True Blood – 7×05 Lost Cause – by S.

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A typical episode from mid-season: defeated the main enemy of the first arc of season, namely the gang of infected vampires who was to exterminate the population of Bon Temps, True Blood you take a small break from the action and fighting to allow us to catch your breath and enjoy it for a moment last week's success.

The focus of this episode there are personal relationships among the many characters but, attention, relations does not mean absence of events (not in True Blood, at least). For starters we have two betrayals within ten minutes; If the kiss between James and Lafayette was absolutely predictable, It was not necessary for the poor Jessica finds out that way, Although Lafayette has a point when she points out that maybe it's not really in love with James, and above all that he deserves a little’ of happiness; Why should she deny it for no good reason? Jessica rightly remains speechless in front of this hard truth, and is consoled very quickly with Jason. I'm glad that you have found, It would be unfair to impose all that pain for momentary infatuation to Hoyt, and I always thought James a hiccup (Let us not forget that only a season ago Jason enlisted in the security of the concentration camp only to save her). Despite that I don't understand what problem are these four, couldn't they just kiss your lover? They should just have sex just a few metres from their official partners? Capisco che, missing five episodes at the end, There is no time to waste, but a minimum of restraint! Più che altro, a minimum of foresight dear Jason, especially considering you're betraying the one splashed by Violet: This woman has always been a character unclear, but it is very clear that piss is not a great idea. Violet is one of the older vampires we encountered, It is clear from the words he chooses to make his condolences to Sookie: “"I've had a hundred boyfriends die on me over the years, but I remember how painful those first ones were”; It's a joke that makes you smile but also reflect on the power that a vampire of his caliber can possess, and that look load of revenge not only confirms our worst fears: for Jason and Jessica go bad.

Also he put his Lettie Mae to make animated the party-funeral home Stackhouse and I know you don't you should give credit, But if his hallucinations about Tara had really a sense? In True Blood anything is possible as the rest, Although Lafayette reminds us that alcoholism is not the only shadow on the credibility of Lettie Mae: “You stabbed somebody, Auntie, That's why people think you're crazy!”. Even Nicole, After five episodes of deathly silence, Decides to give us a hysterical outburst giving all fools and stressing that Bon Temps is not a regular place: ora, honey, If Bon Temps was a commoner would be dead bored long ago, so if that bothers you, you can also move elsewhere along with your normal husband Shapeshifter.

Finally there are Sookie and Bill: where to start with these two? She is unsustainable in the version of the grieving widow, especially after having openly admitted to disliking Alcide as much as he loved her; If Alcide, Sookie was “worth fighting for”, thing I did die a hero, for her Alcide wasn't even remotely close to that level. His conversation with Arlene, as far as moving, It is quite out of place because in no way the fairy and the werewolf are comparable to true love to Arlene and Terry. And in fact, After initial resistance Sookie plays all evening to make eyes with Bill; the flashbacks of the vampire on the civil war can be boring in the long run, but have a very definite purpose: If everything points to a happy ending for this couple, to get there you must let the audience fall in love with new Bill, as well as it did seven years ago when it all started and the ranks of Team Bill were busier than ever. After the events of the last few seasons appreciate Bill became very difficult (especially for Sookie), see him with his wife Caroline and the children, While agreeing to be a deserter just to protect them, We remember what Bill can do for love, reminds us that it is able to disobey the authorities on behalf of its “true love”. And that was the breaking point between Sookie and Bill, When it was discovered that what seemed like a casual acquaintance was, in realtà, part of a larger plan put in place by Bill on the orders of Queen Sophie-Anne. Secession also serves to address the topic dearest to True Blood, the integration: northerners and southerners before, vampires and humans now; Bill in war before, Sookie at war today; and that party right at home by Sookie, where everyone put aside the past to enjoy the moment, It is proof of the success of his battles (almeno per ora). “You've done more in these last several days than I've managed to achieve in decades” the Bill says, that you always see the bright side; and in fact she thanks him “for seeing me the way I can't see myself sometimes”. Too bad the happy ending seems farther than ever before in the final scene: Bill comes out of the tub, everything looks normal but there is the odd one ambience, typical of the horror movie where the main character is reflected in the glass fogged up and suddenly someone appears behind him; Here is all weirder, Nobody appears, Bill has no enemies for now. Until you see that vein on the chest. OH GOD WHY?? Not even Bill!! It wasn't enough that Eric?? And as you may have been infected? Again, as in previous episodes, It seems that dying is the fate of all players, but perhaps this turn in events is the main theme of the second part of the season: Maybe now there is a cure.

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The possible finding a possible cure, indeed, relates directly to the storyline of Pam and Eric, the only ones who live a little’ of action. Last week, after the wonders of Ginger gives us another hilarious scene where Eric supplication to make her his sex slave with real sex (“Ginger, I am diseased” “I know the fuck am I!”), and perplexed look of the vampire is priceless. Pam remains the Queen of our hearts (“I'm a Republicunt!”) and I still maintain the vital need for a spin-off on these three characters. The real best of the best come during the fundraiser at the library bearing the name of Bush; Eric and Pam are in the same place, Sarah Newlin and the Yakuza: mean “bloodbath” to say the least. Eric Miss Sarah, stop intentionally choking her to kill the Japanese Yakuza, and we are all very pleased with this choice because it allowed him to enact one of the most gruesome murders and spectacular ever: the removal of the mandible exceeds the heart cut out on live tv by Russell Edgington, the head of Governor Burrell detached with hands by Bill and maybe even the explosion of Oberyn's head in Game of Thrones. A WTF moment worthy of a season finale (side note: wouldn't it be fun to see Bones that reconstructs the murder starting from the lower jaw torn?!)! Sarah is back on the run, especially is still alive: whereas she is the mastermind behind the outbreak of Hep-V (even if, as she points out with pride, “I'm not a monster, "I'm a buddhist!”), with Eric and Bill sick you need somehow to her to find the cure? Or are we destined to suffer unspeakably losing all the protagonists? As if condemn us to live the next summers without True Blood that wasn't enough.


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