True Detective – 2×01 The Western Book of the Dead (Season Premiere) – Review by R.


The second season of True Detective has begun and, Although the premiere proceeds rather slowly and with a little’ of confusion, can't say I have not appreciated. The core case of investigations puts us well 60 minutes to arrive, remaining in the background for the whole episode ’, but Nic Pizzolatto at that time presents us with the protagonists of this new anthology, with their lives fought between the ’ public appearance and the harsh private truths.

The first with which we make knowledge is the town of Vinci Detective Ray Velcoro, starring Colin Farrell, l ’ only together with the criminal-Casino Manager Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) We see a flashback of which; in the days when Ray was Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles had accepted a ’ information from Semyon on identity ’ of ’ man who had attacked and raped his wife. We don't know what you've done, but we know that by that time the relationship between the two never stopped, still gives Velcoro favors Frank. Their chat at the bar is the scene that I preferred; beyond the nature of their knowledge – unbalanced power level to pro by Frank – both I seemed sincere and vulnerable among them than any of the other individuals with whom they have been dealing: Ray speaks of the low possibility of child custody, Frank of his recourse to assisted fertilization. In the eyes of others both try to give a strong image ’ and proud of themselves, Yet their words are not in fact match.


Ray argues in front of his lawyer they have nothing to hide ("I welcome judgement") and spurs the son Chad (born exactly nine months after the rape of his ex-wife, resulting in inevitable doubts about fatherhood), terrorized by bullies, Walking Tall, "strong (...) be proud ", to be the man who ’ himself first of all would like to be; but then just be him to push him and humiliate him to say the name of the kid who tormented and beat up the father of the last ’ with stark threat. Bully with two kids as Frank orders submissive, for which an axle journalist who is just doing his job. Ray is also the ’ man whose marriage is destroyed after the ’ attack to his wife, that left him and took away the son loved unconditionally, never ask for DNA testing. Like Rusty in first season, Velcoro also has a story behind it that makes it hard not to try to understand it or at least that requires us not to judge him too harshly.


For his part, Frank has a wife who supports him and sees him for the big man who shows up in public. Frank must give a ’ picture of power to maintain its position, but this is put in crisis from its inevitable dependence on men more powerful than him – currently depends mainly from Russian Osip and city manager Caspere – the possible changes of opinion which they fear will not be enough; not clean enough, not enough corrupt, not enough within: "Never do anything out of hunger, not even eating"is his motto, Yet it continues to wonder if he hadn't had to pay to enter the country club.

Rachel McAdams is the Sheriff Ani Bezzerides, We meet for the first time as he tries to cut short with the guy, eager to make amends for having proposed a sexual position on which she agreed not. Sex didn't ’ leave even later, When in charge of an investigation of a site ’ "cam-girls" turns out that among the girls involved c ’ is her little sister Athena, former porn star, the world is small huh?! And so more than surprising given that in the search for a missing girl, ANI s ’ across his father Eliot (the serial killer by Disturbia), guru of a religious Center last woman workplace – I hope there are not too much from the ’ monologues men, What makes this episode got me confused enough already (at the end, l ’ the universe is meaningless or not?). We find so that when the mother committed suicide, Eliot has stopped acting father with daughters, which in the eyes of Ani is the main reason of the disaster in which fell the family. But really the problem? The strange guy reaction, the insinuations from Athena and Eliot and the problem with alcohol ’ leave no doubt that it is actually the first Ani to be messy, masked only superficially from the role of Sheriff. Rachel McAdams here does not remember anything of the protagonists of his various romantic comedies nor George Queen Mean Girls, the haircut helps in this regard, but surely first c ’ is the performance of actress ’; We'll see if her character will be able to redeem the image of a ’ "female victim of male ’ always" criticized in past season.


Finally we Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) COP, suspended from service for having bartered sexual performance with the infliction of a penalty. The reality is that the girl had been to make the proposal, changing then before version presumably to the rejection of human ’. A situation that becomes clearer when we discover that Paul has absolutely need viagra; Woodrugh looks like the macho of round, that his woman is looking forward, with a body marked by years in the arms – and by an unknown previous event – but this image is then completely reversed from the scene in the bathroom, Since its not spend the nights with his partner and the psychological fragility emerged in the next bike ride and potentially lethal intentionally.

At least one mad dash allows him to find the corpse of the man who ’ all are trying, the city manager Ben Caspere. His body we see it from the first minute, When it appears as the mysterious passenger of a car ’; in a second stage it is clear that it is already dead. While we make knowledge with the new protagonists, Caspere hovering in the background like a ghost (After all, the name referring to the Casper ghost cannot be a case), carried by no one knows who to the Pacific coast. Eyes burned from acid ’ and pelvic wounds that bled is the case linking Ray, Frank, ANI and Paul. And like the latter, he also is very different from his public image: from patrolling her house, Ray discovers a man with peculiar erotic tastes, as well as skeletons of doubts mystical-religious meanings.


The ’ episode 1 the first season we had immediately provided an overview of the ’ structure in which we moved in later episodes: the story in Retrospect of an old case (apparently) closed from two temperamentally opposed detective, Rust and Marty, all a ’ jointed gloomy atmosphere and religious-philosophical; After the investigation was ’ already in full swing. To understand instead how the protagonists of this new season would end up together it takes the entire premiere ’, only in the end gives us the first Exchange of glances between Ani, Ray and Paul. All three with the expression ’ "and from what angle of California jump out?!", but with private lives United by bankruptcy, anger and self-destruction, disguised by external ’ all working roles that cover. Paul's position is one that leaves me more perplexed than the upcoming surveys, for now only being a COP out from you service across a corpse, While the villain Frank, Although from the other side of the fence ’, will have to force a role given the ongoing business with Caspere and the relationship with Velcoro. Journalists who have already seen the first three episodes provide that confidence in this new season is well placed, so it only remains to wait to follow its protagonists finally together in the streets of California.


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