True Blood – 7×01 Jesus Gonna Be Here " (Season Premiere) – by S.


Sunday 22 June Louisiana vampires are back on our screens with a premiere by discrete listening (4 million viewers during the first airing, 5,8 million including replicas: figures broadly in line with those of last year); This first episode sets the tone and atmosphere of the seventh and final season: a darker tone and an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, overall much more serious and negative scenario than that True Blood We had used.

In this new atmosphere, the narrative picks up right where we left it, that is, from that cliffhanger on arrival in Bon Temps infected vampires; This condition allows you to jump right into the action, with one of the fight sequence, blood and abductions (God save Arlene) the most intense of the series. If that's not enough for us to understand that the situation is really serious, We immediately think after the sudden death of Tara: as in Westeros, also here are not safe even the protagonists of ocean-going. It must be said that the incident itself is not shown, so there is a slight chance that Tara's still alive: for now, we should trust the desperate reaction of Lettie Mae, We know not to be a particularly reliable source. Tara has never been very nice, with his desire to be pissed at everyone, touching bottom when it was transformed into a vampire: I understand the trauma, however,, my child, suck it up! Even Jessica you get used more quickly and without all the existential crisis! Despite this, the character is significantly enhanced with the storyline with Pam, that would be interesting to see more.

Subsequent reactions to the attack can be summed up in panic and generalized chaos, situation rather than conducive to the formation of a group of vigilantes who want to wipe out all vampires (recurring theme) and, clearly, are not at all enthusiastic about the draft “mixing” proposed by Bill and Sam; These nut jobs are driven from tal Wins, to which all come as if they knew each other for a lifetime, and so I ask you: but who the hell is Vince? I don't remember that! Where it comes from? What did he do in life? Enlighten me! Or I am going to spend the evening at wikipedia to fill this gap.

The storyline more interesting for now is to Jessica, seeking to atone for his sins by protecting Adilyn even risking his own life. The scene in which tackles the vampire infected conveys suspense despite the complete absence of any action: There are only two girls looks, their dialogues, the worry and uncertainty Adilyn's eyes and the slight smoke that Jessica's skin begins to issue under a leaden sky in which the sun rises slowly; and that is enough to keep us on tenterhooks over the fate of both. Even the character of Andy, whose transformation had begun last season, suffers from several of the new setting of the series: long gone are the days when it was nothing but a speck of outline, almost caricatured; transformed into a mature man from fatherhood, Now you in the role of protector of the city and its citizens, much more than it has ever done in the past just by wearing a uniform (most importantly he does allying with Bill, the man who hates most in the world, further evidence of its growth and its ability to look beyond himself in the name of a common good).


Anche Pam, my favorite character ever, lose a little’ his irony: the typical digs merciless give way to a great bitterness underlying reflections, that pervades all her scenes so even unexpected (that reaction in front of the little girl is certainly not something that we would have expected from Pam, at least not in these terms), as proof of that general tone less light that affects just about all. On a positive note however there is: Pam is on the trail of Eric and it is more than ever determined to take him home (“Where the fuck's my maker?”), which leaves assume with some confidence that Eric is alive: GOD EXISTS!! Summer 2014 will have a meaning only when we find, Although I expect dramatic revelations and improbable twist in the best traditions of True Blood.

Of course we also find Sookie, again struggling with the negative consequences of telepathy and, above, with those going to bed with all the vampires in the area; whereas the law everyone's thoughts since childhood, his rant against Alcide didn't seem really necessary: by now it should be able to distinguish a fleeting thought, due to circumstances, and one thought formulated a clear mind and consciously. Ad ogni modo, the scene gives Alcide a chance to do something that actually has a meaning within the overall plot of the series, element that bodes well for the future after last season's futility.

While on the one hand, then, are introduced new characters and multi-faceted environments already known, on the other side we also find many typical elements of True Blood: one example of many, the sex scene between Jason and Violet (This woman, however, is not normal, will never be given a justification for its conduct or is just a little’ splashed?) or the most romantic (If I may say so) between Sookie and Alcide; also the story of James Lafayette echoes themes dear to the series: is facing (Although not expressly) the issue of homosexuality, sia osservando l’inutilità della sofferenza e del lutto a cui gli uomini spesso si attaccano. Queste osservazioni, in particolar modo, rimandano chiaramente a quanto disse Pam al suo psicologo pervertito nel campo di concentramento (episodio 6×05), una delle sue citazioni migliori: “You humans love your pain, don’t you? You just love bein’ in it. You even consider it a virtue. Cry the most at a funeral, you must be the best person. You promise to never forget each other. You promise to feel the sting of loss forever. Because for y’all, “forever” is just the blink of an eye. Your lives are pathetically brief. When we say “forever,” we have to mean it. So we move past our pain. We heal. We move on. Because pain, is a worthless emotion“.

Ancora più che nella precedente, This season seems to represent a return to the roots: in the Center there are Sookie and the fellow who, Willy nilly, you have to face a common enemy. No more, then, external antagonists, semi-mythological creatures or internal struggles in the world of vampires: This time it's Bon Temps against all.


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