True Blood – 7×04 "Death Is Not The End – by S.


Continue the return to the origins of True Blood, with a parade of familiar faces, characters known long ago and lost a little’ of view over time (Hoyt, the Magister, Ginger, Alcide's father) and the plot that closes even more about herself, with the intersection of the storyline of Pam and Eric to Sookie & Co.

The death is undoubtedly the central theme of the episode (starting from the fact that, as Sookie to Jessica, even half of the protagonists is technically dead). The panorama painting is really sad and distressing: between Eric terminally ill, the heartbreaking phone call from Jason to his former best friend to inform him of the death of his mother, the guilt of Lafayette and Jessica for being responsible for the death of other people, Arlene that sees the ghost of Terry and Sookie fighting tears at the death of Alcide, It seems that death is the only possible ending for these characters: There is no hope, There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Eppure, It is precisely from death, from that of Alcide, what a Sookie draws the determination and fortitude needed to take care of the situation: with a fit almost by season finale, convinces everyone he meets on his way to spring into action and leads the group to the liberation of captive girlfriends infected vampires. Is the strength of the desperation that drives Sookie, that’ “"I can't take anyone else dying because of me” on which much insisted the promo of season is the fire that fuels his every action; Despite all the insults that Sookie has earned in recent years, none better than she could have been the centerpiece of this episode, because no one else has that same background, required to elicit that reaction.

Very important also the storyline of Eric and Pam: their flashback, already noticeable for a rich dose of irony that made the bets and that Pam is the undisputed Queen, now they also reveal useful for the conduct of the overall plot. In a sort of “how it all began”, in which we discover how you got to Eric met in season one (that on that throne and with that long hair to me looked like it came straight from Men & Women, Thankfully improved over time!), Here the birth of Fangtasia is also the key to the liberation of Arlene (now that he has chatted with the ghost Terry and decided to stay alive, in a scene very addictive, I hope I can turn the page once and for all). Another aspect of the return to the origins of which I have spoken often outlines when Eric is knocking on the door of Bill: a single second, just one look, Sookie's voice in the background and the love triangle He is risen (also because Sookie and Bill have just flirted once again). Obviously, considering recent events, the atmosphere is not the same as when the main problem was with which share the coffin, but round and round we are getting there. I did not appreciate about nothing the lovey-dovey stuff between Sookie and Eric that followed their meeting: While it is true that with her he is able to show an ounce of affection, excluding that deriving from family ties, She still is a whiny perpetually indecisive and certainly does not deserve it. Come sempre, Pam makes it perfectly the idea: “"she's like a facial fungus that just won't go away“; After so many episodes of sentimentality, Finally Pam is back itself!

The only other character to ever have something to do besides participating in the plans of others is Jessica, that tells us about his inner drama and the way he has chosen to punish herself. Effettivamente, eating disorders were missing in True Blood, and applying them in version “Vampire that does not heal” is a useful way to deal with them without making the moral to the Viewer, but then True Blood He applied this technique to all the topics addressed since pilot.


Overall, the episode was a mixture of angst and laughter spread, Perhaps for the first time this season the laughs were over two, about the previously mentioned Pam than usual Jason (“history's Haute“). There was also the first misstep of season, i.e. have introduced Sarah Newlin last week, with a final twist, and have it ignored altogether in this episode. But it's a detail almost negligible considering the evolution of plot and, now that Eric and Pam came together to others, It seems safe to predict further convergence of the stories; maybe up to an epic final showdown Sookie-Vampires against Sarah Newlin? The rest, the same Anna Camp said that punishment more cruel to Sarah would be transformed into a vampire, and that in that case could decide to meet the true death sacrificing himself in the Sun on the roof of a church screaming “death to all vampires!“… It would be an epic scene!


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