True Blood – 7×03 Fire In The Hole – by S.

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In this episode there is less reflection, less attention to the changing world and the new status quo created in Bon Temps in favor of much more action. The minor storylines intersect until merge together in the final twist, in style True Blood: a series of events that seem to put there by chance but that, unexpectedly, lead to something relevant.

The narrative takes place on three main levels, without the weight in any way; on the contrary, You can tell that follow these plots simultaneously helped to eliminate the risk “boring: but when does this episode?”, that would surely be derived from attend the dalliances of Sookie and Bill for forty minutes.

The first narrative level is to Eric and Pam: as announced, Here's the flashback that explains what do Eric in France (and gives us a wonderful Pam of late ' 80); honestly I was hoping that the backstory was something more interesting than a young girl he was in love and she died, You can tell, because of him. Eric counts his tragic death together with those of Godric and Nora, But if they get a chance to be attached, This Sylvie for us is nothing but this girl any, because it is not that her relationship with Eric is being presented as some kind of deep love: having sex everywhere and ran out there. Even the family of Bill we saw little over the years, but the goodbye to baby daughter before leaving for war is a totally different circumstance and that is natural to react in a more involved. Returning to Eric, It seems obvious to me that don't regret saving Pam instead of Sylvie (What father would sacrifice his seed?), especially since Pam had warned him of trouble that he was walking into disobeying the Authority (and dear old Nan Flanagan, RIP). Of course Eric couldn't care less about political and commercial alliances of Authority and the punitive expedition against him, led by a Japanese gangster in the pay of Yakanomo Corporation, offers us an interesting insight about when it started: the time at which, with the arrival on the market of Tru Blood, vampires could stop hiding for the first time; rest, This is the hub of True Blood, the inclusion of vampires in human society. Aside from it and returning to the present, It is really frustrating to see Eric surrender to disease, without any desire to react: in una parola, unrecognizable. Luckily, as he himself admits, Pam is smarter than him and finds a way to awaken him from his stupor: hunting down one of his most bitter enemies.

This is the second main plot of the episode: Sarah Newlin is back! She was alive we expected, given that Jason decided to spare it at the end of last season, but that saw each other just wasn't granted. After the events of the prison camp for vampires Sarah did what he always knew how to make it better: rise from the ashes and reinvent yourself completely (allowing his body to whom you must grant it along the way). This time he also changed name, but be Noomi instead of Sarah does not appear to be a major hurdle for the gangster who is on his trail, that is the same man who gave the order to kill Eric Sylvie! Working for Yakanomo, It is plausible that the Japanese guy (evidently immune to aging) intends to avenge the death of his boss, Sarah killed fiercely and even very sympathetically to hysterical shots of stilettos. What's next for Sarah? And, While it is true that so far appeared to be no single villain, how you will put your story in the overall framework of Bon Temps against all?

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In fact, and here is the third narrative level, the citizens of Bon Temps they do what they had expected, that is, kill “anyone and anything that's different than they are“: to hell with political correctness who were forced to endure and tolerate all these years. And this is where textures meet: the townsmen armed to the teeth, infected vampires chasing other humans to feed upon and Sookie with its brilliant ideas. Being the bait using her fairy blood to lure kidnappers of Arlene and Holly, with Bill look at your back, It reveals a tragic initiative: sì, infected vampires arrive, but there's also Andy and his retinue (Jason, Jessica, Adilyn, Violet and a son of Arlene), Alcide arrives (as always trying to protect Sookie from itself) and there's also all bontempsiani pissed: between silver bullets, normal bullets, Poles that are about to Pierce Bill, silver chains and bites of werewolves for a moment you do not understand anything. Immediately after you resume your breath: infected vampires were killed, Sookie is covered their remains and dives into the river, Alcide saved Bill from true death, everything looks good. And it is at this time when we resume breath that one of the vigilantes think well to shoot the one that had nothing: Alcide; within seconds it dies, doing the only thing he was relevant: being naked. But if it is true that Alcide was never a fundamental character for the unfolding of events, It is also true that he didn't deserve a death so unworthy, especially after his girlfriend bitch, While flirting with Bill, He has confessed to disliking Alcide as much as he loved her. The damage and pure insult, poor Alcide! The only upside is that Sookie and Bill now have the way smoothed: a love story doesn't seem to fit the very atmosphere of the season, But even in this episode were several references to them after, and that conversation in the Woods was much more than just a chat among friends.

Lighten the atmosphere Lafayette and James, that while everybody dies and shoot themselves do nothing but get high on the couch, growing more and more sexual tension between them; Strangely the scenes stop there, in this awareness, but I don't think it will get past. The usual boredom, instead, Lettie Mae, Despite the loving words of Rev.; PAM also seems to confirm the true death of Tara, and I'm really scared that we touch other visions with crucifixes and Pythons. There is also an important detail about Jessica, No one seems to have noticed: because when they shoot the wound doesn't heal? This sudden loss of power feels very worried, especially because it is completely detached from the threats that we have been presented so far.

Nel complesso, another bet satisfactory, more action packed and that finally gets to the heart of the plot. This season started very well and, as if all the good conditions seen so far were not enough, the return of Sarah Newlin is the icing on the cake that makes the success of upcoming episodes more than guaranteed.


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  1. IMHO altogether remains a lame episode, but save all Jason who sends fuck “the real man as there were once”… True Blood and the triumph of the evolution of genre!

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