True Detective – 2×05 Other Lives – Review by R.


"Other Lives" introduces us in the second half of the season, with a small jump in the time it takes us to 66 days away from the shootout that ended the fourth episode. For media and institutions Caspere the case is now closed, the responsibility is attributed to the Mexican band, the bigwigs of Vinci remained at their posts and the Attorney General was nominated for Governor. And our three survivors? Degraded; ANI is behind the desk of ’ evidence archive, Paul to insurance fraud, While Ray has resigned and accepted the job offer ’ Frank. What had prophesied to Velcoro Bezzerides in the weeks before it is made. Their superiors have jumped at the opportunity to ’ identify a perpetrator any, keeping Win in the same State where corruption has always been, While the three "expendables" were cast aside without too many compliments, even worse, in fact, the conditions in which they were before this story began. The Caspere case had given each of them a way to keep alive the best part of itself: Ray was trying to start a new life, ANI entrusted all his image survey ’ by strong woman and Paul hung out in that role a hero d ’ action in which only seems to know who's really – not coincidentally the shootout was his best time, from "fucking god warrior" using Velcoro words. Now they lose even the little that was left.


From his aspiration to get back on the field – so he had been promised at the beginning of the investigation – the case against the actress ’ (where obviously you do not azzarderebbe never play the card of his sexual orientation) a Woodrugh everything goes wrong and the women in his life are of great support. If at home struggling to support the role of companion, future father and son-in-law (the MILF has just arrived and already seems a little’ pushy), by mom the situation is unbearable; not only Paul discovers that the money earned in Afghanistan were squandered by the woman, but Cynthia launches into a "sermon" that probably that poor guy had to endure for a lifetime, helping to make it full of complex on his true self. The mother accused of having to say goodbye to his career as a dancer for him, adding that extra little word though it throws again on Paul ’ the brink "You ruined my career, You ungrateful foreigners asshole. I carried you for nine months and I've been carrying ’ you ever since with your weirdness ". That's what ’ is the secret of Paulie for Mommy, "weirdness", and here the speeches to his son to let him take advantage of his being "a good-looking white man" for much more than not to become "somebody ’ s husband" assume a greater meaning than that ambiguous ’ interest he showed in the ’ episode 2: probably any of corrupt men Win that sollazzano between prostitutes and money would be his ideal of perfect child and grateful. Meanwhile, Ray is likely seriously to lose Chad, now that the ex-wife of a paternity test has been accepted, while navigating between the Ani must archive ’ and meetings for sex offenders.


The three former detectives were put aside, because regardless of the work done and the legitimate doubt about the guilt of the Mexicans (but who has ever believed?), that is the most convenient solution for those who pull the ranks of Vinci. We are in the opposite situation to that in which they were found Marty and Rusty after the apparent closure of ’ case in episode ’ 5 last season: that pair of detectives had not been degraded, Indeed he had earned respect and prestige, at least until the early doubts about the murders and the breaking of relations between the two. Even Louisiana corruption the padrona was and so it was until the end, but in California there is slammed in your face from the beginning. Vinci was just presented as a city perpetually and hopelessly entangled in corruption and going forward we only further confirmation: the Attorney General (the Masuka of Dexter) She wanted to unmask Velcoro, now he runs for the nomination for Governor, with rich and sudden funding support; While the head of Catalyst wastes no time asking a favor – retrieve the hard disk ’ Caspere – to Frank in Exchange for lands it already had bought last ’ from the city manager.

Frank of course accepts, eager to regain what they lost and to reach the level at which aspires to a life, that is what they will not have to never again get dirty hands, to no longer be a gangster – however this word doesn't like it, is best suited to describe it, enough with these complaints! But it will never really so? Already when he met his wife believed to be a step away from life change, Yet now is back. The ascent is again long and hard, especially now that is afloat the truth about her relationship with Ray.


A shocking truth, which contributes decisively to the reunion of the three special detective, After that ANI, recovering the missing girl's research, Vera, s ’ runs in ’ yet another coincidence with the death of Caspere; some photos from a party that Real had participated, the woman acknowledges in fact Caspere and a Senator. It is from these clues that kicks off the secret investigation of Ani ’, Ray and Paul, under the supervision of Davis – the woman of Prosecutor's Office ’, suspicious by the sudden career rich in ’ ’ former colleague. The three are so together again, have the chance ransom ’ doing what so far has managed better and return at least a full stop to their messed up lives. Velcoro is that less convinced, Yet the same woman who once urged Ani to seduce him to frame him for corruption, now in Exchange for his collaboration promises the child's custody ’. But because Ray really is devoted to the investigation, boost is necessary to understand that the new life that was giving a chance before the shooting is the best option and still timely, Acknowledging the truth of the words of Ani "Never too late to start all over again". And Ray is a real shove, Ben heavier promise on custody of Chad, a twist that forces him to re-evaluate the last years: the ’ man who had assaulted his wife is not what was shown by Frank; whatever Velcoro did to that man and ’ that keeps him tied to Semyon, is the result of a deception because the real rapist was arrested a few weeks ago.


Ray at first unleashed his anger in survey ’, coming to know a beaten Dr. Pitlor, that the parties organized by Tony Chessani and Caspere provided not only a tour of prostitutes, but also the collection of material for blackmail guests – so maybe it's this ’ last ’ the content of hard drives disappeared. Within minutes the three detectives make more strides in the case than they have done in previous episodes; after Paul finds out that Dixon researched about Blue diamonds found in the Caspere box before finding this ’ last, ANI leads North, at the place from which Real made the last call ’: It is here that in a shed was killed Ben Caspere. The Mexican band reeked of charade right from the first moment, a sudden to divert and undermine those three "expendables" who were approaching the truth too. But now the real puzzle pieces are beginning to join, the framework clarifies and the series finally begins to take off, Consequently increasing the interest ’ for upcoming episodes. However the primary reason to expect the ’ episode 6 is undoubtedly the showdown between Ray and Frank; "Other Lives" has in fact concluded with the first who tells him "You and me need to talk"; What will be the reaction of Velcoro now who knows that Semyon ’ l has only and always used?


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