True Detective – 2×03 Maybe Tomorrow – Review by R.


“Maybe Tomorrow” opens with a performance of the song "The Rose" by what appears now as yet another Elvis Presley impersonator; but isn't he. The ’ man impersonates in fact Conway Twitty, country music star since the late 50 – I admit that if I had read ’ not would remain firm on Elvis. The ’ can be deceiving, We already understood by the stories of the protagonists of this season; and now deceive even images and sounds.

After the two shots to Ray Velcoro the last episode her condition seemed seriously criticisms and instead it was just a big scare: rubber bullets that cause some broken rib. Yet when Frank says "Somebody murdered him" not much misses. That change started in "Night finds you" seems to continue, perhaps even more seriously kicks off thanks to the question of physician Ray "Do you want to live?". There is ’ reply, But staring on chest radiography suggests that the ’ man is facing a kind of epiphany that makes him choose life, different though from that lived until now. Also visiting the father seems to be going in that direction. Eddie Velcoro is an ex-COP, It regrets the time – before the case and point F City – in which his work could still play in the image and likeness of the last characters of Kirk Douglas, while now "No country for white men". The father passes his days basking in the myth of the tough COP and aggressive than a black and white film, and the same Ray must have chased the same ideal; but now her Outlook begins to change "I guess I'll take off ’, then ". If the private plan not sacrificing perseveres custody of son, not being corrupt from ’ offer of ten thousand dollars of ex wife, on the move working his reassertion of case resolution, that is not exactly the main objective from ’ high ’.


For "white collar" Ray should target ANI far from the Affairs of Vinci, While you must unravel his corruption, even at the cost to seduce him, These are orders "I'm not saying ’ fuck him, but maybe let him think you might fuck him "; I don't know if it's more the content of the sentence or the fact that it comes from a woman to turn up their nose at Antigone. And say that you're the first to push Paul to make sweet eyes to prostitutes to get info on Caspere, and to have started a relationship with the agent (Steve) seen in the première, now quit without too many compliments; always a bit hypocritical. With men, the reins of Ani ’ authorities and once again her image from hard – "You talk to me like that again, You ’ 're going to need a little baggie to carry your teeth home "; in response Paul teases her electronic cigarette, Steve the accused of having serious problems. The nickname "Xena" granted by Ray is the coolest word that receives and is always to save her by Velcoro ’ be invested during the final Chase ’. Considered his customary grumpy attitude "Thank you" for saving me surprise, Although most seem well inclined with Ray that with anyone else; like fellow, She too is geared more to the resolution of the case that all of the other interests at stake and the transparency of Velcoro last episode, is now compensated by his answer "I don ’ know" on what the State has in hand against him.


Paul you are getting very good in collecting data and information, abilities that also confirms the role of macho which investigates among prostitutes – is also timely in the distracted Mayor's wife. His past starts to become clearer through the meeting with friend/former comrade in arms, Miguel; the latter, remembering three days spent together, tells him to think about him and asks him "Don t pretend ’", a sentence that obviously unleashes the wrath of Paul ’, so ’ com is committed to providing the self image by ’ macho man. Its aggressive homophobia is repeated then and then leave again to a look at a boy dressed as an angel who has sex in the Park, as well as an encounter with two guys – Tyler and Colter – obviously interested in our Paul, that are making strides in survey ’, precisely to the Lux Infinitum. It is a club run by "friends" by Frank – and there he and Woodrugh intersect with an exchange of glances which portends something important for the foreseeable future – where there is a rich tour of European girls, among which stands out the Tasha who attended Caspere.


Frank This raises his voice with his wife, frustrated in not being able to do its part in the process of assisted fertilization. The woman, however, responded to the rhymes, confirming the ’ only nice in the scenes involving the character of Vince Vaughn; the rest is the usual continues alternating threats to complacent and forced with superiors, topped by endless anxieties from performance; up to a certain point, however,. The death of one of his men Semyon leads even more on the way of persecution mania – that will also be established, but I'm tired you hear him complain – however the ’ yet another "fuck you", Although implicit, as part of his "friends" of the club finally pushes him to do something, to get your hands dirty, instead of paying someone to do it in his place. Beats the blood type with gold teeth and the words "fuck you" and extracts them one by one because "What kind of way is that to greet the world?".


The investigation of ’ Caspere reveals a tangle of interests involving real estate, the road to the vicinity of the railway and the production of a film; the House in Hollywood where they shot Ray was rented by Catalyst, but the camera and ’ hard disk found by Velcoro have disappeared after she fainted. From that ’ are various games calls home to villa in Bel Air of the Mayor of Vinci, where do acquaintance with his young wife, the daughter who doesn't want to talk to Ani and the son that Chessani was so disappointing, Now we understand why; viziatissimo, Turning for home in his underwear, throws his women in the pool directly from the balcony and likes to play different roles depending on the person that has to do: his accent is a mere reads perfectly successful. The guy is an organizer of events of all kinds, whereupon the mind flies to various parties who saw participant Ben Caspere, that even the much-liked watch Infinitum Lux. And let's not forget the cassette with the diamonds belonging to the city manager, diamonds that probably would solve all financial problems by Frank.

But the most interesting ’ found in this episode is the ’ car that carried Caspere in his last voyage, stolen from the set of the film whose production was participating. A short distance from the home of an ex-driver, that car is detonated by someone dressed in black and with a white mask. No animal heads, but a pale face – I did mind the movie killers The Strangers – After a long breakaway which jeopardizes Ani, disappears in the darkness. The detail to which the one who shot Ray wearing a bird head has gone almost completely unnoticed to detective, Antigone has paid more attention to ’ insulation that all those animal heads hanging on the wall, but now it appears the ’ yet another masked character like the one last week has certainly not worried about not being seen: what hit Ray approached him and he knew that would not die, This could have run away before and arrived at Ani Velcoro ’ drive. "Maybe tomorrow" will begin to get a few questions about this passion for the masks?

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