The X-Files – 10×06 My Struggle II (Final) – Review by R.


The miniseries of The X-Files has come to an end. We knew it was going to an event and as such intended for a definitive conclusion, not a one night stand, but almost. Chris Carter is clearly not d ’ agreement and pledged to challenge FOX to renew the series for that which in fact would be its 11th season. The final was in fact closed with a cliffhanger before which the scenes post credits to X-Men anticipating the next film appear more conclusive.

"My Struggle" II "is the mirror image of the premiere" My Struggle "in every respect, even for web Chronicle of Tad or ’ Malley. The first episode began with a monologue by Mulder, this with one of Scully: the woman tells how and why she came to the X-Files section of ’ FBI, and most importantly the path that the ’ took her to question her so dear scientific certainty; Dana summarizes findings also 6 weeks ago, among the international elite ’ with delusions of omnipotence and his alien DNA. And it is from the latter that kicks off an episode that sees Scully protagonist; If the premiere he stood in Mulder's conspiracy theory by refusing hospital, now is the first to recognize the accomplished: She's the one committed to fight to save the world ’ ’ imminent Apocalypse. His Mulder is far, for several minutes we don't even know what happened: his house is upside down and he passed away.


Chris Carter ultimately goes on a’Apocalypse pseudoscientific that thanks to today's reality holds (the reference to ’ hottest year ever had) is particularly disturbing. Within minutes the American population – and shortly afterwards as well that of Europe – suffer from various diseases, from contamination by anthrax to common cold, all and sundry lethal because the human immune system is shot down by the Spartan Virus. This ’ was injected to the population through vaccines against smallpox administered decades ago and then transmitted by inheritance. Now the Spartan Virus kicks in and just who has alien DNA is immune; then, Unlike Scully had believed originally, alien DNA is not the condemnation of the human race, but his salvation. To illuminate Dana on this reality is a face from the past, l ’ agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). Whereas it is the woman who l ’ helped give birth, How did not immediately recognize her voice when even I realized who it was? This detail aside, the agents Reyes and Doggett (He is dov ’?!) they had a great success, d ’ other hand to replace Scully and Mulder is practically impossible. Now the Reyes reappears and we discover that he sold l ’ soul to the devil: years ago, to secure salvation today, He agreed to join the Smoking Man! Already it was not popular and do come back so?


Monica you save meeting l ’ the only weakness Smoking Man, IE accendendogli cigarettes. L ’ man is completely burned, Yet he smokes again through the hole in his throat, It matters little that his face is half burned and ’ other missing and are forced to cover it with a mask Opera Phantom of ’ style. The showdown between Mulder and the Smoking Man is inevitable as necessary at the show: the second is not only the great puppet master behind every incident, is Fox's nemesis, as well as his biological father. The Smoking Man claims not to be responsible for what is happening, He simply accelerated the timing "People did. (...) Neither you nor I could save mankind from self-extermination. (...) Everyone still dies in the end ". But wants to save Mulder and return him from his Dana; According to Reyes because he loves Fox and it's probably true, He loves him, in its own way: their paths have always been linked, d ’ agreement bring down the world around them, But what kind of life would it be without Mulder? Fox obviously does not accept, He does not sell l ’ soul to the devil, Don't let tempt even a second. The Smoking Man does not bend when he tells Miller "Before he dies, tell him goodbye for me ", maintains its superiority, But facing a Mulder who prefers to die rather than give him what he wants, does not hide a tinge of regret.


Now only Scully can save Mulder – and the rest of the world. She has alien DNA – as well as the son William by inheritance – and with the help of the ’ agent ’ Einstein (that in spite of the ’ initial hesitation, improves ’ compared with the previous episode) tries to use it to create a vaccine. He succeeds in record time and reaches over a bridge Miller and Mulder. For Fox, however, is too late, the vaccine is not enough, need stem cells William. Much talk was made of their son in the past and now he is ’ only hope for salvation, but they have no idea where he is and there is no time ’. In every direction there is ’ more time. Scully appointing his son and, as with Sveta in premiere, an alien spaceship directs its light upon her – alien spacecraft or replica of alien spacecraft? L ’ last thing we see are the eyes of Dana. End credits.

I had planned an open ending; or better, I was not expecting answers to every single question, but at least a conclusion on the style of previous film or series finale, In short, a conclusion that seemed that while retaining some mystery. This is not a conclusion which can be defined as such, is a cliffhanger in effect yelling for a new season. I accepted open endings like Angel, mysterious as LOST, but this no! Mulder is dying, the world population is dying, c ’ is hoping to see William, Dana is targeted by a spacecraft. You can't go after 13 years and leave me worse than 13 years ago! After two exciting opening episodes, This revival has played on ’ nostalgia with episodes that have reminded both monsters downloads both the ’ irony of past. And there is also, If you have more episodes. With only 6 appointments, You can't throw the bomb in the first, resume in ’ last and close their doors in the highlight. In fact, removed l ’ introduction of Miller and Einstein, for the purposes of the narrative we could do without four central episodes and watch only the two "My Struggle": a ’ hour and twenty minutes, lasts even less than one new movie. In "My Struggle" II "everything goes fast, within five minutes the virus has reached the ’ Europe! We must raccapezzarci with a wealth of information on DNA, virus, vaccines with which Scully and Einstein are struggling to keep pace. What for? To end this way?


Taken individually episodes, This revival would also be fine. The problem is that the main storyline, reversing the past nine seasons, Despite its complexity is examined in two episodes without reaching the minimum resolution, on the contrary. The ratings have been good, such that granted the renewal for any other show. But not for a revival designed for an event. At the end of the opening theme "The truth is out there" was replaced by "This is the end", pity that the development of the story shows all ’ more. Chris Carter will get renewal or FOX will remain dell ’ initial idea? It was a season finale, I loved this episode and ’ entire miniseries. But if it does remain a series finale, then he realized the risk disappointment raised all ’ proclamation of revival.

Rating all ’ episode: as Season Finale: ♥♥♥♥ OMG!

as Series Finale: Not Classifiable

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