wife had discovered its operations intern, but not before the woman, pregnant with her second child, you cut the baby bump to "liberate" this ’ last. While the eldest daughter Molly is captive camouflaged among the other patients, the younger Kyle, was responsible for stabbing sound that reaches the brain, He that Sanjay wanted to help in the search for sister. There is an obvious parallel between Kyle and Mulder: the first search Molly, as well as the second search his sister Samantha. Kyle however is Molly and the two run away together after putting all out thanks to their powers.


But it's another parallelism that arouses more emotion, that is among the children patients of Goldman and William, the son of Mulder and Scully, given up for adoption for your safety. After what happened to Dana (Discovery on its D.N.A. including) and l ’ interest around its pregnancy, It is reasonable to think that William has alien DNA, escaped the fate of Guinea only thanks to ’ estrangement from biological parents. William now has 15 years and the question is: will be really safe? Giving up on him, Mulder and Scully have managed to save him from the tragic consequences that feared for its future? Two fantasies about what would happen to the child if they had kept with them have in common a dramatic final: While Scully imagines it struck from the same malformation referred dealt herself all ’ Our Lady of Sorrows, Mulder if she sees him abducted in the same manner of his sister Samantha. Although his was the most mysterious conception of history, William is more concrete evidence of ’ love between Mulder and Scully and despite not being with them gives us a most romantic declarations of parents. Facing pregnant women used as incubators from the Goldman project, Dana question to Fox if he has never seen herself as a ’ incubator when expected William and the response of ’ man is "You ’ 're never "just" anything to me, Scully". The ship for one of the best tv couples is stronger than ever!

The fact that The X-Files both aired in years 90 means that all ’ time Mulder and Scully couldn't use many of today's technologies; from here the beats of both the "old school" in relation to the respective methods of investigation. But if you steal a victim's smartphone and know a term Indian can afford to escape all ’ excessive control over the company that Mulder indicates between dell ’ elite to subjugate the world, not understand the meanings of certain calls can cause you some embarrassment. When Fox asked one of Sanjay's contacts to talk somewhere more private, certainly does not expect this s ’ kneel and try to lower your pants: Fox's face at that moment is priceless! And the scene is made even more enjoyable by the call to the mythical bar of Mulder, "The truth is out there", inevitably generated by the Gupta refers to a man's heart that hides the true self "The truth is in here".

An episode where there was nothing original show, Mulder has even experienced firsthand the power of Kyle and Scully returned to do autopsies. Anytime you have tuned, There would be no question about what he was watching. That's The X-Files. An old school The X-Files, but it is precisely for this reason that great!

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