True Detective – 2×08 Omega Station (Season Finale) – Review by R.


Considering the trend of this season ’, I do not deny that the idea of ’ 90 minutes for the ending got me a little’ worried, However I thought that could prove decisive for the promise "enormously satisfying" conclusion. I did not bored, I understand each step of the story – although much is already clear in the last episode – and enjoyed a few moments; but I remain quite far from satisfactory call.

A clear element of True Detective that is hardly the good wins over evil, the second is actually more obscure more likely closer to be sure to come out victorious; a fresco of the sad reality of the world of humans, but Rusty in the first season had given a shred of hope "Once, There was only dark. If you ask me, the light ’ 's winning ". This time, there is also this last ’. It is true that all of the evidence relies on Ani to a reporter because it is right that the world – and the sons of Velcoro primarily – to know that big events to Win were "paid for in blood", But seriously we could put some trust in that justice reporter? But who do you make about! In a world tainted at every level, literal and figurative, like the Californian town, It was impossible that the protagonists were the road to justice and was equally implausible that they succeed through their worst self ", both routes undertaken.


The first street, followed by Ray and Ani, brings total clarity on case Caspere, by ’ manslaughter of city manager by two unfortunate brothers Osterman to background of the robbery 1992; Perhaps the only real ’ twist is discovering that in addition to diamonds, all ’ origin of that c was ’ offense diminished the discretion of Mrs Osterman compared to his extramarital affair with Ben: the woman was pregnant again this last ’, After that he already had Laura/Erika. A discovery which triggers the anger against him that Leonard reveals, Holloway, ending then both killed by guards at the station. Hopes of a formal justice and in fact disappear here: Holloway is dead, but Leonard with him, Burris has escaped and evidence were lost; l ’ Caspere hard drive autocancellato is not just Osterman brothers tried to see the content, Holloway had not brought all ’ encounter with Leonard the real diamonds and recordings made by Ray are destroyed. L ’ brute action of Frank with a Fugue in Venezuela, burdened by ben 12 million and the documents recovered at the party-orgy, ’ is the only chance left to make a minimal justice in Paul and to whatever the corrupt to have committed. And at least have the satisfaction of Semyon kill Osip. However, when Ray and Frank say hello, ready to find days later in South America, We know that ’ is the last time you see.


As we have the same impression when Frank and Jordan They include their reunion in El Obelisco, dressed in white in a few weeks. L ’ last dialogue between husband and wife seem to consecrate the unfortunate Vince Vaughn in arc True Detective, with so much "You can t ’ act for shit" turned Frank makes the joy of the many viewers who felt Vaughn hardly believable in the role. A scene that reminded me of the ’ farewell to Edward to Bella New Moon, with the crucial difference that Jordan does not believe for even a second that unlikely ’ reads. In many believed/were hoping Jordan turns the traitor again by Frank ’, ’ also I have done a little something to that ’ case, but I'm glad it was: l ’ I have always seen as something more than the boss's wife, but not in negative, It would have been too simple and even a little’ deludente. The idea of ’ ’ meeting in Venezuela was feasible and sound as that of Hannah and Dexter in Argentina and Frank can experience only in the form of post-mortem experience. Semyon is stabbed by the gang of Mexicans that promised big business in his club, before they were stolen from him and burned them Osip; Frank could be saved with a million dollars, but the price of its complete – and diamonds from 3,5 million hidden in it – is too much for a ride out of the desert: that's where Frank died of the stab, After a last ’ walk in reviving the abuses suffered by his father and by other guys while growing up, arriving from his Jordan, the unique ’ for which he was quite so ’ com was.


