True Detective – 2×07 Black Maps and Motel Rooms – Review by R.


Names, betrayals and murders, This is the leitmotiv of the penultimate episode of this season of True Detective. Especially names, often pronounced one after another without ’ give you even have time to try to connect to a face; Burris, Holloway, OSIP, Tony and Austin Chessani, Blake, Vera, Erika, Laura and I'm surely forgetting someone. Many of them have only seen for a few seconds, Yet there are sciorinati as if they were our fellow snack during previous episodes. Even Ani, still under the effect of drugs ’ and upset by the memory of the past, has no problem in ’ list the men present at the party-orgy, While you can't control the sexual attraction to Ray ’. The only ones who remember are Burris and Osip, simply because I had already seen both actors, James Frain and Timothy Murphy, in many tv series. The most striking example is ’ to Erika/Laura; Real identifies the girl portrayed her in a party photos as Laura, but then the same is recognized by Ray and Ani in Erika, i.e. Caspere Secretary met on the set of the film. Ora, I admit that I have difficulty in memorising the faces, but this Erika remember even sight unseen, let alone if I noticed it was the same as the pictures! A character gone unnoticed that in light of the discoveries made in these last two episodes could prove a key role. Laura was also the name of the orphaned child with his brother Leonard in the famous the robbery 1992. Paul led the crime at the center of attention and now, with little research to computer, turns out that Burris and Dixon at that time needed under Holloway police station, the same that working within Caspere RADIUS d ’ c ’ action was the jeweller of Ostermann. So were their men behind the masks that made those children orphans and stolen diamonds, then passed to Chessani and "Next couple of years they migrate into six-figure salaries in Vinci, their own private fiefdom "; the robbery would so all source ’ of the construction of that system of rich and corrupt men who still has in the town of Vinci their fief. With this clarification would sense the theory that behind the masks seen in this season we are Laura and Leonard, the two orphans, dedicated to a sort of revenge against the men who destroyed their family – and then Laura would assume the name of Erika to infiltrate within Caspere.


Names and references to facts unknown to us are mentioned also in the reckoning between Frank and her boyfriend Blake, long double in favor of Israeli-Russian Osip. Blake is the same person who gave the fake name Semyon rapist Ray's wife, one way to get rid of a man who was on top and at the same time pave the way to his boss. Semyon Frank between the four protagonists of the season is probably the worst managed, also wanting to fly over on Vince Vaughn for the role, plaintive monologues don't have certainly helped; However in this episode her scenes are not boring and useless as usual: the calm with which approaches to Blake, hit him with the glass, torture him and eventually kills him – "Now you just shit on my carpet" – then replicated with Osip and focus of the club (not until I get the money from safes) makes his character interesting and even have fun. I'm pretty happy for him when he observes from a distance his work a Vinci overrun by flames and smoke.

Great strides in investigations, too bad the ’ sole authority who could help the special detective, the Davis, is found dead by Ray. The three find themselves literally just, searched and forced to dismiss their loved ones to keep them safe. ANI in one day he embraces with three persons – father, sister and former partner – a record that seems to give a minimum of Foundation to the phrase that the father "You're the most innocent person I've ever known", seriously? I understand the delicacy of the moment, between the bearded man who had kidnapped and raped her and the guilt of the father, but “innocent” It seems a tad out of place. It is the only item not doubtful in Bezzerides ball. Think of the father: until a few episodes ago was firmly convinced of its community and I couldn't blame the attitude of ’ daughter; Today pulls out of remorse for having poorly managed, allowing strangers come and go and having thus created conditions to be hurt daughter. And then the same Ani, it comes up with "I think I might be unfair to people sometimes", unfair? Her father wanted to impose its lifestyle, sister's in a mess around the ’ more, l ’ former partner, l ’ former partner and her district have turned their backs without too many compliments, What should emerge this repentance exactly?


A strange attitude by the Bezzerides, that especially after the chat with Real should be more hostile than usual: How can you be so well prepared when you just saved from squalor ever receive "You fucking whore. You put me in danger "? Perhaps the most sensible thing of Ani in this episode is when he has sex with Ray! Even the principle, When he tries unsuccessfully to seduce him, is more consistent with his character, It is a drug effect or on his way to recover from what he just remembered. Sex between Ani and expectable Ray was, I guess I expected since their first meeting at the end of the premiere, something in the characters and their relationship seemed to make it inevitable. The opening scene alone makes most predictable final, delayed dramatically with one of the usual dialogues that include only the direct protagonists, While you remain banned on the couch.


Ray and Ani go wild after a few drinks, While around them Win fire courtesy of Frank and Paul Woodrugh is killed. Yes, one step from the final we have to say goodbye to the most interesting character – and more productive on investigative plan – without even that his storyline had a worthy conclusion. Paul is threatened with a photo of him in the night with Miguel; pity that what looks like a personal matter – and as such mentioned in Ray – is actually connected to the case Caspere: the photos were made by Dixon and now are the ’ weapon of blackmail for documents stolen by detective-orgy party. As always if Paul weel against more men, but when the road to the ’ exit from underground tunnels seems free from dangers, It is clear that we are going to lose; the light of ’ outside does pull too early a sigh at Woodrugh, that is hit from behind by the corrupt COP he talked about Irina: Lieutenant Burris. While girlfriend and mother sitting silently in a motel room, Sadly ends the cycle of Paul, paying so its only weak point: He has always fought against himself to be the man who ’ the company saw in him and the only occasion when he let go the has backfired, luring him into a trap appeared no way out since it was down in the tunnels. Although Miguel express well the concept "If you had just been honest about who you are, Nobody'd be ’ able to run you", I can't help but be pleased that Paul – before the end – He turned in his human shield: He has not made the photos, but it's still a traitor!

"Everything is fucking", So says Vera to Ani and this episode has a point, given the amount of double plays in every corner, visible or not. At least now we have framed the situation Caspere&Co. in preparation for the Season Finale, Although the resolution of the case is perhaps what interests me less, much of my curiosity for this season – which has never been high- She's gone with Paul Woodrugh.


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