The X-Files – 10×05 Babylon – Review by R.


L ’ idea of the conspiracy which uses alien technologies presented in premiere has adapted the mystery at the base of the nine seasons of The X-Files the current reality. This episode goes even further in today's world by tapping the terrorist issue and addressing issues even provocative on ’ "angry God" of the Bible and the Koran and the profound love and hate that a human being can try.

It is with a terrorist attack that begins the episode: two young Muslims blow themselves up in a ’ art gallery, but one of them survives by remaining in a vegetative state. An incipit of episode that gives the feeling of watching 24 or Homeland, certainly not The X-Files. Actually for all 40 minutes of airing of The X-Files c ’ is little, with the exception of the protagonists and the hallucinogenic trip of Mulder. Nor Jack Bauer never attempt to present Carrie Mathison nor talk in mysterious ways with a terrorist in a vegetative state, However it is impossible to talk about science fiction. It is unclear how Mulder through l ’ pills ingested placebo effect has actually talked to the guy or as in the final minutes he heard that sound, but we are still far from the atmosphere of The X-Files.


It also helps to give a sense of further estrangement compared to show the appearance on the scene of two new dell ’ FBI agents, the younger version of Mulder and Scully: CSI and skeptical doctor Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) and the "profiler" obsessed with paranormal "agent Miller (Robbie Amell); She has red hair, He is brown, call you by name and c ’ is also a certain similarity between the names: Mulder/Miller, While Scully had written a thesis on Einstein's twin paradox. Dana offers to help Miller, Mulder Einstein. Ok, for a few seconds can also be nice, as paradoxical as. However after the visit in the basement, the unfolding of the story is structured starting from two new agents: the case is within their competence and on the two that focus the next scenes, While we see Mulder and Scully just because they intervene to assist them. L ’ impression is that Chris Carter (He wrote and directed this episode) they want to present themselves as the heirs of Mulder and Scully; the centrality of Miller and Einstein ago almost think that this episode represents what in series as Criminal Minds or Grey’s Anatomy introduced us to the world of its spinoff (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour and Private Practice). We must expect a The X-Files 2.0 led by Miller and Einstein? After the ’ idea of bringing on tv 24 without Jack Bauer I expect everything, but – in both cases – is it really necessary to? The revival is already risky in and of itself with 24 It went well and with The X-Files VA – Although in my opinion could be better after good start – point to the new players to replace the iconic faces really does seem to do more than you can chew. Miller also seems a little’ Fuzzball, Einstein an insufferable prig – pure ’ claims to know more than we do about the relationship between Mulder and Scully, as the song says Majdi San Remo "who a7's? What vuoiii?".


While Scully aims to help Miller through science, Mulder convince Einstein to assume of hallucinogenic mushrooms to make contact with the terrorist. At the time I believed that she had sold out of spite against Miller that was assisted by Scully, but then it turns out that he had given to Fox than placebo. At least we know that Mulder is truly back to believe like old times: Despite the fact, placebo, venture into a hallucinogenic trip between dance and poker. Somehow though this surreal scene is the best suited to the mythology of the show, offering in addition to the already seen Smoking Man, the three friends of Mulder, the Lone Gunmen Langly, Frohike and Byers (They then return to a ’ appearance as promised, but not rise after death in the ninth season). The combination placebo effect-science work and you discovered the hideout of terrorists.


To hit emotionally Mulder, bringing it then the closing address with Scully, is the ’ mother's unconditional love for her son terrorist, that all ’ opposite symbolizes hate ’. L ’ image of the mother holding the body battered son that Fox is opposite nell ’ hallucination brought me to mind the movie poster in Korean Mercy, winner of the Golden Lion in Venice in ’ 2012 – about the relationship between a violent young man who works for a loan shark and woman appearing all sudden ’ claiming to be his mother – which in turn refers to Michelangelo's Pietà.

When we shot the final episode nth this miniseries event; What was new in the premiere "The Struggle" will be resumed only in the final episode, titled not surprisingly "The Struggle II". In the Middle four episodes per se, which, although appreciable ("Founder ’ s Mutation” spans over all) leave me a little’ l ’ a bad taste in my mouth: on the one hand the episodic are no longer the rule of television series, on the other we have twenty episodes as happened with the previous seasons. And so we find ourselves at the threshold of the conclusion without the suspense between the penultimate and the ’ last episode, with all questions arisen in premiere still there, but cool. The final promo looks promising, but the question is whether we will be able to be satisfied by those 40 minutes d ’ epilogue. Expect to see the bet to give a rating, However c ’ is already a sign that makes me turn up a little’ the nose: from the promo you see that we find Miller and Einstein, This idea of passing the torch continues to catch on and no, I don't like it. Luckily this installment is still terminated with l ’ only real pair of The X-Files!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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