The X-Files – 10×04 Home Again – Review by R.


A new monster of the week X-Files-style backdrop to an intimate and sad episode for our protagonists, but especially for Dana Scully.

Is she in fact to become the centerpiece of this episode when her brother informs her mother Margaret is dying after a heart attack. Scully then rushes to her bedside, While Mulder stays in Philadelphia trying the case. Dr. Scully, rational and detached, gives way to daughter Dana, bewildered and afraid of facing the next mother's loss. And Gillian Anderson is very good at making the tumult of emotions faced by his character without lapsing into the risk of be inconsistent with respect to Scully that we have known in the past: has never exaggerated, hardly see his face streaked with tears. But none the less sorrowful, on the contrary. L ’ only time loses some’ his calmness is when those same orderlies who just hours before had carried away a body unknown, are for his mother. Also at that time, however, Dana has the reaction we would expect from you: dives into work, back with Mulder in Philadelphia for the case of band-aid Nose Man.

The same calm and composed attitude we find in ’ interaction between her and Mulder, as has always been. In nine seasons we never seen gestures of love and intimacy between the two protagonists, they stood together without being manifestly together; and so it is today, After William and Dana's own admission of the end of their relationship. Fox's close, but to an outsider's eye and distracted his actions may appear as support from a colleague. Yet for us fans that hand on the arm of her is full of meaning: don't serve big hugs and kisses, We need that extra bit to understand the deep connection between the two.


In Philadelphia the band-aid Nose Man literally to pieces in one fell swoop his victims, guilty of exploiting in different ways the homeless in the city. It owes its name to the band-aid wearing under your nose, leaves traces of worms behind, has no fingerprints and after its passage appears a drawing of him. In short it will be disgusting and her appearances are quite disturbing. Tracing l ’ artist of the murals, Trashman, Mulder and Scully uncover the mystery; l ’ man claims to have designed the band-aid Nose Man as a kind of Protector for the homeless unheeded, but he has materialized into what in Tibetan Buddhism is called "tulpa", that is, a ’ entity that came to life by thoughts of its creator. In the case of Trashman though this entity started to kill, thus exceeding his will. It is at this point that the case of the week comes into contact with the path of Scully no longer as merely a distraction from grief. One of the great questions were the woman after her mother's death is because Margaret before he died he wanted to hear the voice of Charlie, the son she doesn't talk for years. The answer comes from the story by Trashman: regardless of the status of their relationships, Charlie had given birth to Margaret, It was his responsibility, Hence why he needed to know that he was fine before he left. The same goes for Trashman: He created the band-aid Nose Man, It was his responsibility, It is he who must deal with it, He can't hide for not attending his acts.


But the same can be said for Scully than William. Since the beginning of the episode ’ l ’ topic William has always been there, with Dana he saw on the screen the name of the child for any incoming call. Margaret's last words are for the granddaughter, to want to remind Dana and Fox that it is their responsibility to know how's the son like you with Charlie. During the story by Trashman, Scully recounts the brief moments spent with young William and understands the meaning of the last sentences of the mother; Let's review the child's birth and when the woman realized he would have to give him up for his own good. That nostalgia! Remember l ’ episode in which was born like it was yesterday! Will look good? You will place your question about his parents? These are the questions that torment Scully and that have much less likely to be answered than Mulder about aliens. That "I want to believe… I need to believe "that the felt to pronounce in the promo of the miniseries had been referred to William, the fear of what he might think of his biological parents – "that we didn ’ t treat him like trash".


L ’ episode is directed by another veteran of the original series, Glen Morgan and sees two significant returns. Sheila Larken back to assume the role of Scully's mom; isn't it nice when an actor of the past reaches back even for a few minutes? Find that same face after years is important to us fans and is also significant respect and affection that the ’ ’ actor for the show – not to mention that won't bind to the choice of new faces or trick shooting.

Lariat car rental Rent a Car also reappears, also present in Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad and Supernatural. Here too, doesn't give you some satisfaction to think that the characters in these shows may cross their paths in an ordinary day?

Note also that for the first time makes its appearance on Dana's younger brother, Charlie, Although only with your voice. I had heard of him in previous seasons, but there was never any ’ concrete sign of its existence.

The case of the monster of the week only partly resolves: Trashman replaces the face of his creation with a smiling face and the murders end, but the ’ image of band-aid Nose Man remains on the wall giving the ’ idea that you're only taking a break pending giving him reason to get back into action. A sense of suspension therefore, in the best style X-Files, whose trademark is stamped on the case by the lights emitted from flashlights to Mulder and Scully, that s ’ cross forming an X. But to remain in abeyance is especially Scully about the son and maybe for you there will be no solution; find out how well it will be his responsibility is William, but so is keep it safe. For this last reason ’ had given up for adoption and inquire now about him would risk exposing him to that danger from which he had wanted to protect. But can that Scully and Mulder – e noi – they will stay with the doubt about the fate of William? Or these constant references to his son a prelude to something by the end of this miniseries?

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