True Detective – 2×06 Church in Ruins – Review by R.


The second episode of the first season of True Detective, "Seeing Things", ended with Marty and Rusty in a burnt Church; the title of this episode, "Church in Ruins", brings to mind inevitably that image ’. The impression that emerges is that the world of the show is now lost, left to itself, without anything that would bring him back to the light; the ruined Church is the symbol of this situation: even the place of the Lord and hope managed to survive to the tangle of corruption and vices in which the community has fallen. For the series, This decline began with the riots in Los Angeles of the early years 90; It is at that time the history of Blue diamonds by Caspere, precisely such a robbery perpetrated by masked men (di nuovo) with the simultaneous murder of the owners of the jewelry, the Osterman. To those facts hidden attended the couple's children, a little girl 4 year old and a little bigger, then finished family home: two innocent victims, forced soon to clash with that society in ruins; two lives inevitably marked, on whose fate remains a mystery, what they do? We met them in these six episodes? The children of Mayor Chessani would be, as both age and hair color.


More or less, all the protagonists of the show have been affected throughout their lives from the ugliness of the world around them as those two children and recently the son of Stan. It is to him that Frank makes a speech on almost need to address pain in life in order to grow really "Sometimes a thing happens, splits your life. There s a ’ before and after. (...) But if you use it right, the bad thing, you use it right and… It makes you better. Stronger ". For the first time are pretty d ’ agreement with Semyon psychology, that is a mere hope to draw some good from the ugly truth or dare, the ’ idea of becoming "stronger than before" is widespread and should help address the difficulties. In the case of the protagonists of True Detective is the basis of their image of anti-heroes, all four have had injuries and those who have become the hard – or so want to look – we know; each has its flaws though, on "best" you can discuss, ma anche qui può valere la battuta di Frank “Sometimes your worst self is your best self”. For Semyon the path was marked by five "bad things", that have transformed it in current gangster, a man with the constant need to have control of the situation. Per Ray Instead it was the assault on ’ wife to make him lose the "decency", becoming a brute and corrupt COP. The clash between the two episode ’ opens, sitting on opposite sides of the table as we usually see them at the bar, but this time in the kitchen of Frank and with guns under the table. Semyon claims to have relied on the validity of ’ information on the name of the aggressor and ’ with a ’ initial hesitation, Ray seems to believe him. Despite the answer "Wouldn't be that ’ fucked up?"all ’ Frank admission" You might be one of the last friends I got ", I think this ’ is not far from the truth. Frank has exploited what did that Velcoro ’ man and is not saved in attitudes from bully, However, not only is this perhaps the best I can do, but since the first episode I had the feeling that Frank really perceive Ray as a friend, the only one I trust ’ the difficulties in having children, Despite the context and the their relationship.


Among the other ’ in the Exchange with this episode Velcoro, Frank is not so wrong: He gave a name to Ray, but the way this ’ ’ has used that information is not up to others if not himself; for that was the Velcoro excuse to turn into that hard that he always wanted to be, that macho COP by his father in films lionized by Kirk Douglas. If this is the real Ray, then the ’ ex-wife would not point to move it away from Chad. And now the same Velcoro begins to realize; the visit to the child under the supervision of a social worker ’ the highlights that something between him and Chad does not go: just the ’ invasion of the look to make woman observer perceive what so far had always refused to see, the child's difficulties to deal safely with him. Ray decides to leave because his son could live peaceful, saying goodbye to the good father image, good thing his. Ask the former not to proceed with the paternity test – to admit that it does so only for itself – is a further point to his advantage: Maybe it does itself, in order not to lose the father's role, but really c ’ need to tell Chad being the result of a rape? But let him see Friends in peace!


Only detective role for Paul This week, and as usual he does fine, especially in the final mission, He sees as protagonist Ani Bezzerides. Athena dedicated a painting "I was thinking about a woman drowning on dry land"; Once his sister perfectly hits the point. ANI, at the risk of drowning in solitude, keeps people at a distance, every time someone tried to approach her, rejected – l ’ former partner is the strongest evidence. But in party-orgy involving undercover we start to understand why his behaviour. The party organized by corrupt Win – virtually all powerful in the city – and that was Caspere are some real gangbang style Eyes Wide Shut or, for me that I've never seen the Kubrick film, The Juliette Society; rich and powerful men who pay for access to an exclusive club and where easy sex secret, drugs and money are the mistress. Through the detective, We see a series of pictures showing the destruction and squalor where the community has fallen. Under the effect of the drug ’ Ani lives everything between hallucination and reality, reviewing those around a bearded man with long hair and from which, When she was a child, at the time of his father's community, had been drawn and most likely abused. It is clear how a similar event during childhood ’ light on current ’ life of Bezzerides. ANI feels bad, but when he recognizes the True death in one of the girls, manages to escape with her and Ray and Paul – killing two men.

The three special detectives recover so l ’ only girl left that could help them in case Caspere, now that Irina – one who had delivered the blue diamonds – was killed by Mexican gangs Santa Muerte. Frank has had time to discover by Irina that the diamonds had been required to 500 dollars from a white COP and skinny – the most popular is the superior of Velcoro, Lieutenant Burris. In the last episode Paul and Ani had found a shed with a Chair full of blood that left thinking that it was the place of the murder of ’ Caspere, but we now know that the blood was of a woman, and obviously not True. We also saw with our own eyes what was involved Caspere, but still it is not understandable why he was killed or by whom; She wanted to betray the elite ’ of Orgies? I doubt. Those responsible might otherwise be opposed right in that circle? And all the "coincidences" with the past of Ani? Now we're two episodes from the end and then the answers will not come. Meanwhile, we must make compliments to Ani: even shocked and drugged managed to take out two men with a knife, exactly as described.


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