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We are officially entered the final phase of True Blood, and this episode served mainly to outline the topics that will be addressed in the last episodes, to lay the groundwork of farewell to the series. And of course, the atmosphere is more tragic than ever.

Continues to increase, indeed, the feeling that death is everywhere and inevitable; If last week we were left with the revelation of Bill suffering from Hep-V, in this episode the worst fears are confirmed: Bill has been feeding just Sookie, and in fact she is the carrier of the virus (Another consequence of his ingenious idea to act as bait for infected vampires, event which led to the death of Alcide). Sookie has always been characterized as the focal point from which branch off all woes (Pam would say that every misfortune happen because of your fairy vagina), fact pointed out by season 7 promo who insisted on his’ “"I can't take anyone else dying because of me”; ora, but, This was brought to a higher level: no longer is she who merely sets in motion a series of events, whose death of someone's only SideShow, now it actually carries a deadly disease, and it's practically already live responsible for true death of her first love. The scene where Sookie is undergoing the blood test is simple and truthful: an armchair in a doctor's Office by country, a slide, a label and a girl waiting for the result. There was no attempt to make the moment poetic or romanzarlo, and therein lies the strength of the scene: Although vampires, I want to focus on those human elements that all we are able to recognize and understand, And so True Blood emphasises its continued use of vampires as a metaphor of’homosexuality (the sticker says “silence = death” couldn't have been more explanatory), letting us see just a scared girl know if she contracted the deadly disease. The parallel continues with Bill in the study of the advocate: laws are made for humans, the report maker-progeny is not recognized as a valid family relationship, Jessica cannot inherit the legacy of Bill. The only moment of satisfaction was the sudden death of odious lawyer-Vulture, but now Bill's scenes were characterized by a great sadness: I read in your eyes, confused and overwhelmed by illness that surprises and, more than it does with others, Don't let him escape. Questo, It is assumed, because Sookie's blood makes the virus more aggressive: once again, her fairy is a double edged sword, Harbinger over problems of joys. After Sookie admits that love for Bill has never gone, reconnect and look into each other eyes aware of what awaits them: were starting to get together and have already said goodbye.

C is ’, but, a hope: If a week ago, Commenting on the episode 7×06, I was wondering if Sarah Newlin could somehow lead us to the Hep-V, things now not only are moving in that direction, go even further: the cure is Sarah herself, who drank the only bottle of antidote available before escaping from vamp-camp. Several questions arise unforced: because no other scientist is attempting to synthesize an antidote? And if you are doing, possible that no one has yet managed? I expected that the mighty men of Yokonomo Corporations sell their soul to revive the market of TruBlood. Returning to our favorite villain, that drive it is God or Buddha (“We all are Buddhas!”), Sarah is always completely insane, because you always think the earthly presence of higher duty, is always convinced that his actions are part of a divine scheme largest; in a very recent interview, Anna Camp stressed these aspects: Sarah is always a tool God, If they were to destroy vampires, now believes he is destined to save them, to save even vampires and humans all. More technically “She's losing her mind”. This turning point in the prelude to the next hurdle they will face Eric and Pam: they decided to ally with the Yakuza to find Sarah, to merge the municipality and overwhelming desire to revenge, It is almost impossible to tell who want more see her dead. How will the fact that Sarah Noomi is now the only chance of survival for Eric (and for a lot of other people)? They'll sacrifice the lives of all in the name of revenge? Eric would definitely capable, the rest has nothing left to lose.

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Lettie Mae and Lafayette take drugs of V and review Tara, confirming that his storyline is not finished (What a surprise) and I have no idea where he is going with this; It will be something related to their past, to basics, but with these characters involved I'm almost afraid to hear it. Real fear, instead, is the one who inspires Violet with its bloodshot eyes of hatred: aside from the stupidity of Adilyn in falling into his trap (really no author had a better idea?), revenge against Jason and Jessica looks pretty intense and considering it is the latest episodes is more than plausible that, Despite being a subplot, will give us respectable twists. You can't say the same for Nicole, He had another joke and used it to tell Sam that he intends to leave Bon Temps: go ahead, Nobody's stopping you. I hope this isn't the start of another mishap after the Rapture, It is true that her character was treated with little respect but now there is neither time nor space for other storyline.

With only four episodes were eventually coming full circle and anxiety rises: the finale of a series is in itself a very challenging psychologically moment, It's a real goodbye (is especially true for long-lived series, and in this case we switched to Bon Temps the last seven summers of our lives); In addition there are the apocalyptic atmosphere and the prospect of death for almost all the protagonists, that make it even more difficult to face the next few weeks. As Sookie waiting for the results of blood tests, Sometimes the hardest part is just waiting for what will happen.


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