True Blood – 7×07 May Be The Last Time – by S.


In the last episodes of the final season True Blood find the perfect balance between all its distinguishing features: In addition to an unusual introspection and reflection on death, New this year, We find indeed the typical sex scenes (thank you, Arlene) and the typical comic moments almost ridiculous, all accompanied by a rich selection of old characters and references to past, to continue that “back to basics” that the season has focused from the very first episode.

The storyline of Eric and Bill, After a temporary Union, have returned to develop in parallel, but there are still some important similarities: both, indeed, They seem to want more dead than resist disease, and both are spurred on by the women in their lives, respectively Pam and Sookie. If, but, Pam manages to talk some sense into an Eric completely blinded by desire for revenge (in collaboration with Mr. Yakonomo Corporation: a Japanese with the Texan accent, give them a round of applause), Sookie just babbling useless things on miracles and magic that surrounds them; These convictions are not helpful and, indeed, is the intervention of the infallible Dr. Ludwig is the great-great-great (etc.) grandfather Niall is unnecessary. The first is still something interesting, that is, suggests that the rapid progress of the disease by Bill may not be due to the blood of Sookie's fairy (“that's not how this virus work”), While the latter is useless and just: He is there to speak of the miracles that are even in the little things, looks like Yoda that Luke speaks of Strength (“You must feel the Force around you; here, There, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere; Yes, even between the land and the ship”), and the same goes for when Niall tells Sookie that death is a miracle as much as life (“death is a natural part of life; rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force”, Master Yoda said). Sookie obviously don't give anything to become a Jedi Knight, then invites his grandfather to disappear from his sight and we can give her reason; all these failed attempts to save Bill force her to consider the possibility of losing him truly forever (But Eric and Pam could not warn her of antidote?), and that's very quickly abandons all the rancour accumulated over the years and runs from him in a Nightgown (clear quote of episode 1×06) to kiss him and enjoy him for what could be the last time, While the veins on the body of Bill are becoming more apparent. Whereas Alcide's funeral took place two days ago, and she was shouting from the rooftops how love him, This shift is a little’ sudden; But even she believed love for Alcide and missing three episodes at the end, It was necessary to make headway. Now that Sookie and Bill have rediscovered their love is clear that it will not be this the event that will be the final, and for that we are grateful: True Blood cannot be reduced to a love triangle and a location of Sookie led her to address issues more relevant to “that man I will choose?”. However, There remains the feeling of death and desolation, What that portends a sad with a Sookie alone; Maybe there will be only Jason, and together they will restart from where it all began, from family Stackhouse?


Some hope comes from the imminent capture of Sarah Newlin: his hallucinations were the funniest part of the episode, and as if the exhortations of former they were quite (“Christian!” “Buddhist!”) the climax comes when she finds the strength to react: “I choose myself! I am the Messiah!!”: is completely insane. This also makes it extremely dangerous and unpredictable, What will invent now that Eric and the Yakuza have surrounded? Sarah scenes we were also treated to a few moments of nostalgia: not only is it reappeared on poor Steve Newlin, but she has taken refuge at the Church of the Fellowship of the Sun where he played much of the second season, and she recalled the epic scene of Jason who played flag football (not the one in the bath tub, but!). Hallucinations apart, Jason It was another sad reunion, the one with Hoyt (in Bon Temps for mother's funeral, with a new girlfriend from where Jason is unable to take my eyes, so much for liking): Although it was nice to see them together, the two former best friends are the perfect representation of the things will never be the same again (both the treason and because Jessica has captivated Hoyt erasing all memories of her and Jason). I think, in any case, that somehow those old events will be back afloat, also just because it's the last season and you have to close the circle. This storyline of cheating involving Jessica and Jason, rest, also extends to Violet that, After showing us his collection of toys directly from 50 Shades of Gray, moves to attack and sinks her teeth in poor (and idiot) Adilyn to attract its enemy.

Remain on background Tara, Lettie Mae and Lafayette, But what you see is sufficient to understand that revelation is nigh, even if no one feels particularly the need. Only three hours of tv separate us from goodbye in Bon Temps and all nodes are coming home to roost: will die just all all? Saved at least Pam!


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