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"Some people can t handle ’ the deep trip (...) In my day, you understand, It was about consciousness expansion, tracing the unseen web ", so the Mayor of Vinci, Austin Chessani, talk about the disappointment of her son Frank, but maybe it's a description that also fits the four protagonists of the season. Each of them has its own – contrasting – interest (hours or less) in the management of the ’ investigation of Caspere, but at the same time Frank, Ray, Paul and Ani are United by ’ be too taken to hide behind a mask those personal conflicts, who doesn't want to know and then let alone resolve.


Per Frank are two patches of moisture across the ceiling to embody the fear of uncertainty that pursued him since childhood from ’: What has obtained or is not enough or is at risk of ending in every moment. "It's like everything is ’ papier-mâché” especially now that Caspere's death – whose eyes burned take the place of stains – the door on the brink ’, avoidable only if he can recover the money they gave for land. All turn their backs and is forced to an unwelcome step back in time, back in that club that was his starting point; But even one who enjoys his role back then, Although the aid, makes it clear that now is in debt, sbattendogli in his Golden smile face with the words "Fuck you". Semyon continues to depend on others, managing to lift the only entry with a man who has just hit and of course with Ray. New chat at the bar between the two discover that Frank knows that Velcoro years ago released a corpse, supposedly dell ’ man who had assaulted his wife, This is why a long-lasting relationship between the two men; at first no of Ray, Semyon wastes no time in prison as the only prospettargli possible future. And’ in these times when Vince Vaughn's character is the bully, that becomes that feared that much of weakling be.


This time it looks like Ray begins to lift their heads, not just with the kids. The clash with former wife shakes, especially when the woman, After the ’ going to want to get sole custody of son, appears also to take paternity test. "You were good at being decent until something happened", the assault the woman ’ has seemingly destroyed more him than it did to direct interested; from that moment has not been Velcoro strong enough to go along with his family with the same "decency" of first: It was left to dominate from that natural right to defend his woman that he attributed and from there started to become the man who is now, the dirty COP who scares his own son. Talking Ani himself contends "We get the world we deserve"; Miss Chad means losing everything he has, make vain than they did in recent years, starting from Frank favors. After the meeting with his wife ’, l ’ Ray's attitude changes, so that drive with the links opens, admitting to not having never let escape a bad habit, that is the exact opposite of ’ that "I welcome judgement" aimed at ’ lawyer last episode. But mostly you change his preparation compared to murder ’. When he is given the chance on Caspere it is clear that the main interest for its investigation is to prevent the Attorney General can open another on corruption dominating Win, regardless of whether or not solution of murder ’; Ray, however, professed openness with Ani and while not respond when she asks "how are you compromised?", just that silence is more than enough.


The world of ANI increasingly small – even the psychiatrist who had treated his father knows Caspere – and made of knives ("Man of any size lays hands on me, He ’ 's going to bleed out in under a minute ") and sex. The innuendo of his sister during the première in fact seem to find confirmation in ’ linger Antigones's visit to an escort site, with its vision of a porn video, absolutely useless for investigations. The girl is keen to mark the difference between man and woman, trying to prove to be his strong enough to hold all other sex ’ – let us not forget the morning scene with partner. Doubts on this force that both flaunts though there are, because Ani a little flaw’ by hypocrisy: He spent the last episode doing the sermon to sister and dad, but this time claims not to distinguish between good and bad habits – maybe because they don't want to admit their.

Position similar to Paul, He insists look like macho – if the shift takes hard for a guy who would have tried with him – when the evening passes to observe from the men. On the floor of the Woodrugh survey ’ remains a little’ on the sidelines, showing however much of his private, starting from the odd relationship with his mother. This last ’ admires greatly the beauty of the son, his muscles, While tends to despise every cute woman with him: In short, a sexual interest for the son not so veiled. She will be the source of its ’ sexual problems? Certainly contributed to label it as the macho that Paul tries to appear, but when the reality of her life is quite different. Even the girl who in the premiere couldn't l ’ now to be with him, Decides to close because Paul did not like what she expects from her man. In this scene the Woodrugh reaction is significant with that "Who the fuck am I supposed to be?"and the desperate attempt to download about her responsibility for the end of the story: It seems he wants to avoid future blame on his not being able to be man enough.


The investigation into the death of ’ Caspere has just begun: his eyes were burned with ’ and hydrochloric acid was emasculated by a coup d firearm ’; the doctor who had treated, ANI and Ray discover that he was obsessed by sex, with a penchant for young girls, non-violent, but passive – even one of the last girls who saw him "weak". Ben Caspere was city manager of Vinci, the most polluting State town, with only 95 in-even the Mayor lives there – is wrapped in a Web of bribery and moonlighting, but the ’ survey on the murder of ’ ’ man could determine the order. And apparently, Ray begins to approach something important, leading us to a great first scene shot. Velcoro enters the secret House of Caspere in Hollywood, discovered by Frank: music on, full sink water ’, laces of skin that hang from the ceiling, a bloodstain on the floor, animal masks on the walls and a lighted camera hidden behind a mirror door. The tension of the scene has its climax when someone with his face covered by a d ’ bird shoots Ray, twice; We cannot already say goodbye to one of the protagonists, true? But aside from the inevitable ’ concern over Colin Farrell's character, is another l which puts me look ’ more on alert. Animal masks were a fundamental element of the pedophiles of first season, cannot be a case, There will be links?

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