The desert for Frank, the woods for Ray. Could go straight to Ani and leave with her for Venezuela, but now that he has finally accepted his "worst self" can't say goodbye to his "best self", his son Chad. Greetings from a distance between the two is my favorite moment, necessary and dangerous at the same time. It is obvious that the Chad school is the first place staked out by Burris and his, but perhaps the departure of Ray with Ani, without that Exchange of looks with her son would have played even more unsatisfactory than it really happens. Of course comes the tremendous disappointment in the failure of submission ’ ’ last audio message for his son, However the greeting of this ’ seems to comfort Ray on the fact that in spite of everything, He believes in his father loves him: Chad does not need DNA testing to hear that ’ man who all depict as a thug is his real father Daddy –, as we discover later from tests done by ex-wife – and love it so ’ com is, always taking with him the badge that gave him. In the audio message Ray tells his son what he had to say in the first episode when she was afraid of bullies at school: encourage it not to be as strong as him and those children, because they are not really, Chad is already stronger than all of them "You're better than me ’. If I had been stronger, I would have been like you. Hell, son…If everyone was stronger, They ’ 'd be more like you ". Ray tries in vain to send those last words while Burris into the forest attracts, until he was killed by a myriad of bullets; Velcoro dies without knowing whether that message has arrived and especially that Chad was really his son, but probably like this ’ last, l ’ has always known. With that gap between the trees, Ray Burris away from ANI, its now beloved Ani. The two have had sex, you are raccontanti each other's dark secrets and now are closely linked. According To Ani "I guess we saved each other's lives ’", is the best definition, proper evolution of the relationship of these characters since they met in front of the body of Caspere; the couple Ray-Ani I like – including the fact that from that single night together ’ born a son – However, in the sense of this development are their relationship, I can't help but consider it poorly built, as if the missing pieces here and there.


In Conclusion, to end this great love I feel a little’ the same feeling that I have for the season itself: overall I was disappointed, but it could have been handled much better. On Vince Vaughn criticisms are already rained enough, d ’ if the character is indeed deserved the Jordan trip "So fuck your martydom" – that quote in full – It was not his fault. The unique ’ whose storyline seemed well explored is Ray, While Paul and Ani I recall several outstanding issues: from their families to personal struggles; Maybe Ani got a sort of redemption with his son, Despite continuing to live as a fugitive in the company of Jordan, but Paul young stag? Even the dedication to him the street sounds like the umpteenth injustice ’ – for all will be dead by the hand of that dell ’ thug friend Ray.


And let's not forget those who gave rise to all, the Brothers Osterman. Their lives were destroyed that day in every sense of 1992, earmarked for a wretched life; Maybe they could make different choices, but the protagonists of this season show that even in that case the context may be mockery of every good intention. They have Avenged the parents because the hard disk ’ you autocancellato immediately, Leonard died from criminal and Laura is departure to Seattle for a new life, away from prostitution hopefully. A sad story, but, as much as one can be sensitive, It is difficult to feel empathy for them when we saw them for maybe five minutes each. Seeing for the first time their small picture I thought it was of two Chessani, with which they share only a small space in the story: nothing more was said about Chessani's mom, Tony kills off screen father and sister witnessed his rise to new mayor. Among the other ’ l ’ Caspere murder does not fit into a complex and significant plan of revenge of Leonard and Laura, having the Treaty simply a torture gone bad, what a, for tours in which he was involved the city manager, triggered a cascade of events and unpredictable for the two brothers. Even the masks had a dark way!


A case that captivated little, with a rather disappointing explanation and a lot of names to remember, belonging mostly to the corrupt mercilessly that came out almost all victorious. Only Osip and Holloway – now available for the latter I could connect a face with the name – they paid with their lives, but probably the world appearing as victims; all others have achieved their goals: from Burris to head of Catalyst, by Tony to Chessani new Governor/former Prosecutor. Accompanied by the most trusted men of Frank, Jordan, ANI and baby moving to South America, maybe waiting for that reporter to tell the world the truth, Although I doubt we really believe. It's the two widows who closes a tiring season of True Detective. The President of HBO, Michael Lombardo, In addition to the above final promise, has said that the door is open for a third season with Nic Pizzolatto "’ 'd love to do another season with him. I think he's spectacular "’; I recognize that despite all, a new season I wouldn't mind, but expect any news. Meanwhile we may rest assured on the front press: hardly there will be nominations, then we won't have to meet the disappointment of last year when from absolute favorite True Detective took home very little.


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