True Blood – 7×09 Love Is To Die – by S.

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The penultimate episode of the series picks up right where we left off, from Bill who refuses to drink the blood of Sarah with all appropriate; other big star of the bet is Jessica, that finally puts order in his life. However both storyline, However well narrated, they leave me perplexed part.

The justification of Bill to meet the true death, for starters, It is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard her and Sookie should slap him for much longer and insult him much more. The excuse of “I do it for you, because it will always be attracted to me but deserves better” just don't stick: as Sookie may be dumb, nothing and nobody gives Bill the right to decide for yourself, It's simply a coward hiding behind a fake noble act for not taking responsibility for their actions. Want to be a hero and instead just makes the figure of the fool, as suggested Eric should wake up and get off your high horse. If the previous eight episodes had done everything they could to make Bill again sympathetic viewers, and even with some success, the first few minutes of this episode sent completely to air all the results: If it's the kind of person who prefers to wash their hands of the problems (aka the burdensome task of managing the attraction for a fairy, that however is in love with him), by choosing the easy route and by downloading the consequences upon those who remain, then it is better to die and do it quickly.

Eric amorous matters fits of Bill and Sookie, but it only does so to help them meet, prima, and to persuade her to accept the decision to him after; Despite the looks sweet and affection that Eric openly try to Sookie, the atmosphere is no longer that of the triangle; all, so far, He pointed toward a happy ending for Sookie and Bill, and although this seems impossible as a matter of fact that they are the great love of the other and vice versa, It would make no sense Sookie turns to Eric at this point (Although not hesitate to jump into his arms to mourn the imminent death of Bill, a classic). Eric is still the object of attention of another woman, the usual Ginger (more present than ever this season); the sex scenes in True Blood are always, We say, specific and can be divided into those disgusting, those totally off the grid and those that are just laughing: This is without a doubt the last category and greatly helps to alleviate the serious and dramatic tone of the episode (“Ginger, are you going to be okay?”). I start getting old, instead, of the Yakuza: This poor man of Eric is forced, for the umpteenth time this season (flashbacks included), choose who to save and who sacrifice, and of course every time it comes to Pam; I have not doubted for a second that Eric could save his seed, even if it means endangering Sookie, the only human that takes into. They will then these irritating Japanese source of danger to be destroyed in the finale (as if the death of Bill wasn't enough), and I expect a confrontation unprecedented in casa di nonna Stackhouse, which in recent years has seen really of all colors.

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As I was saying, the other primary storyline of the episode is to Jessica; I always appreciate his romance with Hoyt, and it is out of the question that with Jason has never had anything remotely similar, But despite that recent developments seem a bit’ forced. Whilst it is true that rejoin Hoyt gives closing and symmetry to the character of Jessica (as Jason, “Hoyt and Jessica belong together”), on the other hand, and just because “they belong together”, fits badly in history the flirt of Jessica and Jason even in very recent times (the tortures of Violet Moreover sprang from there); It can happen to ruin a friendship and a relationship with a betrayal, But if that relationship was the great love then heeling would have ended shortly after and not continue so long. Even more forced events affecting Jason: It took him seven years to become a better man, to fill that void that, as said Hoyt, had in, and now in just two episodes find her soul mate? Most importantly your soul mate is an appearance suddenly, with no history behind it and, icing on the cake, Hoyt's girlfriend?! In addition to a twist of fate appear unfair to the character of Jason, that deserved more attention and a conclusion a little’ less approx..

A po’ space was also dedicated to Sam: his letter to Sookie was (so rumour has it) the way of the authors to please, even in part, the fans who were hoping for this couple (but that really? There are?); the words of Sam also had another function, because that's”After everything we've been through I want you to know, Sookie, that I love you” It is also an emotional goodbye to True Blood all his Trubies.

On the eve of the grand finale the atmosphere becomes ever more intimate (dinner at Bellefleur's without any client, in the company only of who the viewer knows, sounds like a family reunion) and attention is all for the few main characters (Sorry, Lafayette); that feeling of death and desolation that early in the season was derived from the onslaught of infected vampires still exists, but now it is not about the death of someone, but the true end of the entire series; are you ready to say goodbye to Bon Temps?


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