True Detective – 2×04 Down Will Come – Review by R.


Arrived in mid-season comes also the first episode that begins to involve you in the story, with turnings on a personal level and especially the players shooting. Is the final blood bath that goes the credit for having raised the level of the show, where unfortunately the dialogues and images often fall in a complexity of interpretation that leave you not a little puzzled; on one thing there were doubts ’ – and on this point we agree with Ani – namely that Dixon's "You know what? I could give a shit ". Even at True Detective some certainty sometimes it takes!

Among the points falls well Frank and not in positive; I'm sorry, but the character of Vince Vaughn will tolerate less. Complaints about complaints that wreaks havoc on the poor woman who continues to bear it and speeches from neighborhood bully to exploit the former partner of Vinci. The brawl last episode was only the first step to regain control of all its old business, so that the resulting earnings cover the losses with Caspere. Frank is an unwelcome throwback, a confirmation that everything he did to elevate his position did not help anything; and two spots – This time on the tablecloth – reappear almost to confirm him the materialization of his fears. In short, nothing new on the front of Semyon. You save with some quip that illuminates its history and that of the other protagonists; "Sometimes your worst self is your best self"is addressed to Ray, but it fits perfectly in the same Frank: Perhaps the past Semyon, what he sought to leave behind is really the best that he could be.


I don't know if the same applies to his interlocutor Ray, in the previous installment seemed to have started a new life, completely different from that lived until now. Chatting at the bar with Semyon – who offers to join him – to update it on the Caspere case would mean a step backwards by Velcoro, but not the subsequent dialogue with son. Ray seems to comply with the request of ’ ex-wife away from Chad: the ’ encounter with baby sounds like a leave, accompanied by a memory of itself, represented by grandfather's badge "Where you come from, that ’ 'll mean something to you one day ".

Ray Velcoro was my favorite from the premiere, but this position is now seriously contested by ’ man who rescues and seeking its own way to raise an understandable crisis, Paul. The identity of the Woodrugh approach to emotional collapse after wakes up in bed d companion Miguel weapons ’, his bike was probably stolen and is mobbed by journalists. Paul Woodrugh has always done what was said, He respected that ’ macho image that others attributed to him, but now all the slips away: his private life, his job as a policeman, even his beloved bike; "I did everything they said, man. Army, PD. But it doesn t matter ’. (...) Been listening to them for so long that fucking… I don t ’ even know who the fuck I am". Ray's a hand, but it is the unexpected news of former ’ who gives the shock waiting to figure out "how to be…out in the world ": the girl is pregnant and wants to keep the baby, with or without him. At the time I thought that this pregnancy would have finally toppled and instead Paul interprets "This is the best thing that could happen"; a sign of destiny or umpteenth "imposition" of others, for Paul that baby directs it towards the identity of ’ father and husband to the woman who is now convinced of loving.


Port work ANI to confront his family on several fronts, because for her California is smaller than in Beautiful. Speaking with Chessani's daughter discovers – Besides all the obvious ’ Mayor "He is a very bad person" – the girl's mother was schizophrenic and had committed suicide in the clinic operated by Dr. Pitlor, the same doctor Ben Caspere unforgettable. L ’ empathy with Chessani's daughter is inevitable and so Ani goes from sister Athena to dredge up memories of mom Bezzerides; and here the ’ Sheriff's image as a woman able to fight on equal terms with a man undergoes a slight crack: the dagger that he always carries with him was his mother, a memory, the statues built by favorite female. Even Dr. Pitlor had a link with the Bezzerides family, for the ’ in the activities of his father; and here it turns out that all the high-sounding names involved in the investigation at that place: Eliot shows a photo that depicts Chessani, Caspere, Pitlor. "Jesus, that's some coincidence fucking ’"… only Ani? Is fixed with the Mayor's family, but two questions arises not in addition either on or masks on these strange and continue "coincidences"!


But above all Ani does not seem to have yet fully framed what Ray tried to explain since the beginning ’: their leaders are not the least bit interested in the solution of the case, the validity of the work place "You think this is about stopping Vinci doing the same thing it's been doing ’ for a century?". She, Ray and Paul are "expendables", the only ones who will suffer the consequences of this survey. And Ani have already begun. Naively convinced that do a good job and not to be corrupt is the best shield against each attack, the Bezzerides is forced to change his mind when his private life (the subordinate relationship with Steven) becomes the object of an internal affairs investigation of ’ for a formal complaint of former ’. Ani's reaction before the suspension not only confirms his problems with the opposite sex, Although this time did not all wrongs to denounce the difference of treatment between men and women; but most of all he has reason to suspect that Chessani took the hand – exactly as predicted by Velcoro.

ANI Bezzerides is also a joke that, along with that of Frank on sugar confectionery, is one of those that really leave you somewhat puzzled: in reference to memories that you would like to forget supports "Those moments, they stare back at you. You don t remember them ’, they remember you. Turn around, There they are. Staring ", mamma mia that anxiety!


ANI is thus abandoned to its fate by the Department that puts the normality of his "public life" – still runs the ’ investigation of Caspere, but he cannot set foot in the building ’. Ray has hailed the ’ only person of his life, While only the pregnancy has "saved" Paul from the existential crisis. It is in this state that the three face the mission at the home of a Mexican ’, Ledo Amarilla, that was in possession of certain items of Ben Caspere and that is the prime suspect in his death. A ’ operation that within seconds becomes a bloodbath when a gunman starts shooting: a ’ explosion, gunfire, blood, dead everywhere. Is a massacre of civilians and policemen, all affected so brutal, Dixon first. The final minutes are far the best scene of the season, What makes you understand why you continue to follow the show despite doubts here and there. Eventually, of all the agents involved – too many according to the above – only our Ani, Ray and Paul remain standing, While the goal is ’ Ledo kills. ANI and Ray are appalled by the slaughter around them, While Paul seems that more polished, What has handled the chaos of the moment; Maybe he was right in him Velcoro "You've seen ’ shit. After that, anything else should be a cakewalk ". Reactions to the, all three "expendables"their respective departments have survived, they are the faces for the cameras that were in the vicinity, those who will suffer the shame of what happened. Each of them can count only on the other two, then as Rusty and Marty in the first season will do well to make common front.


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