True Blood – 7×02 I Found You – by S.


A memorable episode this: gave us a scene early in the film that will make history, a significant amount of anxiety in the middle and a final scene that has turned the joy in sorrow.

The first shot shows the unmistakable profile of Eric, and that in itself is enough to put the viewer in a positive mood; the arrival of Jason and the following speech between the two makes it clear that this is a dream, but that doesn't make it less important what happens (on the contrary, the awakening of Jason on the bench of the Church not only adds to the hilarity). The concept of “shocking” in True Blood is very relative and homosexual sex scenes are hardly a novelty; the impact of this is that, knowing the characters, is so detached from reality to lose any sensual connotation and be only very funny. Even funnier would be attending the table read of this episode! During the show he also helped to lighten up a bit’ the gloomy atmosphere thanks to the comedic interludes with Andy: my favorite was the one about pizza forensics, a technique that should be introduced also in our processes, Maybe accelerates the timing of Justice!

Passed the initial stage, True Blood finds the apocalyptic atmosphere of last week with the trip Sookie & Co. in the nearby town of St. Alice: abandoned places, prayers and pleas for help written in large letters on the walls, deserted streets and nothing but desolation, up at the height of the mass grave where they were herded villagers infected vampires they took. These scenes seem to recall much The Walking Dead: There too the abandoned houses are often seen, but I think especially the pilot, When Rick wakes up in hospital and meets the door labeled “don't open, dead inside”, and then go out and find dozens of corpses piled on the ground. This latent anxiety you add a little’ of melancholy when Sookie reads the diary of girl found dead (Let us remember that Sookie always shows all her acumen and walks around at night in the woods with his blood fairy, and of course he comes across a dead body): that diary seems to narrate the life of our protagonist and remember Bill, Besides giving hope for a happy ending for this couple (bye bye Alcide), the fa also feel more guilty, She thinks of herself all the horrible things he hears in the thoughts of the other residents of Bon Temps. On this point we need to break a lance in favor of Sookie: vampires don't have invented them she! Agree that for them has a weakness, and it has certainly helped to make their presence felt in Bon Temps, but we must not forget that much of the bond between you and them depends on his being half fairy, something that has no fault; and certainly she didn't spread the hep-V, then they could also give her some’ di tregua. Nostalgia by Bill takes shape towards the end of the episode, When Sookie goes to him to make sure that it can still feel when in danger: another reminder to the origins (After the memory of their first date), another clue that their chapter is not yet closed.

Continues and goes live also looks like “Bon Temps against all“: Despite the antipathy of Vince, citizens who take up arms and prepare to defend themselves (instead of staying to do the cleaning at the bar) is one more thing that makes sense, considering what they will face; in this context the clash with Adilyn has no meaning other than to give Jess the reason to take action and persuade Andy to trust her. Most of bontempsiani seems to vent against vampires infected all the hate that has ever tried against all vampires, they're scared but also very happy to have an excuse to exterminate all forgetting the political correctness and integration that were the main theme of the first seasons.

Lettie Mae doesn't even deserve a comment given that simply switch from one addiction to another, is too splashed even Lafayette (that would be nice to see more scenes, Maybe that also contain a storyline). The biblical appearance of Tara seems to confirm his death, but many still doubt, also because its maker would at least have to perceive the true death of his progeny (It must be said that Pam was engaged in a vampire Russian roulette).

Finally we follow more closely also Arlene, Carrie Preston knows always make engaging and irresistible; one cannot but agree with her when she decides to fight back stating that has survived four make bad husbands, a serial killer boyfriend and another husband with suicidal tendencies to die in the cellar of Fangtasia. What makes the situation even more sad and unjust is that vampires have captured, along with Holly and Nicole, are anyway destined to certain death (as clearly shows the teacher Betty), even without feeding them. Arlene really doesn't deserve this, and I trust his spirit of survival; among other, Nicole's pregnancy, that seems about to give birth, will certainly the opportunity for some turning point in history.


The most outstanding event, in any case, is the reappearance of Eric: Pam finds him and also found a little’ his irony in that '”unfucking believable” When you see the place where he has taken refuge on its maker (the significance of these comments there is still obscure, so I guess we wait a few flashbacks on their past). Happiness to know Eric in life gives way to sadness as soon as it is framed and it turns out that he has been infected by the virus of hep-V. I was told to expect dramatic turning points, but I wasn't prepared! Now it is no longer see our protagonists fight the epidemic, We are only on the second episode and already succumb! It will be tough especially to Pam, and all over your face: over the years we have learned that for her life without Eric is virtually inconceivable, they shared a bond since turned so solid and intimate that is unmatched, It is even more than what Eric had with Nora. This is why the storyline, How sad, I love it: We will know more about their history together and, above, to discover new sides of Eric, I had never been so vulnerable. We can not know how much time remains to live. definitely more of Nora, that had been infected during testing and injections, but it is now clear that everyone responds differently (like humans and their diseases).

True Blood confirms its intention to show us a darker side, of life and characters, without betraying himself and abandon those elements that have always characterized: the impression is even more positive last week, It promises to be a great season.


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