The X-Files – 10×03 Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster – Review by R.


Midlife crisis averted for Mulder. And all thanks to a lizard man or better to a lizard-man. An episode written and directed by Darin Morgan who then returns to The X-Files with an ironic and at times surreal episode (and we're talking about a series about mystery and aliens).

Although not a big fan of these kinds of episodes (OK the monster story, But if you keep in the ’ part of the thriller), I recognize that this has its because compared to the location of Mulder. Premise: in theory "Founder ’ s Mutation" (10×02) had to be transmitted as fourth episode, While “Home Again” – airing next week – was originally intended as a second; a leap in time harmless due to the nature of the back-up episodes aired, but you can see from the ’ Office of Mulder and Scully: Here is still bare, While in the previous the two agents were already well organized. In light of this history is different also explains why Fox is struggling with a more than understandable crisis of faith – not even mentioned in “Founder ’ s Mutation”. After the great revelation of the premiere is natural that l ’ man look to his past activities with disillusionment, thinking that maybe it was just a big waste of time. This even more so with reference to monsters encountered along the way, Today these are considered mere publicity stunts or similar. The Mulder of "The truth is out there" and "I want to believe" gives way to a disheartened and disillusioned, so the biggest mystery is figuring out how to work the new app installed on your smartphone.


The monster killer of ’ Oregon arrives with the flavor or dell ’ yet another insult or step necessary because Fox returns itself. A lizard man biting his victim's throat, wearing white underpants and it is unclear if it has two or three eyes. Among the witnesses a couple stoned, a prostitute who took it in my purse and goalkeeper voyeur than a motel. Every detail seems a mockery to our Mulder. Yet when the doorman assures him that he saw a man become lizard, Fox returns to want to believe, creating a funny monologue in which replies in advance every possible objection by Dana. "Yeah, This is how I like my Mulder "exclaims this ’ last and we cannot fail to agree.

Pity that more we move forward over the next bar to Scully becomes plausible batcrap crazy "You ’ King!". Fox meets in fact ’ lizard man, Guy Mann (After a strange conversation with the alleged psychologist this ’ last), who launches into a surreal story lasting several minutes. It is not the ’ man to be turned into a lizard after a bite (a lizard Maag), but the ’ opposite; is the lizard to become man and now continues to pass from one to the other without control, ’ coping between absurdity and the baseness of human life on the one hand and the simple and quiet from lizard from ’ more. I don't know why it sounds more unreal than a lizard becomes human than the other way around, but it is so. Even Mulder finds it difficult to convince yourself. Yet it is easier to give a chance to this paradoxical history rather than believe for one moment that Dana Scully has turned into a vamp seductress. Of all the absurd images of the story of Guy the only one both Mulder that we don't give credit even for a moment is one that sees Scully have sex with him. Everything else we might as well have the doubt, but on a sex scene starring Dana no.


(The names on the tombstones, Kim Manners and Jack Hardy, I'm a writer and Assistant Director of the original series now deceased).

Is Scully, of course thanks to science, to unravel the mystery of the serial killer of ’ Oregon: nothing supernatural, l ’ ’ killer is the dogcatcher, a confession which seems a parody of Criminal Minds. Mulder informs Guy, about to go into hibernation in the Woods, the resolution of the case and when the shaking hands, the man becomes lizard, returning to Fox that will to believe that has always characterised. In a sense they helped each other, but above all Guy helped Mulder to go back to being himself and get him to accept that it is often pointless to try a logic in things "There isn t ’ an external logic to any of it". A joke that we could exploit for several television shows as well as The X-Files: We believe in what we offer, follow them in their development and just; find a logical or scientific explanation would be useless.

We are already at the Centre of this miniseries, Another reason I enjoyed cutting comic and surreal dell ’ episode; We have only six, the humour and lightness are well dosed for a few minutes here and there, not for a ’ full episode. At least served to Mulder to overcome the crisis and now l ’ agent can get back on the field as the Fox that has always been. Fox Mulder is the one who wants to believe it, beyond logic, Science and common sense and, as Scully, that's what we like about him. And if he wants us to believe, I want to believe too; also you should be passing the first jumping him to Scully!

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