We have to go back (to the LOST island)

As any fan of LOST that respect our life is divided between Forward LOST and After LOST, because the J series. (J). Abrams did not alter just the way to follow a show, but marked a change in the lives of all his loyal viewer. And then we couldn't fail to celebrate the fourth anniversary of The End, which of course we followed world live, standing up to 6 in the morning. An indelible moment!

And now our best moments of LOST, Bearing in mind that it is a very painful selection!

R. – The cliffhanger of the season. The contrast between the joy and relief of the success of the phone call to Jack and the panic of the flashforward “We have to go back” still gives me chills. Is certainly one of my absolute favorite endings. Until the last I didn't think would be able to contact the rescue and although the emotion of the moment was called into question by the discovery of Charlie, I couldn't help but be thrilled; feeling is not that increased with the flashforward, Although the joy I switched to the terror. My colleague S. well aware of my reaction to that ending: the next day at University I've retained by the need to share that moment, dragging her into the mysterious world of LOST.

S. – The ’ episode “The Constant” (4×05). Between time travel and the call of Desmond Penny, is one of the most successful installments of the series, and above all it perfectly sums up the spirit: everything that the characters face need because you reach peace with oneself. And in the face of those who complain about the final saying “they were all dead, isn't it nothing of what happened”, the theory of constant shows that it is not so, It's all real. Soprattutto, before this episode I would never have considered it possible that I could understand a concept of Relativistic Physics! The miracles of television!

What about you? Regardless of the controversial opinions on the finish, What is your favorite moment of LOST?


6 thoughts on "We have to go back (to the LOST island)

  1. I should rivedermele all to remember, but the first season for me is in the heart. I saw her and a clatter of times magazine, the aura of mystery keeps you glued to the Tv.

    I got you beat a five for the season finale, I got up at 6, Yeah!!!

    1. the mystery of the first season is inevitably fall in love (one of the few so when even the emmy Committee was agreed)!
      reciprocate the five virtual, that final was a unique experience!

  2. The first season is spectacular! I was terrified by the mysterious monster and I turned for home with all the lights on to check that doors and Windows are closed… One of my favorite spots is that flashback on the book club in the village of “other”, and when they come out and see the plane which breaks and crashes… While one of the saddest moments is the death of poor Charlie!!

    1. Sisi, the flashback on book club opens a world! Enter the world of others.. That curiosity, How exciting, that sense of mystery that is about to unfold!

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